Top 10 Best Racquets for Tennis Elbow | 2021 Reviews

Best Overall
Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet

Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet

Editor’s Choice
HEAD Ti.S5 CZ Strung Tennis Racquet

HEAD Ti.S5 CZ Strung Tennis Racquet

Best Value
Wilson Pro Staff 97 Tennis Racket

Wilson Pro Staff 97 Tennis Racket

You will need the best racquets for tennis elbow to avoid the normal problem tennis players get. It is not unusual for players to have strained elbows due to their game moves, so you need a racquet with a vibration dampening effect. 

To find the best racquets for tennis elbow, you’ll need to identify the racquets with shock-resistant features and impressive support. In this article, we’ve done that work for you. Without further ado, here’s our curated list of the best tennis racquets for tennis elbow. 

Top 10 Best Racquets for Tennis Elbow Reviewed

  1. Wilson Clash 100
  2. Head Tis5 Comfortzone
  3. Wilson Pro Staff 97
  4. Wilson Blade 98
  5. Yonex EZone DR 98
  6. Prince EXO3 Tour 10
  7. Prince Textreme Tour 100
  8. Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP
  9. Volkl V Sense V1 Pro 10
  10. Babolat Pure Strike Tennis Racquet

Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet

  • Provides a perfect blend of power/control
  • Extremely arm friendly
  • Solid serving racquet
  • Tough to get a few on volleys initially
  • Head can lag at times on shots



  • A sublimely flexible racquet that maintains a powerful and controllable feel.
  • FreeFlex
  • Carbon Mapping
  • StableSmart
  • Size – (4_3/8)

One of Wilson’s newest releases, the Wilson Clash 100, is the first to utilize its technology to help improve the lives of people struggling with tennis elbow. It comes in various weights and sizes, but its best feature is the StableSmart and FreeFlex technology provided by the company. That is why this is among the best racquets for tennis elbow. 

Once someone tries this Wilson Clash model, that person will surely become a believer. It does not matter what weight or size players go with; the racquet is exceptionally comfortable on the arm. Surely, you will feel almost nothing at all when hitting your ball on the sweet spot. It can even make mishits feel comfortable. You will feel a kind of softness and minimal vibration that you cannot find elsewhere.

This racquet is meant for performance level, but it is also perfect for tennis players who have slower strokes at the beginner level. You don’t have to be particularly advanced to experience the benefits of this model. It can keep you motivated to play since you would not have to suffer from arm issues.

More than the amazing feel, you will love the idea that this product can offer players the capability to hit balls with spin and power to fit their game. Overall, this racquet can help you with various place styles. Single players with tennis elbow problems must try this out when purchasing a new racquet. It is one of the best racquets for tennis elbow. It might not be suitable for everyone, but giving it a try can be worthwhile. 

Head Tis5 Comfortzone

  • Provides better power and acceleration
  • Better control and maneuverability
  • Excellent head light balance
  • Durable construction
  • Reduces vibration
  • Softac grip
  • Narrow grip



  • HEAD size 107″ sq
  • Weight unstrung 8.2 oz
  • Grip size 4-3/8″
  • Length extra-long, 27-3/4″
  • String pattern 16/19 fan pattern

Number one on our list of best racquets for tennis elbow is no other than the Head Tis5 Comfortzone. It has a 107 square inches head size and is 27 inches long. It weighs 8.3 oz and has a 380 mm. balance. The product’s frame is constructed of graphite composite and head titanium. You can also notice its softac grip and sweet spot design. 

This racquet will allow you to swing your racquet head smoothly with the help of its head light balance. Meanwhile, the excellent performing CZ technology will decrease impact and vibrations while enhancing maneuverability and control. 

Head Tis5’s string pattern will allow you to perform better with serving and groundstrokes. Also, it provides dampening with every impact, protecting your arms from too much strain. It can minimize vibrations too. 

Thanks to its Softac grip, you can have better support. It can also lessen the moisture forming due to sweat. This feature is necessary since sweat can be a problem in gameplay. Overall, this racquet is lighter and has an exceptional weight balance. It will also give you better maneuverability and control. 

