Top 7 Best Squash Racquets for Beginners | 2022 Reviews

Best Overall
HEAD Nano Ti 110 Squash Racquet

HEAD Nano Ti 110 Squash Racquet

Editor’s Choice
Tecnifibre Carboflex Squash Racquet

Tecnifibre Carboflex Squash Racquet

Best Value
Prince Team Inspire 200 Squash Racquet

Prince Team Inspire 200 Squash Racquet


Squash has been gaining more attention in recent years. It’s unique because you can play it indoors and in a small room. Because the court isn’t too large and because the game isn’t subject to bad weather, some prefer this game over racquetball and tennis.

If you want to learn more about squash, we highlighted a few products that would help you maximize your skillset. Begin your journey with a racquet that fits you well.

Top 7 Best Squash Racquets for Beginners Reviewed

  1. HEAD Nano Ti 110 Squash Racquet (Various Options)
  2. Tecnifibre Carboflex Squash Racquet Series (125, 130, 140g Weights Available)
  3. Prince Team Inspire 200 Squash Racquet
  4. HEAD Micro Gel 145 Squash Racquet (Strung)
  5. Wilson Sporting Goods Hyper Team 500 Squash Racquet (200-Gram)
  6. Dunlop Blaze Pro Squash Racquet
  7. HEAD Graphene Touch Speed Squash Racquet, Pre-Strung

HEAD Nano Ti 110 Squash Racquet (Various Options)

  • Easy to maneuver because of the weight
  • Comes with a soft pouch for protection
  • Bigger head size for a larger sweet spot
  • Durable and long-lasting materials
  • Enough balance for powerful hits
  • Heavier than other beginner squash racquets
  • The price is not too affordable.
  • The grip is not too impressive.



  • Frame Weight: 110 grams
  • Length: 68.5 cm
  • Balance: Head Heavy (36 cm)
  • Head Size: 500 cm. sq.
  • String Pattern: 14×18
  • Color: Black/Red

HEAD’s Nano Ti 110 Squash Racquet is one of the best squash racquets that you’ll find. It has a balance of all the right qualities that you will need as a beginner. Weight, power, and control sum up everything that this racquet delivers.

Beginners would tend to go for a lightweight racket to avoid shocking their muscles with the ball’s impact. While HEAD’s product is not as light as you would expect, it has enough mass to give you better control with your shots. With its weight, you will generate enough power to hit the ball back to the wall.
The racquet’s teardrop shape results in a larger bed area, sweet spot, and strength. Head size is also crucial because it increases your ability to maneuver your hits’ direction and speed. This product has a significant size and string tension, which results in more powerful attacks than other brands.

Titanium and carbon construction make up for the frame of this equipment. It explains why the racquet is durable and long-lasting. You can use it in any weather without worrying if it will rust or get any damages.

The best thing about HEAD is it only delivers premium items to their customers. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate player, this Nano Ti 100 will help you develop your skills. The cost may not be too affordable, but the experience of playing squash with a worthwhile racquet is priceless.

Tecnifibre Carboflex Squash Racquet Series (125, 130, 140g Weights Available)

  • Beginner-friendly because of the teardrop design
  • Elegant design for a more professional look
  • Low tension of the string to avoid injury
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Available in three weights
  • May not be as lightweight as advertised.
  • Strings may not be as sturdy as others.



  • Frame Weight: 125 grams
  • Balance: Head Light 355mm +/- 5 mm
  • Head Size: 500 cm. sq.
  • String Pattern: 14×18
  • Composition: Graphite/Basaltex

If you’re looking for an effective and lightweight squash racquet, you can check on Tecnifibre’s Carboflex series. You can choose among 125g, 130g, and 140g, depending on your preference. Most beginners would go for the lightest option.

Learning the basics using this equipment is an easy task because it is easy to maneuver. Thanks to its bigger head size, you can reach the ball from any angle. You’ll love that this racquet has a larger sweet spot that gives you more chances of hitting the ball back to the wall.

One of the easiest techniques that you would learn in squash is volleying. Switching sides and making a quick short swing with this equipment is possible because of its weight and balance. Let this Carboflex racquet help you build your strength and power in every shot attempt.

Finally, Tecnifibre is also popular for its cool and elegant designs. Just because you’re still new to the sport doesn’t you mean you can’t look stylish while playing it.

