Best Budget Badminton Racket (Updated in 2022!)

Over the years, these companies have developed an extensive selection of budget-friendly badminton rackets, which are appropriate for casual to intermediate players. For those of you looking for the best budget badminton racket, here’s the list that we’ve put together. 

  1. Senston N80 Graphite Single High-Grade Badminton Racquet
  2. Oppum Carbon Fiber Composite Badminton Racket
  3. Champion Sports Double Frame Badminton Racket 
  4. YoungLA Premium Badminton Racket 
  5. Franklin Sports Elite Badminton Racket
  6. Yonex Muscle Power 3 
  7. Yonex B-350 

#1. Senston N80 Graphite Single High-Grade Badminton Racquet – Best Overall Badminton Racket 

Senston N80 Graphite Single High-Grade Badminton Racquet

Extremely lightweight and durableThe grip quality needs more improvements
Helps with stability, unparalleled power, and control
Affordable price
Racket's shaft prevents sudden failures



  • Length: 27.25 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Designed for: Beginners to Advanced Players

The Senston N80 Graphite Single High-Grade Badminton Racquet comes with a high-quality carbon fiber frame, which enhances the durability and strength of the racket. This product became known for its excellent stability and enhanced performance, ideal for beginners and intermediate players. 

For a very affordable price, players can have an entry-level badminton racket with premium features. For one, this racket boasts a 1 piece design on the outside and a built-in T-joint on the inside. Together, these features boost both the stability and control of the racket. 

Moreover, the racket head’s superior tension makes it more durable and harder to break. As for its weight, the Senston N80 Graphite only weighs around 88 grams, which is light enough to help athletes enjoy the game without enduring any shoulder pain after long hours of play.


#2. Oppum Carbon Fiber Composite Badminton Racket – Best-Selling Budget-Friendly Badminton Racket in the United States

Oppum Carbon Fiber Composite Badminton Racket

One of the cheapest models onlineFew color options
Bigger sweet spotNot ideal for advanced players
Can handle powerful and fast swings



  • Length: 27.25 inches
  • Color: Black/Blue
  • Designed for: Beginners to Advanced Players

The Oppum Carbon Fiber Composite Badminton Racket is another reliable racket available in the market with an affordable price tag. This may be the best budget badminton racket for casual players who are optimizing heavily on a lower price. For the price of the Senston N80 Graphite Single High-Grade Badminton Racquet, you can get two of the Oppum Carbon Fiber Composite Badminton Rackets

According to the product description, the Oppum Carbon Fiber Composite Badminton Racket primarily targets intermediate players. However, thanks to its powerful features, beginners and advanced players can still enjoy this product. 

For one, the Oppum Carbon Fiber Composite Badminton Racket comes with a highly durable and extremely lightweight carbon fiber composite with robust net strings that add strength and stability. It also features a unique T-Joint design with high-elastic tube hardness to make the racket more flexible than its competitors.  

Another exciting feature of the Oppum Carbon Fiber Composite Badminton Racket is its ability to prove its power during competitive gameplay. When opponents are playing more aggressively, this racket can resist fast and powerful swings.  


#3. Champion Sports Double Frame Badminton Racket – Best Quality Badminton Racket


Champion Sports Double Frame Badminton Racket

Large sweet spotSome features are too low for advanced players
Attractive and robust design
Quality has proved to be as strong as advertised
Adds more power without sacrificing stability



  • Length: 27.5 inches
  • Color: White/Blue
  • Designed for: Beginners to Intermediate Players

Champion Sports Double Frame Badminton Racket is one of the most well-rated badminton rackets on Amazon. This racket has impressed many users, especially the intermediate players, for its astounding functionality and value for money.

Several users claimed that the Champion Sports Double Frame Badminton Racket is the benchmark among the budget badminton rackets, given its wide feature set and affordable price tag. 

One of the best things about this product is its double shaft, which has been welded tangentially to lower the frame’s curves. With this equipment, Champion did not use an external T-Joint to ensure the excellent twist-resistance and proper balance. Plus, its structure and shaft have been made with tempered steel to give more toughness that can last for several years.

Its premium dimpled leather grip also feels comfortable and soft on the palms while remaining firm. While standard grips feature an extruded surface, this one has factory-made grooves that promise extra and better grip.


#4. YoungLA Premium Badminton Racket – Best Durable Badminton Racket

YoungLA Premium Badminton Racket

Excellent power and controlComes with poor-quality shuttlecocks
Superior maneuverability
Super accurate
High-quality grip



  • Length: 27.5 inches
  • Color: Blue/Red
  • Designed for: Beginners to Advanced Players

The YoungLA Premium has the durability that many buyers are looking for. The racket head is made up of high-quality aluminum, which will ensure that the racket head will not bend or break. Moreover, the shaft is made of tempered steel which further reinforces the durable nature of this racket. 

