Best Badminton Shoes (Updated in 2022!)

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the best badminton shoes on the market today. Here’s the list of badminton shoes that both beginners and advanced players should consider.

  1. Babolat Shadow Spirit
  2. ASICS Women’s Gel Upcourt
  3. ASICS Men’s Gel-Blade 7 Court Shoes
  4. YONEX Power Cushion Aerus 3
  5. Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion 2 
  6. Yonex SHB-02LTD 
  7. ASICS Women’s Gel-Dedicate 6 
  8. ASICS Women’s Gel-Tactic 2 
  9. Adidas Men’s Grand Court Sneaker
  10. Adidas Women’s Solematch Bounce 

#1. Babolat Shadow Spirit – Best Overall Badminton Shoes

Babolat Shadow Spirit

Impressive shock-absorbing qualitiesNot best for stability
Reduces knee and leg stress
Smoother and quicker movements
Secure fit



  • Materials: Synthetic Leather
  • Rubber sole: yes
  • Colors available: Blue/Yellow
  • Designed for: Beginners to Advanced Players (Men)

The Babolat Shadow Spirit offers the highest-grade outsole. which makes for excellent traction. These shoes are extremely popular, largely because of their usage by many professional badminton players. 

According to the product description, this footwear is perfect for any indoor and outdoor environment. With its premium materials, athletes can jump, move, and make lateral cuts quickly. Also, these shoes are beginner-friendly.

With the shoes’ lightweight yet durable construction, they are both incredibly robust and breathable. Moreover, these shoes offer a padded collar and tongue that add an additional layer of comfort to the shoe.


#2. ASICS Women’s Gel Upcourt – Best Women Synthetic Leather Badminton Shoes

ASICS Women’s Gel Upcourt

Superior breathabilityNot the best shoes for advanced players
Helps in agile and stable movements
Reduces shock
Smoother movements



  • Materials: 100% Synthetic
  • Rubber sole: Yes
  • Colors available: Black/White, Black/Pink, White/Pink
  • Designed for: Beginners to Intermediate Players (Women)

The ASICS Women’s Gel Upcourt can be used for both badminton and volleyball. That’s why its new high-grade cushion and synthetic leather construction enable players to have faster and lightweight movements.

The shoes’ gum rubber outsole makes the product suitable for playing badminton in a wooden or PU court. The outsole is non-marking, meaning the ASICS Women’s Gel Upcourt will not leave any mark on the court floor. Plus, it will provide an exceptional grip on the court surface to prevent accidents and injuries. 

According to the product description, this ASICS footwear is flexible and abrasion-resistant. In addition, the shoe offers a Gel Cushioning System that helps reduce irritating shocks during impact, which allows for smoother movement during gameplay. 

Regarding the shoe’s interior, it is lined with mesh and a high-quality cushioned sock liner that provides additional comfort. This sock liner comes with EVA technology, which ensures feet will remain secured in the shoes. 

Overall, the ASICS Women’s Gel Upcourt offers excellent foot stability to the female badminton player. In addition, several color options are available, so athletes can quickly choose something that suits their preferences. Badminton players who are looking for beginner-friendly shoes made with synthetic leather should go for this one. 


#3. Asics Men’s Gel-Blade 7 Court Shoes – Best Budget-Friendly Badminton Shoes

Asics Men's Gel-Blade 7 Court Shoes

Sturdy and versatile designShoe sizing runs small
Reduces feet stress
Excellent grip
Good stability
Smooth footwork



  • Materials: 100% Synthetic
  • Rubber sole: Yes
  • Colors available: Black/Grey
  • Designed for: Beginners to Intermediate Players (Men)

The Asics Men’s Gel-Blade 7 Court Shoes was designed to maximize a badminton player’s performance at an affordable price. These shoes are well-ventilated and provide excellent stability.

These shoes are made from 100% durable synthetic materials, and the lace-up system’s asymmetric design comes with curved eyelets. This way, users can enjoy a snug-fitting around the inner arch. According to several athletes, this footwear is exceptionally lightweight and only weighs around 270 grams.

Despite being lighter than other ASICS shoes, these shoes come with many features, making it an excellent badminton choice. According to the product description, the Gel-Blade 7 Court Shoes provides support for smooth footwork and agile and stable movements.

Also, wearing them will keep the user’s feet stay fresh, dry, and odor-free while one shows impressive skills on the court. Aside from having an affordable price and top-class qualities, these shoes have a stylish look that goes well with sporty and casual outfits. Since it offers a snug-fitting, badminton players can wear the Gel-Blade 7 on and off the court.