Prince Team Inspire 200 Squash Racquet

  • Best for players who do not play squash all the time
  • It has a larger head size for a better sweet spot.
  • The price is more affordable.
  • Less tension to the arms
  • May affect your speed and power because of the weight.
  • The plastic material of the grip quickly wears out.
  • Extra-heavy



  • Frame Weight: 180 grams
  • Head Size: 483 sq. cm.
  • Length: 27 inches
  • String Pattern: 14×18

Switch to a more affordable racquet with Prince’s Team Inspire 200. Here you will realize that you do not need to spend a lot to have reliable sports equipment. This one is perfect for those who play squash recreationally, rather than competitively.

Team Inspire 200 is a fresh addition to the brand’s lineup of racquets. What makes it suitable for beginners is that it has sufficient weight that affects the power you would exert in smashing the ball. It falls on the heavier spectrum, but it does not mean it is challenging to use. You can still move with ease in the court because the head size is enough to maneuver it.

Like other squash equipment, this racquet ensures you to have more room for the sweet spot. The strings’ tension is also enough to maximize the impact without hurting your arms. However, grip might be the weakest feature of this product. As many users testified, the plastic material on its body quickly unravels. Without the padding, controlling the racquet becomes more difficult.

Thus, it would be best to use the racquet with extra caution. You might want to give your all as you hit the ball, but keep in mind the durability of your racquet. While this is a reasonably cheap racquet, it does come at the price of less durability.

HEAD Micro Gel 145 Squash Racquet (Strung)

  • Sufficient bed area to target enough sweet spot
  • Easy to maneuver and change direction
  • Less vibration and tension to arms
  • A lightweight and perfect balance
  • Reliable grip and materials
  • Getting used to a smaller head size may take some time.
  • Lesser number of strings
  • Costly



  • Frame Weight: 145 grams
  • Balance: Head Light 335mm
  • Head Size: 500 cm. sq.
  • String Pattern: 12×17

HEAD is arguably the most popular brand for racket sports. Therefore, it’s no small wonder why many squash players recommend several of their products, including this MicroGel 145 Squash Racquet. It will give you the right balance and control as you begin learning the strategies in playing squash.

If you want a product that isn’t too heavy, is easy to control and has an extensive impact as you hit the ball, MicroGel is a piece of excellent equipment to start. Its head size has enough room for you to reach the ball from anywhere. You can move like a flash in the court because the racquet is mobile and lightweight.

However, please note that this item has fewer strings compared to other HEAD racquets. Thus, you might need a few adjustments if your previous accessory has 14×18 strings. It would take time to get the hang of hitting the ball with all your strength using this product. Once you get used to it, feeling like a champion is not impossible.

Vibrations and pressure to your arms are not a problem with this racket. It absorbs impact well and centers the tension to the ball rather than to your arms. Thus, you can play with comfort and ease with this racquet. You may find the price costly, but remember that it is a HEAD product. It is not only beginner-friendly, but it is also long-lasting and made from premium and consistent materials.

Wilson Sporting Goods Hyper Team 500 Squash Racquet (200-Gram)

  • Empowered by V-matrix technology and V-lock bridge
  • Easy to maneuver and control the direction
  • Improves power and stability
  • Strong and reliable strings
  • Less expensive price
  • Not too advisable for professional competition
  • Smaller head size and sweet spot
  • Heavyweight



  • Frame Weight: 200 grams
  • Head Size: 498 sq. cm.
  • Balance: 310 mm.
  • Length: 27 inches
  • String Pattern: 14×19

Price and quality are what you will love about Wilson’s Sporting Goods Hyper Team 500 Squash Racquet. The first thing that you might notice is the product’s weight. It may be heavier, but it has enough balance that makes it weigh lighter as you smash the ball. It is not difficult to maneuver because of its dimensions.

Wilson is another popular brand when it comes to sports items. A product recommendation would not be complete if we will not mention this company. Its squash racket is a kind because of its heavyweight that does not affect your speed and agility. Instead, it would improve your stability and increase the powerful impact of your hits.

What’s more, you can skip paying more than $100 for a premium squash racquet. You can get this item at a lower cost with a fancy and sleek design. It has a V-matrix technology and V-lock bridge, which improves the grip and power of your performance. With its Power Strings, the brand ensures a thrilling squash competition with your friends, family, and buddies.

