Best Nike Shoes for Squash | 2021 Reviews (Court Lite 2)

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Like other sports, squash may get as intense as you can imagine. Moving with ease from one to another end inside a court should not be difficult. Thus, having the right shoe has a significant role in your entire squash experience. Thankfully, Nike is a leading brand when it comes to sports shoes, squash included. Its footwear is made up of premium quality materials at a reasonable price.

If you’re an avid fan of Nike and are interested in playing squash, you’ve landed on the correct guide on what to choose from Nike.

Best Nike Shoes for Squash Reviewed

  1. Nike Men's Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe
  2. Nike Squash-Type Casual Shoe Mens Cj1640-102
  3. Nike Womens Zoom Hyperace 2
  4. Nike Men's Court Air Zoom Prestige Tennis Shoes
  5. Nike Men's Metcon 5 Training Shoe 

Nike Men’s Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe

  • It has cushiony padding for a comfortable fit
  • It has a shock-absorbing Phylon midsole
  • Lightweight and does not sprain ankles
  • Price is reasonable for its features
  • Sole grips well to the floor
  • Mainly intended for tennis
  • Design is not too pleasing



  • Colors Available: White/Volt/Black
  • Sizes Available: 8.5 to 13 (US)
  • Dimensions: 12.99 x 8.19 x 4.41 inches

Having the best support should be your priority when playing squash. Since you will be moving a lot, you must ensure that your shoes can keep up with your activities. Nike’s Court Lite 2 promises comfort, breathability, and support. It has the lightest weight and cushioned sole perfect for indoor ball games.

Court Lite 2 has a synthetic and rubber sole that grips well to the floor. No matter how intense the game gets, it helps you avoid slipping or popping your ankles. The external leather material adds to its durability and breathability.

Unlike basketball shoes, this one has a lower cut at the back. Both the front, sole, and rear have padding to bring comfort to your feet. As a result, you will be likely to get blisters on your ankles. Plus, it has a shock-absorbing Phylon midsole to protect you from sudden posture movements and massive impact.

If you are keen on details, you may notice the outline design of its sole. This represents each movement tennis players learn when in court. While this footwear is for tennis, it goes well with squash, too, because of its impressive qualities.

The icing to the cake is the pair’s price. You can buy it at a minimum of $50 and the price does not go beyond $100. Apart from being comfortable and supportive footwear, it is also a practical and reasonable choice. It’s no wonder why numerous customers always recommend these Nike shoes.

Nike Squash-Type Casual Shoe Mens Cj1640-102

  • A cushiony element that goes well with any feet
  • Materials used are feet-friendly and supportive
  • Fresher take of a retro-style sports shoe
  • Breathable and durable for court use
  • Reasonable price
  • Challenging to clean because of its suede material
  • The front part might be a little spacious



  • Colors Available: Black, Menta, and Orange Trance
  • Sizes Available: 6 to 14 (US)

In every sport, Nike has a product that suits it. Its squash-type shoe brags a retro-style look with the same premium quality compatible with your playing style. The shoe may look simple on the outside, but it can give you the best support once you step into your battleground.

The materials used for the upper part of the shoes are leather and mesh, which makes it breathable and comfortable. It has a soft rubber cup sole that adds durability to its build and flexibility to your movements. Plus, it has a rubber outsole for a better grip as you smash that ball and win the game.

At first glance, the shoes look like your typical sneakers. But once you put it on, you will feel a whole different vibe that would encourage you more to play squash. Comfort is the most crucial part when picking a squash shoe, and its cushiony layout makes it a perfect fit for you.

Indeed, Nike has reimagined the look of 80s tennis shoes to make it appropriate for other ball games, like squash. It looks fresh, breathable, and stylish. You can even pair it with your casual attire if you are in the mood to use it outside the court.

Nike Womens Zoom Hyperace 2

  • Promotes proper airflow for a breathable footwear
  • A fresh and feminine look
  • Lightweight and cushiony
  • Grips on the floor well
  • Not too expensive
  • Sole quickly unravels with too much use
  • A little too soft for first-timers



  • Colors Available: Black/White, Navy/White, White/Black, White/Blue, and White/Red
  • Sizes Available: 6 to 11 (US Size)
  • Shoe Width: Medium/B

Maximize your potential with Nike’s Zoom HyperAce 2 with a lightweight and soft feature for better court movement.