Given the durable nature of this badminton racket, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this racket can be used in all sorts of settings: at an indoor court, on the beach, or in your backyard. The versatile nature of this racket makes it a strong contender for the best budget badminton racket.

It’s also worth noting that this racket comes at a fairly decent bargain. The YoungLA Premium Badminton Racket set comes with 2 rackets, 12 shuttlecocks, and even a carrying case. This set is perfect for someone who’s just starting out in badminton.


#5. Franklin Sports Elite Badminton Racket – Best Badminton Racket for Recreational Players

Franklin Sports Elite Badminton Racket

Lightweight and easy to transportNo special features for intermediate to advanced players
Ideal for students and recreational badminton players
Feather-light materials
Helps in generating accurate shots



  • Length: 27.5 inches
  • Color: Black/White
  • Designed for: Beginners to Intermediate Players

The Franklin Sports Elite Badminton Racket is a full carbon fiber model specially made for beginners and intermediate players. Plyers who are looking for smooth-designed equipment for recreational badminton activities should go for this product. There is a joint between the head and shaft, which is very useful in achieving smooth shots. The beams also boast graphite materials that guarantee its long-lasting quality.

The Franklin Sports Elite Badminton Racket is a fantastic long-term investment for people who want to get the best recreational performance. Its construction and materials both constitute its impressive durability. Also, it comes with a lightweight design ideal for those who love spending their time playing on weekends or family reunions. Overall, this premium racket is specially developed for recreational use. It is ideal for anyone, regardless of their age.


#6. Yonex Muscle Power 3 – Best Doubles Badminton Racket

Yonex Muscle Power 3

Focuses on powerExcess weight is not suitable for control
Extra weight for better smashes
Better rigidity and incredible twist-resistance
The grip can withstand prolonged sessions



  • Length: 27.25 inches
  • Color: Black/Red/White
  • Designed for: Beginners to Intermediate Players

The Yonex Muscle Power 3 is an excellent and premium quality racket that is perfect for doubles players. Given that this racket is exceptionally sturdy, athletes don’t have to worry about loose stings or a worn out grip before the game starts.  

The Yonex Muscle Power 3 has been carefully constructed with a spinning shot, power, and grip in mid. The racket’s head is made with high-quality aluminum. Thus, doubles players don’t need to worry about the racket head having durability issues. 

Plus, its shaft is made from robust and tampered steel that only further strengthen the racket’s longevity. According to Yonex, Muscle Power 3 is suitable for all games, be it the outdoor, indoor, backyard, or even beach.

Moreover, this premium racket offers more momentum and control than other Yonex models, making it an excellent option for defensive players. Given the premium features that this racket provides, it’s well worth the price tag. 


#7. Yonex B-350 – Best Badminton Racket for Control

Yonex B-350

Perfect for intermediate players May not provide enough power for recreational players
Can be used for competitive gamesDoes not have the best grip
Shaft works perfectly for experienced players
Helps in generating accurate and controlled swings



  • Length: 27.5 inches
  • Color: Black/Red
  • Designed for: Intermediate to Advanced Players

One of the best rackets for control is the Yonex B-350, which is primarily geared towards intermediate to advanced players. According to the product description, this gear provides better precision, swing, and maneuverability during competitive games. The approximate price is around $60, which is affordable enough for athletes with tight budgets. 

Like most lightweight models, the Yonex B-350 has been constructed with premium carbon fiber material, ensuring long-lasting toughness without mounting too much weight.

Since the Yonex B-350’s construction contains carbon fiber, it weighs around 85 grams, making it easy and comfortable, even amidst prolonged games. Also, its balance point shifts towards the racket’s head, allowing for more accurate shots.

The major downside of the Yonex B-350 is obvious, however. It is not ideal for beginners since it cannot provide the power they need. The sweet spot is also not large enough for newbies who want to hit shuttlecocks easier. 


Top Pick: Senston N80 Graphite Single High-Grade Badminton Racquet

Senston N80 Graphite Single High-Grade Badminton Racquet



Apart from being a budget-friendly racket, the Senston N80 Graphite Racket’s quality stood out among its competitors. Beginners to intermediate players can spend several hours in training using this product. Thanks to its robust construction, the Senston N80 Graphite can improve precision and stability. Plus, it can also withstand racket damage resulting from powerful shotmaking. 

Over the years, several badminton athletes have claimed that the Senston N80 Graphite is the best value for money. It’s beginner-friendly and ideal for doubles gameplay. With its innovative improvements, this excellent product is free of any major issues that reviewers have reported in other rackets. Moreover, its isometric head also increases the catching area of the shuttlecock. 

According to Senston, this light racket is also perfect for beginners or athletes recovering from injuries. There may be plenty of models that prove the same features, but the Senston N80 Graphite Racket is certainly the most budget-friendly one.