Wilson Pro Staff 97

  • Simple yet sleek design16x18 string pattern
  • Provides good power and acceleration
  • Better construction and build
  • Excellent shock dampening
  • 6-point head light balance
  • Lightweight
  • Poor sweat absorption on the grip
  • Narrow grip



  • Larger head size and lighter weight augments playability and forgiveness in a control-oriented frame
  • Frame geometry and design inspired by current Pro Staff performance frames
  • Matte finish with a detailed pattern on the inner rim above 3 & 9
  • Pre-strung with Wilson Sensation, a multifilament string built for arm-friendly comfort and playability

The second candidate for our best racquets for tennis elbow list is no other than the Wilson Pro Staff 97. It has an 18 x 16 string pattern and features a Patented Spin Effect Technology.  Shock reduction is guaranteed. This racquet can also have more spin potential while giving you the best “feel” in every swing. 

Furthermore, the model has the typical performance of a Wilson branded racquet. In addition, it also features a hard-hitting and equally powerful attack with every impact. You will also love how it does not skip on the maneuverability and control, which is necessary for tennis racquets. 

This Wilson racquet is made of braided graphite. Well, most of the best racquets for tennis elbow are. Thus, it is assumed that the model is stable and durable. You will also find its sleek black shade cool and make you feel more competitive. 

Wilson Blade 104 Tennis Racquet

  • Good shock reduction
  • Offers excellent power
  • 16 x 19 string pattern
  • Robust construction
  • Head heavy design
  • Elegant design
  • Lightweight
  • Does not perform well on top spins
  • Narrow grip



  • Endorsed by Serena Williams, the larger head size Blade 104 has a more comfortable feel and bigger sweet spot
  • Upgraded with Parallel Drilling to provide a consistent, more forgiving string bed response while dramatically increasing the sweet spot
  • Braided Graphite + Basalt construction improves the flex of the racquet, which increases the ball’s contact with the strings to provide enhanced feel and greater control
  • Power Holes improve power and provide a livelier stringbed
  • This racquet comes unstrung and without a cover

Wilson Blade 98 is also among the best racquets for tennis elbow. It is known that Wilson’s Blade Series uses Countervail technology. This technology seeks to decrease the shock and vibration that you may experience due to the ball’s impact on the racket. 

This racquet is a versatile one and is guaranteed an excellent performer. It has a 16 x 19 string pattern that can smoothly blend control and power with each shot and stroke. Moreover, the Blade 98 only weighs 11 ounces, making it an ultimate lightweight. However, once you have it in your hand, you will feel its robust and solid construction. It will absorb your opponent’s shots with ease. 

Even with the racquet’s tight string tension, exceptional spins are not assured. Nevertheless, to compensate, this provide will provide you with powerful shotmaking. That’s why it’s considered the best racquet for tennis elbow for many. 

Yonex EZone DR 98

  • 16×19 string pattern increased vibration reduction
  • Provides better control and power
  • Quake Shut Gel in the grip
  • 6-point head light balance
  • Sleek aerodynamic design
  • Robust construction
  • Shockless grommet
  • Large head size
  • Poor sweat absorption



  • Zone speed 7% more ball speed
  • Increased frame Snapback
  • Zone Dr 98 for attacking, hard-hitting players producing powerful shots
  • Head size: 98 sq. In. Weight: g 310Grams/10.9oz Length: 27 in. Material: H.M. Graphite, Nanometric Dr, quake shut gel+
  • Width range: 23.0mm/24.0mm/19.0mm balance point: g: 310mm, recommended String: poly Tour Fire 125, poly Tour Pro125, atg850p stringing pattern: 16/19 stringing advice: 45-60lbs

Yonex Ezone DR 98 is also part of the list of the best racquets for tennis elbow. This model will give you hard-hitting and powerful strokes. It is made of a premium grade Nanometric DR carbon graphite, so it is guaranteed to be a durable and high-quality racquet. 

With its aerodynamic design, you can enjoy increased flex and control. Thanks to its 16 x 19 pattern, you will have better maneuverability and control with every hit of the ball. It is also infused with a Dual Shut System that can improve control. 

Enjoy a larger coverage with its isometric head shade. The larger head allows more agility and flexibility on volleys close to the net as well. You will also love the 50% reduced vibrations with its Shockless grommets and Quake Shut Gel features. The reduced vibrations are one of its advantages over the other best racquets for tennis elbow.