It would be best to store this at a cool and dry place to avoid its frame from rusting and decaying. As a beginner, you may not use your racquet all the time. Nonetheless, this Wilson equipment is quite long-lasting, as long as you keep in a safe environment.

Dunlop Blaze Pro Squash Racquet

  • Advisable for beginners who are aggressive to learn
  • Ample head size for a larger sweet spot
  • Suitable for children and older players
  • Less tension and does not sprain arms
  • More affordable price
  • The frame quickly breaks with intense impact.
  • Strings are sensitive and require great care.



  • Frame Weight: 180 grams
  • Head Size: 500 sq. cm.
  • Balance: Head Light
  • Length: 27 inches
  • String Pattern: 14×20

Kids can also play squash, but with the advisory of parents and guardians. While most racquets are for adults, some brands also make them child-friendly. Dunlop is one of the remarkable companies that prides itself on its sports equipment and accessories. Your child, as long as he or she is at least ten years old, will enjoy using the brand’s Blaze Pro Squash Racquet.

The racquet features a durable frame that doesn’t easily break. Moreover, the grip on its beam is exceptional because it doesn’t easily slip from your hand. Moreover, the head size is enough to have ample space for a larger sweet spot. Since it has more string in moderate tension, you can expect your hits to be powerful enough for a winning battle.

Like Wilson, Dunlop also offers a more affordable squash racquet. Thus, it removes the burden of spending too much from people who don’t play squash more than four times a week. Even your older family members will enjoy swinging this racquet because it is not as heavy as you think.

However, the strings require great care to last longer. If your hands sweat a lot, it would be best to add more grip on the racquet’s beam for a more comfortable experience. Overall, this equipment is quite advisable if you are only beginning to learn the basics of squash.

HEAD Graphene Touch Speed Squash Racquet, Pre-Strung

  • Long-lasting frame for less frequent use
  • Available in various colors and design
  • Powerful strings with less tension
  • Lightweight and mobile to use
  • Excellent grip
  • Too lightweight that it might affect your performance
  • Takes a while to get the hang of it
  • Price is expensive



  • Frame Weight: 200 grams
  • Head Size: 498 sq. cm.
  • Balance: 310 mm.
  • Length: 27 inches
  • String Pattern: 14×19

We still cannot get over the premium quality of products from HEAD. Thus, we will end our product review with another item from this brand, which also promises durability. The Graphene Touch Speed Squash Racquet comes in various designs that you can choose from, such as Light, Slim Body, and Standard. All of them come in unique colors.

More than the layout, Graphene is a racquet that you must not miss out on if you’re a beginner. It isn’t too heavy, and the control of your swings are spot on. You can kill each hit with enough strength to throw it back to the wall. It also comes with an excellent grip that can stand, even if you have sweaty hands.

With its balanced features, it offers you power and precision for each move that you will make. You can have an exciting afternoon tournament because of the quality that this product has. More importantly, it does not wear out too quickly. You can use it less often in a week, and it can still last years with proper care.

The two-string pattern gives you a choice to prioritize aggression or accuracy. Whichever you choose, one thing is for sure. This item has a solid material that can support every action you deliver when you are in court.

Top Pick – Best Squash Racquet for Beginners

Squash may be new to you as a sport, but it’s getting more popular today. It does not require a large area because a small room is enough. You can play with your family and friends on the weekend as a way of bonding.

If you plan to begin your squash journey, you must ensure that you have the right equipment. You can start by picking the most suitable racquet for your skills and budget. For us, we highly recommend that you choose HEAD’s Nano Ti 110 Squash Racquet. It is sturdy, durable, and long-lasting.

The best part about this item is its weight and head size. As a beginner, having a larger head to target that sweet spot is crucial. You can easily change your hand’s direction and movement because the racquet is not too heavy.

Overall, it checks the right bullets that make a beginner’s squash racquet reliable and enjoyable.

Five Things to Think of When Choosing a Squash Racquet – Buyer’s Guide

Avoid the stress of choosing which racquet you should buy because we prepared a guide for you. Beginners would typically look at the design and weight of sports equipment. However, there is more to explore than what your eyes can, and your skin can touch. Knowing other features will help you come up with a more reasonable decision.