Numerous famous badminton players have complimented this model over the years due to its top-quality capabilities to keep up with fast footwork. On the court, the premium-quality rubber sole provides enough traction to grip on the court quickly. With this power, players can safely move around as much as they want.

This impressive footwear possesses a molded-EVA midsole, Forefoot Gel Cushioning System, Trusstic System, and NC Rubber outsole. With these fantastic features, badminton athletes can guarantee the best value for money. 


#4. YONEX Power Cushion Aerus 3 – Best Comfortable Badminton Shoes

YONEX Power Cushion Aerus 3

Excellent gripNot the best shoes for outdoor games
Helps in smoother movements
Prevents foot sliding
Removes pressure
Comfortable fit



  • Materials: 100% Synthetic
  • Rubber sole: Yes
  • Colors available: Black/White/Red
  • Designed for: Beginners to Intermediate Players (Men)

Yonex might appear a lot on this list because this company creates the best footwear for badminton athletes. Another addition to its excellent collection is the YONEX Power Cushion Aerus 3. This product incorporates Power Cushion Technology, which reduces impact and stress upon landing.  

One aspect that’s very impressive about this shoe is its PU, leather, and polyester mesh materials which guarantee the footwear’s long life. According to the product description, Yonex designed the Power Cushion Aerus 3 specifically for beginners to intermediate badminton players. 

The manufacturer used a special and unique fabric to reinforce the shoe’s exterior to prevent sliding. This way, badminton players who love short sprints and swift turns can quickly generate shots.  

Moreover, athletes with big toe problems will surely appreciate the YONEX Power Cushion Aerus 3. Yonex has polled badminton players and found that many athletes have issues with their toes, resulting from putting immense pressure onto their toes during gameplay. Fortunately, this footwear is designed to reduce this pressure, making it ideal for swift footwork. 

Regarding its heaviness, these shoes are lightweight enough to give athletes the freedom to move around quickly. It also prevents lateral foot movements so users can promptly shift direction across the field without worrying about ankle strains. 


#5. Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion 2 – Best Badminton Shoes With Ankle and Arch Support

Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion 2

Snuggly fitsFew colors available
Provides better stability
Allows steady footwork
Boosts movements



  • Materials: PU Leather, Mesh
  • Rubber sole:  Yes
  • Colors available: White
  • Designed for: Beginners to Intermediate Players (Men)

The Power Cushion Eclipsion 2 is one of the best-selling Yonex models. These shoes have a newly designed upper portion made with PU, leather, and mesh. These materials make this footwear durable and give players excellent ankle and arch support.  

These shoes became one of the best badminton shoes on the market, thanks to its advanced features. For example, these shoes come with a power cushioning system that absorbs shock and helps players transfer that energy as the next movement’s rebound. 

The footwear’s rounded sole also helps in generating graceful movements in all directions. Several athletes suggest this amazing product among badminton players that need more ankle and arch support.

With these useful features, the Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion 2 will surely help its users to move swiftly and provide stability to their actions. Also, the manufacturer designed this product in a way that it snugs comfortably around the feet.  

Finally, due to these shoes’ breathable materials, badminton players’ feet stay fresh and dry as the moisture continually goes with the airflow. This way, athletes can prevent unwanted odors.


#6. Yonex SHB-02LTD – Best Badminton Shoes With Durable Skin

Yonex SHB-02LTD

Durable leather and polyester materialsThe shoe style is slightly outdated
Provides good traction
Hard-wearing resistance
Absorbs and releases excess heat



  • Materials: PU. Leather, Polyester Mesh
  • Rubber sole: Yes
  • Colors available: Yellow
  • Designed for: Beginners to Advanced Players (Men)

Yonex is indeed a reputable brand in the badminton industry, and they have used their past experiences to develop a perfect shoe with the most durable skin, the Yonex SHB-02LTD. These shoes are constructed with the highest-grade leather, polyester mesh, and PU. These materials were carefully arranged to prevent any shoe breakage that results from quick, jerky lateral movements. 

One of the exciting things about the Yonex SHB-02LTD is its asymmetric upper shoe design. Its unique fabrics can withstand hard landings during badminton. Another feature that several athletes love about this product is it’s very narrow. Thus, players should order a size up for a more comfortable fit. However, it’s worth noting that most experts recommend small shoes among badminton players since it helps in generating quicker movements.  