These shoes are originally crafted for volleyball use. However, Nike shoes are popular for being an all-around accessory, so you can also use it for other sports, like squash. It has a TPU cage that conforms to your feet’ shape for optimal comfort and a more compatible fit. The Zoom Air material is responsible for its breathable quality.

Like other footwear from this brand, it has a rubber outsole for a better grip on the floor. You can now move, run, and jump without worrying about slipping the floor as you land. You can easily wear it without untying the shoes because it has a pull-on tab on the heel’s rear part.

If it is your first time wearing Nike sports shoes, you may not like how soft it is on your first try. Give it a few more moments until you get used to how comfortable it can be. You will soon appreciate and feel thankful that Nike knows how to keep players safe while playing an intensive battle.

Nike Air Zoom Prestige Men 002 Size 6 Black/Crimson

  • Contains a shock-absorbing material to relieve stress
  • Long-lasting and reliable quality in the court
  • It has a TPU support that is skin-friendly
  • Available in various colors and design
  • Well-ventilated footwear
  • More space in the toe area
  • Less heel padding



  • Colors Available: Blue, Black, Gray, White, White Bone Black, Blue Void
  • Sizes Available: 6 to 13 (US Size)
  • Dimensions: 13 x 8.1 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 6.38 oz.

If playing squash is a career to you, you might be looking for shoes compatible with competitive play. Nike’s Court Air Zoom Prestige can give you that as it had several upgrades from its predecessor, Air Vapor Advantage. It has quality, weight, and control that are crucial factors when choosing squash shoes.

The game may get a bit challenging, but the Air Zoom Prestige will keep things lighter and bearable. Move with ease as you step on its soft and cushiony sole that hugs your feet well. The open mesh front has proper ventilation that keeps the airflow and restrains your bottoms from being sweaty and hot.

It also gives excellent arch support to avoid your muscles from straining with too much pressure and movements. You can rely on it because it has a powerful rubber sole that does not quickly wear out. However, you may find the toe box of this product a bit spacious. Some players are more comfortable with snug-fitting footwear.

Moreover, it is available in various designs with lovely colors. All of them come in elegant and formal colors that would go well with any of your sports attire. All of these features you will get at a reasonable price than most brands that offer premium tennis shoes.

Nike Men’s Metcon 5 Training Shoe

  • It has a unique sole property that improves balance and stability
  • Compatible with heavyweight players
  • Comfortable and cushiony to use
  • Different variants of colors
  • Available up to size 15
  • Better used for CrossFit training
  • May get uncomfortable running



  • Colors Available: Black, White, Gunsmoke, Fire Pink-Green, Game Royale, Football Grey, Jade Stone, Pale Ivory, Obsidian
  • Sizes Available: 6 to 15 (US Size)
  • Weight: 10 oz.
  • Dimensions: 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches

Some sports shoes are less supportive of players with bigger builds. If you are one of these players, don’t feel discouraged aboutplaying squash. Nike has a shoe for you in the name of Metcon 5. It has excellent stability that is perfect for heavyweight players, and it also caters up to size 15.

Initially, this shoe is for CrossFit trainers who do a lot of strenuous activities. However, many customers also use this for sports because it has breathable materials to help you in tournaments that require many movements. Since it has excellent support, you can expect to have an excellent posture while playing squash despite your size.

Switching sides with your partner is never a problem with this shoe. Compared to the previous versions of Metcon, this item has a unique sole property. It is divided in half where the insole has a cushiony feel, and the other is firmer and less compressive. Thus, it gives you comfortable footwear that maintains your balance as you kill the ball with your hits. You may also add a sole riser to the shoes if you find it less comfortable to wear.

On the flip side, you may not favor this item for running because of its sole. Since squash involves a few runs, you might want to reconsider buying this compared to the other Nike shoes we featured. You also have more options in terms of color if you feel like exploring other designs than your neutral shoes.

Top Pick – Best Nike Shoes for Squash

Nike is home to reliable and reasonable shoes, whether for your daily use or your sports needs. They come in various shapes, sizes, and functions, but the ultimate goal is to keep you comfortable in your journey.

Topping our list is the brand’s Court Lite 2 because of its practical features. It might be a tennis shoe, but it has the right grip, weight, and comfort. Plus, it has a midsole with a shock absorber to reduce the tension and impact that your feet receive as the game intensifies.