Head Shape

There are two types of squash racquets when we talk about head shape. The first one is the classic design. It is smaller and looks a lot like a badminton racquet. You would typically see this one in professional games because the challenge of hitting the sweet spot is higher.

They call the second one the teardrop design. As its name implies, it is more oval than round. This one is more advisable for beginners because it has a larger bed area for the string, which means it is easier to heat the ball wherever it flies. It also provides you more power in every smash you make when hitting the ball.

Between the two, the former can be more expensive. You can begin with the teardrop shape and step up your game as you become a master in squash.


This weight is another crucial checklist item when buying a racquet. It shouldn’t be too light and heavy so that you can control its direction. Beginners prefer to use lightweight equipment because they can easily move in the court with it. The problem with these products is they have less power than the heavier ones. Thus, you might get disappointed if you can’t hit the ball correctly.

If you prefer a heavier one, please note that it would slow you down because you cannot swing it with ease. It might take a little while and a few sprains before you get the hang of using heavyweight racquets.

If you can buy the item personally, it would be better to try swinging and moving with it so you can gauge if the weight is enough for you. Online purchases are harder to rely on, but you can check the product description and reviews.


The number of strings in your racquet may vary. Check the tension of your strings; if it falls is in the higher and lower right. The higher the tension, the more it is powerful. However, it can also injure your arms if it does not suit your skill sets.

Also, pre-strung racquets may need newer strings as soon as you receive your equipment. Newer strings are better than those pre-made in factories.


Balance is the reason why heavyweight racquets seem lighter when you use them. Playing squash becomes more comfortable if you have balanced equipment. To measure it, all you need is to remove the strings and grip. Put the middle point to your index finger.

Three scenarios are likely to happen. It can be that the head is lighter, the beam is lighter, or both sides have equal weight. Finding its balance will make you understand which end has more mass.


Beginners typically frown on expensive materials. However, please bear in mind that any sports need to have a good investment. If you have that willingness to learn how to play squash, it would be best that you choose a racquet with premium and long-lasting quality, even if it comes at an expensive price.

If playing squash is only a hobby for you, you can go with much cheaper costs but with reliable features. You can find several options in our product review.


Being a beginner is not an excuse to go with a substandard racquet. Researching the most practical choices is only a click away if you are eager to learn more about squash. It is an exciting sports venture, and you deserve to enjoy it at its maximum level by picking a racquet with the best quality.

As you have learned, you need to consider several factors when buying a squash racquet. You have to check if the head size, weight, power, and price suits your skills and budget. They may vary in color, shapes, and sizes, but they all promise one thing. That is giving you the most optimal experience when playing on the court.

The truthfulness of each brand’s words depends on your actual encounter. As per our standard, we highlighted HEAD’s Nano Ti 110 because it is modern, durable, and reliable. It might not be the most affordable, but it checks all the right spots that make it a reasonable and practical choice.

However, if you are into heavier racquets, the Nano Ti might not suit you. Thus, other brands offer premium items weighing more than HEAD’s product. You can check them out too to find out their suitability.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is a sweet spot in squash?

We mentioned the term ‘sweet spot’ many times in this article. You may still feel confused about what we are referring to by the term, so here is its meaning. A sweet spot is the ideal area where the squash ball can hit your racquet’s string area. While the size of the sweet spot varies for each racquet, it’s generally located in the center of a racquet’s string area.

If your racquet has a more significant head size, you will have a larger space for your sweet spot. Thus, you get more chances to hit the ball and throw it back to your opponent or the wall.

Do all squash racquets have default features?

There are no default measurements in squash racquets. However, there are features that you must check on to get to the right racquet that will suit your needs. You can begin with its head size, weight, and balance.

You can ask the seller to orient you about these things if you are not too familiar with them. We also prepared a quick guide to help you ease your research about squash racquets.

Is squash racquet a sport for all?

Yes, squash is a game for all, regardless of race, gender, and age. You may buy a racket that is child-friendly or suitable for players. Each design is in the unisex display to suit men and women players.

The techniques and gameplay do not differ between the men’s and women’s divisions. It is similar to badminton, racquetball, and tennis, except that they vary in court size, gameplay, and opponents.

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