The Yonex SHB-02LTD may not offer as many premium features as the others, but it can undoubtedly support the feet and enhance performance. This product’s fabric has a top-notch cooling system that maintains the shoe’s breathability. The exterior materials can also absorb and release excess heat that was built over time.  

On top of that, this footwear boasts a high abrasion compound rubber formula that offers hard wearing resistance and superior drag-resistant on any surface. Overall, thanks to Yonex SHB-02LTD’s top-quality materials, it provides excellent impact dampening. This impact dampening, in turn, assists with this pair of shoes’ durability.  


#7. ASICS Women’s Gel-Dedicate 6 – Best Badminton Shoes With Reduced Shock

ASICS Women's Gel-Dedicate 6

Keeps feet fresh and well-ventilated
Great cushioning
Excellent shock-absorbing materialsSome fabrics stain the shoe
Excellent grip



  • Materials: Fabric, PGuard Toe Protector
  • Rubber sole: Yes
  • Colors available: White/Red
  • Designed for: Beginners to Advanced Players (Women)

The pair of ASICS Women’s Gel-Dedicate 6 provides a snug-fitting with excellent shock-absorbing materials. It has an asymmetrical fit that helps in enhancing an athlete’s performance. Also, this footwear boasts an attractive design with all essential features packed together. 

One of the best things about the ASICS Women’s Gel-Dedicate 6 is this footwear keeps players moving while maintaining enough stability. The shoe’s inner part comes with comfortable textile materials to keep the player’s feet irritation-free. Plus, the shoe tongue cushion and padded collar make the feet more comfortable.

According to the product description, this fantastic product has excellent shock absorbing features ideal for badminton players. Also, ASICS designed it with optimal support to ensure the user’s feet safety as one plays badminton.

Some athletes claimed that these shoes are specifically developed for advanced players looking for high-quality footwear to change directions quickly. Thanks to its durable yet lightweight design, it is also suitable for other indoor sports activities.

Aside from its shock-absorbing and comfortable features, the ASICS Women’s Gel-Dedicate 6 provides an excellent grip. Besides that, a thin cast wraps around the user’s feet to keep it fresh and well-ventilated. The open sole in the mid-foot area also helps the fabrics make the shoe more breathable.

The ASICS Women’s Gel-Dedicate 6 fits well, making it an excellent choice for players who love the lacing of loosely or tightly. With its lightweight design, it is easy to move around with ASICS Women’s Gel-Dedicate 6’s sustained stability.


#8. ASICS Women’s Gel-Tactic 2 – Best Versatile Badminton Shoes

ASICS Women's Gel-Tactic 2

Excellent ankle supportNot the best for indoor games
Versatile features ideal for different sports
Flexible and durable
Reduces feet stress



  • Materials: Synthetic
  • Rubber sole: Yes
  • Colors available: Red
  • Designed for: Beginners to Advanced Players (Women)

Athletes don’t hear too much about the ASICS Women’s Gel-Tactic 2, but it is one of the best-selling versatile badminton shoes for beginners and advanced players. Aside from its all-round design, this footwear boasts a very comfortable and soft fit on feet. It also features excellent ankle support, which is very important in badminton.  

According to the manufacturer, the Gel Tactic 2’s design can reduce stress resulting from high impact. Also, its lightweight nature allows players to move around quickly. Moreover, some badminton players claimed that this footwear is ideal for all sports in the field. 

In addition, thanks to its newly improved cushion, these shoes can reverse shock energy and use it to boost the athlete’s next movement. As for breathability, thanks to the product’s lightweight materials, the ASICS Women’s Gel-Tactic 2 is very well-ventilated. The player’s feet will surely stay dry, fresh, and odor-free.

Furthermore, this reliable footwear features the latest Trusstic System Technology which helps to control twisting. The SpEVA® midsole is also lightweight and responsive.

The ASICS Women’s Gel-Tactic 2 is indeed a staple in the badminton shoe market, thanks to its high tech and versatile features. This footwear is also affordable enough and gets the job done for beginners to advanced players.


#9. Adidas Men’s Grand Court Sneaker – Best Casual Shoes for Badminton

Adidas Men's Grand Court Sneaker

Perfect for all environmentsNot available for women
Pillow-soft cushioning that adds comfortNot specifically for badminton
Excellent grip
Fits like a glove



  • Materials: 100% leather
  • Rubber sole: Yes
  • Colors available: Black, White, Grey, Light Granite, Legend Ink
  • Designed for: Beginners to Advanced Players (Men)

The Adidas Grand Court Sneaker for men is one of the most versatile shoes on Amazon. Despite not being a badminton shoe, it’s lightweight, and premium construction provides more relaxed and faster footwork among athletes.