Prince EXO3 Tour 10

  • Suspension inserts that reduce shock
  • Provides better control
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Robust construction
  • Lightweight
  • Head is too light



  • This racquet ships unstrung
  • This racquet includes a cover
  • High Tack
  • Improved tack and new woven microfiber core for improved comfort and absorption.
  • 56 Assorted Colors

Another entry for our best racquets for tennis elbow is no other than the Prince EXO3 Tour 10. Manufactured by a company popular in the tennis racquet industry, this product will surely allow you powerful shots with incredible control. It has an open string pattern with string suspension inserts. These features help lessen the shock intensity that the racquet receives from ball impact. 

The string pattern of this model is 16 x 18, thus providing a higher vibration reduction rate. Combining the suspension inserts and string pattern guarantees that your arms are protected from prolonged stress and injuries. 

It has also improved aerodynamic design, allowing you to be more agile, confident, and at ease in your movements. Its frame is constructed using high-quality material so that durability can be expected. Furthermore, its larger head size, which is 100 square inches, gives a sweeter spot for each hit. The product is light and comfortable to use, with its 10.9 ounces of strung weight. 

Prince Textreme Tour 100P Tennis Racquet

  • Borrows the best features from other Prince racquets
  • Textreme technology helps
  • Easy to redirect power
  • Hard to generate power
  • A little stiff



  • Head Size: 100 sq. in
  • Length: 27 in
  • Strung Weight: 11.5 oz / 326g
  • Balance: 7pts HL
  • String Pattern: 16×18
  • Flex: 65
  • Swing Weight: 327

The Prince Textreme Tour can provide you with different options if you want to find a balanced racquet that is comfortable to use during the whole match. This product has the best features from the Phantom series. Then, these are blended with the best qualities of the Beast series. It has resulted in a model that truly feels good without sacrificing anything.  

Prince uses the Textreme technology to help improve the racquet’s feel. It has integrated a carbon weave to Twaron to help racquet dampening. As a result, the racquet can be comfortable to use, despite being a bit stiff.  

Prince has done a good job of ensuring an available racquet that can fit as many playstyles as possible. They offer the best racquets for tennis elbow. A dense string pattern has been used on many of their racquets, which helps improve control. Others may think this could hinder the player’s ability to spin, but it is a flexible racquet. 

You need this racquet if you play against hard hitters who usually take control of the game. It will not only fortify your defense, but it can also give you the power to be on the offense mode. To experience how good this product feels in your hands, try it now. You will also be blown away by its consistently great performance. 

Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP

  • Very closed string pattern
  • Control-oriented racquet
  • Stable racquet
  • Some find it hard to get used to the muted feel
  • Must swing hard for results



  • Head Size: 100 sq. in
  • Length: 27 in
  • Strung Weight: 11.9 oz / 337g
  • Balance: 6pts HL
  • String Pattern: 18×20
  • Flex: 65
  • Swing Weight: 321

There is a good reason why this product is also listed as among the best racquets for tennis elbow. Head Graphene Touch Prestige line can give you a great amount of feel and touch. Using it comes with the comfortability of each shot. Thus, it helps people struggling with elbow problems by allowing for comfortable shot making that’s easy on the arms.

This racquet can minimize vibration, even from heavy serves and smashes. Some people find it hard to deal with mishits, to the point that these mishits sometimes cause elbow damage. However, with this model, you will feel fine even with balls falling off the frame.  

Graphene Touch boasts of the technology it uses to make racquets muted and damp overall. It makes the product the best racquet for tennis elbow. Yes, players have to make their power in their games but let us admit that the right racquet can contribute a lot to the shots’ precision and stability.  

This racquet can be purchased in smaller sizes, between 93 to 99 square inches. Also, the racquet allows for tight-closed string patterns, which contributes to comfort. More specifically, the Head Graphene Touch Prestige MidPlus has an 18 x 20 string pattern 95% square inches.