Features to Look for When Purchasing a Budget Badminton Racket

Getting a budget badminton racket is not as easy as it seems. Athletes need to consider a variety of variables before settling with a decision. Also, not all badminton rackets have long-lasting durability and features. Plus, poor-quality sports equipment cause strain on arms, wrists, and even shoulders.

To avoid regretting a racket purchase, here are some essential factors that a buyer needs to consider.


Athletes should check the weight first. They must buy one that suits their skills and levels. According to Yonex, the average badminton weight ranges from 50 grams to 120 grams, depending on the materials used. Some manufacturers added or reduced pressure to improve or bring a particular characteristic.

Heavier rackets are ideal for athletes who want to improve hand and eye coordination. These rackets remain stable upon contact with the shuttlecock, thus generating a slower and steadier shot.

Nowadays, most players who use heavier rackets are professional and defensive since they need more control and much slower movement.

On the other hand, lighter rackets weigh around 50 to 70 grams, which are ideal for offensive players that need more agility and mobility. Though it cannot generate the same power as heavy rackets, they help athletes make faster smashes.

Head Frame Shape

There are two head frame shapes – oval and square. Relatively, badminton rackets with oval heads primarily focus on power. These products tend to have a smaller sweet spot and string area, making it not suitable for newbies.

Conversely, rackets with square shapes offer more string or surface area, ensure that athletes will have more chances of hitting the shuttlecock. According to experts, these products are ideal for defensive athletes.

Shaft Stiffness

Less stiff rackets are suitable for players who need more control. Due to its flexibility, the energy can quickly transfer from the wrist, absorb it, and transfer the reduced momentum to the racket’s head. This control helps defensive players clear incoming aggressive shots, return smashes, and overheads without overthrowing the shuttle.

In contrast, rackets that are on the stiffer side have an emphasis on generating power from a shot. Nowadays, most professional players use this type of racket to generate more power and a faster pace.

Players who want the best of both worlds can go for rackets with medium stiffness. These rackets offer a perfectly balanced flexibility ideal for both offensive and defensive athletes.

String Tension

Rackets with low tension offer more powerful shots. Since these rackets provide more energy, the shuttlecock can return to the opponent at more top speed. Rookies might not enjoy rackets with low tension since these rackets provide less control. Most athletes that use low string tension rackets are the offensive players.  

Rackets with more tension tend to provide more control, ideal for defensive players. These rackets can significantly reduce the shuttle’s speed, allowing defensive players to return powerful shots more effectively


Over the years, several manufacturers such as Oppum, YoungLA, Champion, Senston, and Yonex have developed an extensive selection of rackets to improve accuracy, control, and stability. Most of these products are durable and hard to break.   

Also, their isometric shapes provide more prominent sweet spots and more control. As everyone would know, not all badminton rackets are ideal for all players, but most products from these manufacturers are versatile enough.

Furthermore, these budget-friendly badminton rackets can be excellent tools for schools. They are very affordable, so colleges, institutes, or universities can buy many at a time. Many schools have purchased products from these manufacturers above, thanks to their affordability and durability. Most of them weigh around 87 grams and have several distinctive features that can withstand breakage.

Also, these badminton rackets are sturdy enough to transfer energy while keeping stability. Players will not have a hard time to handle these products since they offer premium and long-lasting grips that boast a perfect combination of performance and comfort.

Though these budget-friendly badminton rackets do not offer as much stiffness as other higher-end models, they can still meet the needs of beginners and advanced players. Their strings are durable enough and usually cater well enough for playing both defensive and offensive playstyles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Senston a good brand?

Answer: Senston is one of the most trusted brands in the United States. The company’s products help athletes generate smoother and more controlled swings that lead to great shot-making. It is also worth noting that this brand is an excellent option for beginners who want to improve their skills.  

Over the years, Senston has received an excellent reputation for their products’ versatile design and impeccable features, such as the lightweight and top speed. These features are very crucial in enabling players to polish their skills and enjoy thriller games.

It’s also worth mentioning that Senston is the manufacturer of the racket that we deemed the best budget badminton racket. 

Question: What are the best brands for recreational badminton players?

Answer: Most beginner athletes turn to Yonex, Senston, and Champion in order to find the best budget badminton racket. These companies have established an excellent reputation in delivering innovative rackets ideal for athletes that need assistance with speed, accuracy, and control. 

Overall, these brands are a massive win for amateurs to intermediate players.  Most of their product can handle shuttlecock properly, enhance acute smashes, and flex on impact points. 

Recreational players don’t have to worry about durability since all Yonex, Champion, and Senston products come with high-quality, durable material. Each racket works quite well in improving a beginner’s game. 

Question: What is a good weight for a badminton racket?

Answer: Beginners should go for lightweight rackets so they can deliver quicker serves and switch to different strokes easily. These rackets also provide less strain to the wrists, shoulders, and arms, thus reducing the chance of injuries. 

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