According to the product description, the Grand Court Sneaker was constructed using 100% leather. There are plenty of colors available, including black, white, grey, light granite, and legend ink.

Several badminton players worldwide have been purchasing this footwear due to its stylish and versatile design that complements sporty and casual clothes. Its upper suede also provides a plush look and the cloud-foam sock liner, a comfortable and lightweight feeling. 

According to some badminton players, the Grand Court Sneaker’s rubber outsole has a better grip than other Adidas shoes. It also fits like a glove, while allowing the air to circulate the foot.  

Most badminton athletes don’t know that this Grand Court Sneaker offers unique and advanced features. The shoes’ midsoles come with solid EVA, and other premium materials are present to reduce shock. Generally speaking, the Grand Court Sneaker helps in significantly reducing the stress on the knees and legs. Besides that, its middle foot region can reduce shoe weight and increase stability.


#10. Adidas Women’s Solematch Bounce – Best Indoor Badminton Shoes

Adidas Women's Solematch Bounce

Best shoes for indoor gamesQuality is not good enough for some advanced players
Excellent grip
Comfortable fabrics
Excellent shock absorption



  • Materials: 100% Textile
  • Rubber sole: Yes (synthetic)
  • Colors available: Glow Blue, Coral, Glow Green
  • Designed for: Beginners to Intermediate Players (Women)

The Adidas Women’s Solematch Bounce was designed for indoor racquet games. It is an entry-level shoe that offers top-notch stability and durability ideal for beginners and intermediate players. 

Though Adidas did not specifically develop this footwear for badminton, its construction meets all the said sport requirements. Also, its interior design comes with soft and comfortable textile materials that keep feet cozy and fresh. This product was also created to withstand high-stress regions while maintaining enough stability.  

When it comes to exterior design, this product uses a high abrasion compound rubber formula that provides an excellent grip on any indoor surface. Plus, the Adidas Women’s Solematch Bounce has an EVA midsole that can absorb shock smoothly, while still providing excellent traction. 

Thanks to its shock-absorbing quality, players can quickly move and stop suddenly as the shoe adapts with the feet. The tremendous cushioning also helps in keeping the feet feel cozy and well-ventilated.

According to several athletes, this shoe absorbs the energy upon impact with any hard surface. It quickly releases the energy consumed and helps propel the player’s next movement by a rebound. Another interesting fact about the Adidas Women’s Solematch Bounce is its ankle and lateral foot support enhancing performance. 

Overall, with these useful and high tech features, the Adidas Women’s Solematch Bounce is indeed an excellent indoor companion for amateurs and intermediate players.


Top Pick: Babolat Shadow Spirit 

Babolat Shadow Spirit

The best badminton shoes in this article are the Babolat Shadow Spirit. With high-tech construction and features, this footwear enables players to have better, faster, and lighter footwork. 

Truth to be told, its unique and advanced capabilities made this pair the top choice. Its midsole is made up of solid EVA, which provides excellent shock-absorbing quality.  

Thanks to its court-inspired construction, this product can provide improved and additional support while keeping the heel more stable. Its sturdy rubber reduces stress on the knees and legs, allowing the user to perform better. On top of that, the Grand Court Sneaker’s extreme durability can withstand aggressive and fast movements.

According to Babolat, this well-padded footwear promises to give the highest level of comfort regardless if the user is a beginner or a pro. It can also be an excellent running shoe due to its premium-quality cushioning system.

Several athletes have claimed that the Grand Court Sneaker is different from most badminton shoes out there. It may look basic, but it can absorb shock efficiently and keep the athlete’s feet cozy and comfortable.

Features to Look for When Purchasing Badminton Shoes

Here are some of the most vital factors in a shoe that badminton players should look for. 


For badminton shoes, the very first thing that an athlete should check is the sole. This area determines the footwear’s grip strength and how it will perform on indoor and outdoor courts. Players who usually play on rubber-floored or wooden fields should go for gum rubber soles. Otherwise, any rubber sole will still do the job.

According to experts, traditional rubber soles are much tougher than gum rubber soles. However, the traditional rubber does not provide enough traction on wooden and rubber courts. Always remember that gum rubber shoes have more ergonomic designs that provide better traction. Nowadays, several manufacturers use the latest technology soles that offer hexagonal molds for superior and maximum traction.