Volkl V Sense V1 Pro Tennis Racquet

  • Work best for intermedia and professional players
  • Ideal for counter-punching and volleying
  • Suitable for those suffering injuries
  • Outstanding shock absorption
  • New technologies applied
  • Some people found it lacks curacy compared to other heavier racquets



  • Size: 4 3/8
  • Grip size: 4 3/8
  • Sport Type: Tennis
  • Skill Level: Advanced, intermediate

If what you are looking for is a tennis racquet that will not go beyond $150, then Volkl V Sense V1 Pro Tennis is a good choice. It is considered one of the best racquets for tennis elbow for many reasons. Let us examine some of them. 

Volkl Racquet utilizes several state-of-the-art technologies, like VSensor, VCell, V-Feel, or REVA, to improve comfortability and shock absorption. This model uses C3, a specialized material combined with Black Carbon and Nano Graphene, to enhance stability and stiffness. It also sports a 16 x 19 string pattern that allows you to control and power to rule the ball.

Another advantage of this product is that it can minimize vibrations that have a strong impact on your elbow. Also, it blends well between power, spin, and control to appeal to the players.

Taking all these things into consideration, Volkl V Sense Racquet is an ideal racquet suitable for those struggling with upper-body injuries. You can consider it as one of the best racquets for tennis elbow choices. Spending your hard-earned money on this racquet is worth it. 

Babolat Pure Strike Tennis Racquet

  • Lightweight & responsive
  • Good shock absorption
  • Sporty and chic design
  • Stiff-frame design
  • No whip action when punching the ball



  • Size: 4 3/8
  • Grip size: 4 3/8
  • Sport Type: Tennis
  • Skill Level: Advanced, intermediate

Why is this part of the best racquets for tennis elbow? Babolat Pure Strike Tennis Racquet can minimize injury risk by providing comfortability and stability. Also, it can absorb all the shock that could impact your arm due to hard hits. 

Babolat is a credible brand trusted by several generations of tennis champions. Until now, it manufactures products that are widely distributed. They reach over 40 000 sports stores and clubs and over 100 countries worldwide. It is all because they can produce a wide variety of sports products at reasonable rates.

One of its latest products, the Babolat Pure Strike Tennis Racquet, is a competitive model when it comes to the best racquets for tennis elbow choices. One of its features is the Woofer Dynamic String System, which improves the shock absorption level. To balance precision, feel, and responsiveness, Babolat combines square and elliptical frame shapes. The model will also give you a good feel for holding the baseline. It will allow you to respond to shots with speed, power, and control. 

Babolat’s racquet has a 16 x 19 string pattern that aids in creating enough spin. Also, its soft frame is constructed from graphite to make it arm-friendly. If you want to buy this product, you will surely get excellent stringing, which is a good promotion indeed. 

Top Pick

Any of these best racquets for tennis elbow will surely help you avoid getting discomfort and injury from games. Nevertheless, we will give you our top pick among them, which is no other than Wilson Clash 100. 

The main reason why we chose this is because it is specially designed to fit all playing styles while guaranteeing convenience and comfortability. Thanks to FreeFlex technology, this model improves the control and easy pocketing of balls. 

Wilson Clash 100 is perfect for achieving powerful and long-range shots. It is versatile and flexible, plus it blends with any playing style easily. You can experience that it has an easy spin with a great feel. It also has arm-friendly flex points. 

Features to Look for When Buying the Best Racquets for Tennis Elbow

There are some considerations that you have to question yourself before choosing among the best racquets for tennis elbow. Hopefully, this list of factors can help you:

  • Weight– A heavy racquet will help compensate for late contact and poor technique. Moreover, using a racquet with a very light frame could result in mishits and the lack of vibration absorption and stability. Thus, buy a racquet with a heavy frame. It can help avoid suffering from tennis elbow since it would have a greater mass to absorb vibration and shock. 
  • Head size- Getting a racquet with a big head size will give you more comfort and guarantee arm safety. It is because a larger head size has more deflection, which leads to a softer feel during contact. Also, it can reduce the string bed’s stiffness and gives ways to a bigger sweet spot. Both of these minimize shock, which is conducive to arm safety. 
  • Power– It is the power that dictates how far a ball can go. The more power your racquet has, the harder you can hit. Nevertheless, the manufacturer has to balance control and power perfectly. In case the product has become too powerful, the shots could go out of bounds. If there is not enough powder, your opponent would have ample time to respond. According to the customer’s demands, the sports supplier can add more power or control than others.  
  • Control– Why do the best racquets for tennis elbow consider this feature? Just like power, control is one necessary feature that you must consider. It is impossible to win a game if you can hardly control your racquet. The dampening and design of the racquet decide how you can control a product. The right racquet will give you the good feel of the ball’s motion and result in vibrations to the arm. 
  • Feel– Before buying a racquet, it is better to test the product first. Do not just rely on the technical specifications or reviews showed by the seller. It would not make sense if you cannot experience its benefits first-hand. In case you are just a beginner, you better choose an easy to control and lightweight racquet. On the other hand, if you are a professional player, you must choose a fast-response and powerful model. You can check out the best racquets for tennis elbow for this feature. 