There may be other brands that produce squash shoes, but Nike is one of the few that does not jack up its prices. You get premium-quality footwear at a friendly price, which matters most for most customers.

Checklist in Choosing a Comfortable Squash Shoe – Buyer’s Guide

Getting the right squash shoe may need some effort on your end. Most players depend on how the footwear looks while disregarding other important matters, such as durability and flexibility. Thus, we prepared a checklist for you to do before swiping that credit card or handing your money to the cashier.

#1. Do Proper Research on Recommended Squash Shoes

It will not take you a lot of research to land on websites discussing different shoes about squash. There, you will find the pros and cons that a product can offer. Also, it could help to read product reviews so you can understand if a shoe is heavier than others or if customers experienced defects upon purchasing the item.

#2. Choose the Right Size for Your Shoes

Measuring your feet is an easy task. You can use a ruler or measuring tape in doing it, and do not forget to wear the socks that you normally use when playing. It is one way to ensure that your feet feel comfortable once you try the shoes. This move is quite helpful for people who are only buying online since they cannot check the item personally.

The right size would give you the maximum comfort and performance that the shoe promises. No matter how excellent the feedback is, you will be unhappy about the product if it is too small or big.

#3. Estimate the Weight of Your Squash Shoe

Like other sports equipment, weight is crucial when buying a squash shoe. It highly affects your movement when inside the court. It will help if you choose lightweight footwear because you can move with ease while playing. Heavyweight shoes would affect your speed and balance since it adds burden to your agility and endurance.

However, there is a caveat when picking the lightest shoes. They might tear quickly because of the materials used for it. The best decision that you can do is find a balanced shoe.

#4. Identify Other Special Features That a Squash Shoe Offers

Different brands and catalogs vary in the composition of their shoes. Some make sure that they have a cushioned sole, while others add a firm element to it for stability. Others highlight the rubber soles for better grip or the breathable mesh for its external quality. Some shoes have shock-absorbing soles for lesser tension.

To know more about these features, you can check the product description or ask the seller directly.

#5. Change your squash shoes regularly

Shoes deteriorate in the longer run. While there is no exact rule on changing your shoes, it is best to replace it from time to time. The frequency may depend on how often you use the shoes in a week.

Doing this would help you maintain your performance in the court without hurting your feet. It is an essential part of your body, and you must have the best footwear when playing any sport.


Upgrade your experience when playing squash by using the right footwear. Nike has a list of reliable shoes that you can use for any sports. The best thing about this brand is it does not overprice its products while ensuring that you get premium-quality items. Men, women, young, and old can benefit from this brand.

You have to consider several things when buying squash shoes. Doing a little research will help you land on the perfect choice that would suit your needs. Plus, getting to know your right size will also ensure your comfort and stability as the game intensifies.

Overall, we highly recommend that you go with Nike’s Court Lite 2 because of the benefits that the shoes offer. It has enough weight, balance, and price that would help you enjoy and maximize your squash game. It might be a practical choice, but you would still need to replace your footwear from time to time because they tend to degenerate in the long run.

If you are quite sensitive to design and details, other shoes may look more appealing to you. Your taste and need matters. That is why we prepared more choices for you.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How do you get the right size for your squash shoe?

Getting the right fit for your squash shoe is essential. To know your size, get a ruler, and measure your feet. Make sure that you give an allowance for your socks, especially if you are into thicker garments. If possible, you can wear your socks while measuring it to correct the measurements.

Please do not forget to measure your sole width because some shoes have thinner sizes in that department.

Can you use tennis shoes in squash?

Yes, you can. As you noticed, many of our recommended footwear are tennis shoes. While both games vary in rules and gameplay, they both require lightweight, breathable, and reliable shoes. Agility, strength, and endurance are the characteristics that a player must have when playing tennis or squash. Thus, both of them need a shoe that can keep up to your strenuous movements.

What makes Nike unique from other brands?

Nike is a top footwear brand. It focuses not only on sports shoes but also on casual footwear that you can use daily. The best thing about Nike is the budget-friendly products that it offers to customers. Despite it being less expensive, it still promotes world-class shoes that most customers go after.

There is no wonder why the brand has millions of patrons. They know what their customers need, and they deliver it well with the utmost care and attention to details.

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