Unfortunately, playing badminton for long periods of time can place substantial stress on the knees. To protect the knees, athletes will need a great cushion that can absorb and reduce impact.

In badminton, players also change directions frequently, and the footwear with high-grade cushioning can prevent injuries resulting from these frequent changes of direction. If players want to reduce injury risk, it may be worthwhile to invest in a pair of badminton shoes with good cushioning. 

Size and fit

Badminton shoes should fit like a glove and provide a snug feel in order to avoid unpleasant sores, blisters, and tears. Badminton players should always check shoe sizes to ensure the best fit. When testing footwear, they should tighten the laces as they would typically do before playing. 

The areas around the heels and toes should fit tightly yet comfortably, especially on the top. Unfortunately, most players usually err on the side of having larger shoes and having excess space in their footwear. According to experts, excess space in footwear can mean more significant toe movements which increase the chance of getting blisters. 

Overall, select a badminton shoe that provides a comfortable fit and will not cause abrasions during lateral movements and side steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do badminton shoes make a difference?

Answer: Badminton shoes are specifically designed for badminton, so they provide a better grip for indoor and outdoor surfaces than running shoes. In addition, badminton shoes are lighter weight which helps with a player’s maneuverability. 

While other footwear might be okay for more recreational badminton players, those who participate in competitions involving more speed movement and direction changes should go for high-quality badminton shoes. Advanced players should not rely on running shoes since they can drag down performance and can increase risk of injury. 

Badminton shoes may be a bit pricier, but they’re worth it, especially for players who want to maximize their skill set. More importantly, badminton shoes reduce the risk of injury, which is well worth the higher price point.

Question: Should badminton shoes be tight?

Answer: No, wearing shoes that are too tight or too loose is not recommended. Nowadays, some athletes think that a tight shoe is okay since it will stretch out. These people may purchase footwear that is too small for them and say, “Well, it will eventually stretch out and fit better.” However, shoe materials vary drastically from shoe to shoe, and not all materials stretch out over time. 

Question: Can we use badminton shoes for walking?

Answer: Yes, However, it depends on where and how long you will run. Most badminton shoes offer excellent support for lateral movement. However, athletes can also use it for running. According to experts, you should not use this footwear on a rough surface like a gravelly road. Besides that, you should feel comfortable running in your badminton shoes. 

Common Shoe-Buying Mistakes Among Badminton Players

With so many options available, finding the right badminton shoes can be pretty tricky. Nowadays, tons of athletes are experiencing foot problems due to the simple fact that they are wearing the wrong shoes. In this section, badminton players will have access to the top five most common mistakes that athletes make every time they go shoe shopping.

Regardless of the buyer’s skills, having the right shoes, and avoiding these buying errors is crucial.

Emphasizing the footwear’s look

Sure, athletes want to look fashionable and stylish in the court. However, it should not be the top priority when purchasing badminton shoes. While it does not mean athletes should settle for neon green if they hate the color, they should consider more variables like performance or injury risk. After all, there are negative consequences to picking the wrong shoe. For instance, wearing running shoes to play badminton will not support side-to-side court movements and might lead the user to a sprained ankle.

Picking the wrong size

Feet can and do change size due to weight gain, aging, and pregnancy. Therefore, it is always essential to measure the foot before trying to purchase online.

Another mistake that new badminton players make when choosing shoes is trying on only one shoe. Most people don’t know that feet sizes vary. Thus, it’s not uncommon to have the right shoe fit snugly but the left shoe to fit uncomfortably. Therefore, it is essential to try on both shoes in order to ensure that both feet are comfortable.

Finally, the thickness of a sock can make an impact on shoe fitting. When fitting into badminton shoes, make sure that you are wearing socks that you would be wearing when playing badminton. This way, buyers can guarantee that the shoes will fit comfortably and correctly when playing the sport. 

Shopping in the morning

Most badminton players don’t know that the feet are not the same size in the morning as it is in the evening. Upon waking up, feet start to swell throughout the day and will be significantly larger around 3:00 PM that they were at 9:00 AM.

Thus, it would be best for athletes to wait until the afternoon to go shoe shopping. This way, they can avoid purchasing badminton shoes that are too small which can cause blisters or sore spots. 

Choosing shoes that do not fit in the athlete’s needs

Do you frequently play outdoor or indoor? Do you need lighter or heavier shoes? These are some of the factors that a buyer needs to consider before purchasing badminton shoes. For example, you wouldn’t want to sett. for outdoor running shoes when you intend to use them for badminton,.


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