What Could Cause Tennis Elbow

There are several reasons why a player could suffer from a tennis elbow. It is not enough that you learn about the best racquets for tennis elbow. To avoid this condition, you must find out what these are. Continue reading below.

The first reason for tennis elbow is overuse. Even if you play tennis every day, you might experience shots that could trigger a tennis elbow. Frequently, there are no simple reasons why this injury happens, but you still have to deal with it seriously, or it can cause you major discomfort.  

Furthermore, tennis elbow can be the result of consistently missing hitting the ball. Whenever a player does not hit the ball right on the sweet spot, it triggers more vibrations throughout the arm. In case this happens a lot, your arm will start feeling the pain from the accumulated tension.

Some also blame heavy equipment for tennis elbow. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to using light or heavy racquets. A light racquet can make you feel more comfortable to move around, but you would have to swing harder to get the desired result. Also, it lacks the kind of damping capability you need. On the other hand, a heavier racquet could result in higher swing weight. However, it is normally able to absorb more vibrations.

How to Treat Tennis Elbow

Aside from switching to the best racquets for tennis elbow, there are some steps you can do to cure or prevent tennis elbow. Here are some of them:

  • Solid grip- See to it that it properly fits your hand whenever you buy a new racquet. The racquet grip size should not be too small or too big. Not following this advice could strain on your hand. Moreover, keep your grip dry and fresh as well. A hand that is moving around on the racquet quite a bit could twist your elbow in a wrong way. It can be very painful. It may not seem to matter in the beginning, but soon you will feel pain and discomfort. 
  • Soft string with a low tension- Finding a soft-stringed racquet with a low string tension can help you stay away from tennis elbow problems. You can look for a product that has gut strings for an overall feel. Our featured best racquets for tennis elbow usually consider this feature. 
  • Wearing a brace- Some braces are specially designed to deal with tennis elbow issues. It can give you comfortable support in the elbow part. As a result, inflammation can be prevented, and pain can be reduced. Wearing a brace is also advisable if you are coming back from an injury. It can help minimize the damage to your body and help in a speedy recovery.


There are many factors to consider in buying the perfect racquet that is safe for your arm. Therefore, make sure to evaluate different products before purchasing. In choosing the right one, you can start selecting from these best racquets for tennis elbow mentioned. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the perfect string material to choose from?

When looking for tennis strings, you must avoid strings made of material, including polyester. You better select softer string materials, like nylon. 

What is the ideal string tension?

It is recommended to choose low tension strings. They provide a softer feel, plus they help lessen the racquet stiffness. 

How does the swing weight impact the elbows?

Using a racquet without optimal swing weight might cause elbow strain. To avoid this, look for a product that will allow you to have the best swing. 

How much do you need to spend on a good racquet?

It will likely depend on the requirements you have for a racquet. Also, your playing level and budget should be considered. If you are a newbie to this sport and your budget is limited, it will be reasonable to spend between $100 and $150 for a good quality racquet. 

What are the highly recommended racquet suppliers around?

There are many products from different brands coming from different countries, including the U.K., U.S., and Japan. Some of the most trusted tennis racquet brands are Head, Wilson, Dunlop, Prince, and Babolat. They offer high-quality products at reasonable rates.

How can you improve your skill at sports that use racquets?

There are three kinds of physical training that you normally can practice. One is endurance training. It enhances performance by avoiding fatigue during games. The second one is speed training. It helps you move around the court quickly. The third one is resistance training. It focuses on preventing injury while applying more power and speed into shots.

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