Best Squash Shoes (Updated in 2022!)

This continuous movement in squash can take a toll on your feet, so we highly recommend that you invest in some of the best squash shoes to reduce the risk of injury. 

To save you time, we’ve narrowed down the list of the best squash shoes available online. 

  1. Salming Viper 3.0
  2. Asics Gel-Rocket 9
  3. Salming Kobra
  4. Head Sprint Pro
  5. Harrow Vortex
  6. Adidas Stabil Bounce
  7. Prince NFS II
  8. Hi-Tec Men’s Sports Squash Classic
  9. Head Sonic 2000
  10. Adidas Barricade Club
  11. Yonex SHB 65Z
  12. Asics Gel Domain 2
  13. Mizuno Wave Bolt 7
  14. Wilson Rush Pro 2.5
  15. Babolat Propulse Fury

#1. Salming Viper 3.0: Top Pick 

Salming Viper 3.0

Exoskeleton and Toe Drag Guard system creates a secure fit to the feetLow-profile so it does not provide ample amount of ankle support
Less prone to injuries with the Lateral Movement Stabiliser and RollbarQuite expensive especially for beginners
Excellent grip




  • Exoskeleton
  • Toe Drag Guard
  • Lateral Movement Stabiliser Technology
  • Runlite Midsole
  • XR110 Outsole
  • Torsion Guide System
  • Rollbar Technology


The  Salming Viper 3.0 is our choice for best squash shoes, given its premium features. It gives players who value speed and stability an excellent bang for their buck with superior overall performance.

The Exoskeleton design, combined with the mesh material, significantly increases the stability of this shoe. Together with the Toe Drag Guard system, these features keep the foot in place and decrease the pressure on the player’s joints.

Even in the most intensive runs, the Lateral Movement Stabiliser Technology provided by the Runlite midsole gives you ample support. This midsole quality contributes to the lightweight nature of the shoe. Thanks to the lightness and stability of this shoe, lateral movements are not only stable but also smooth. 

Finally, the shoes’ XR110 rubber offers maximum grip to the floor without compromising the speed, which works excellent for constant changes in direction.  


#2. Asics Gel-Rocket 9: An Affordable Beginner’s Shoe

Asics Gel-Rocket 9

AffordableSome users reported issues on the durability of the shoe's inside
Technologies excellently cater to the basic needs of a playerNeeds more flexibility
Breathable materialBreaking in takes time.




  • Forefoot Gel Technology
  • EVA Midsole and Sockliner
  • Trusstic System
  • Breathable Mesh Lining


The Asics Gel-Rocket 9, despite also catering to volleyball players, is versatile enough to be used in a Squash court as well. Its affordable price tag makes it suitable for players who are new to squash.

Its Forefoot Gel Technology promises outstanding shock absorption. In addition, the presence of EVA cushioning on the midsole adds to the shoes’ bounce, which assists with comfort when running. 

Meanwhile, Asics’ use of the Trusstic System technology in the Gel-Rocket 9 significantly reduces your risk of injury whenever you change direction. This technology is a feature molded below the midfoot area to handle a player’s torsion, comfortably making quick changes.

Finally, the removable EVA socklining allows the shoe to mold to the shape of your feet, giving you a more comfortable fit over time. This removable feature also allows for the shoe to cater to players with orthotic requirements.


#3. Salming Kobra: For the Player Willing to Spend for Better Stability

Salming Kobra

Premium outersole grip qualityExpensive
Exoskeleton with the Wrap Around System assures ultimate stabilityRelatively more massive compared to other brands
Torsion Guide System allows for more flexible movementThe material doesn't seem to be breathable despite the use of mesh.




  • Forefoot Rebound Energy Foam
  • Rollbar
  • Torsion Guide System
  • Exoskeleton
  • Mesh Lining
  • HexaGrip Rubber on the Outsole
  • Ergo Heel Cup
  • Leather Toe Overlay


The Salming Kobra is fit for the committed squash player with a bigger budget. The features in this shoe justify its price, since the shoes’ emphasis on stability helps reduce the risk of injury, which can be high for frequent squash players. 

The Exoskeleton integrated into this shoe’s Wrap Around System assures you of a snug fit, contributing to the stability aspect. Meanwhile, recoil foams are in its cushion system, which increases the Kobra’s capacity to absorb shock and turn them into energy for added bounce. 

As for the shoes’ Torsion Guide System, this feature adds to the shoes’ flexibility, which significantly lessens your risk of injuries from inadvertent twisting. Finally, the stellar quality of the HexaGrip rubber assures you the ultimate grip on the floor that would protect you from slipping during lunges.


#4. Head Sprint Pro: For Excellent Ankle Support

Head Sprint Pro

Excellent grip on the floorThe abundance of stability comprised the shoe’s flexibility
Highly-specialized ankle supportIts sturdiness makes the shoe heavy
Microfit technology assures a snug fit Lacks breathability




  • Non-marking Natural Gum rubber
  • Microfit Technology
  • EVA Core Layer
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane Heel
  • 3-D Anti-Torsion Shank


Head Sprint Pro’s use of the Thermoplastic Polyurethane on its heel significantly increases the ankle support the shoe promises. This material, combined with the toe rubber protection and medial, strengthens the stability allowed by the Sprint Pro. 

The shoes’ Microfit technology assures you of a snug fit, which affects the comfort this shoe offers. Combined with the EVA Core Layer, the Microfit technology ensures that your foot will be locked into place. However, we do want to call out that some users found that these features affected the shoes’ flexibility negatively. 

As for the shoes’ grip, the shoes’ non-marking Natural Gum rubber increases the grip this shoe has towards the floor. This increased grip helps reduce the risk of injury from slipping on the court. 


#5. Harrow Vortex: Outstanding Durability at a Reasonable Price

Harrow Vortex

Gum rubber provides the player with an excellent grip on the floorUsers report issues on the shoelace
Toughbrid midsole with the TPU shank enhances the shoes’ flexibilityNot much toe support
Double Russel Mesh provides optimized breathability Not suitable for players with narrow feet




  • Non-marking Endurance Gum Rubber
  • Double Russel Mesh
  • Toughbrid Midsole
  • Power Cushion Insole
  • TPU Shank


The Harrow Vortex is amongst the best squash shoes for players who are looking for stellar durability at a reasonable price. The durability in this shoe is outstanding and is surely worth the price tag. 

Designed with Double Russel Mesh, this shoe is considerably lightweight and breathable with uncompromised stability. The shoes’ arch is stable due to the Toughbrid midsole. Combined with the low-profile design, these features give the shoe optimized lateral movements. A TPU shank enhances the Vortex’s reaction to torsion, improving the shoe’s flexibility.

As for the shoes’ grip, its outsole comprises a Non-Marking Endurance Gum Rubber which promises an outstanding grip on the floor. Breaking into the shoe shouldn’t be too difficult since the Vortex’s classic lace-design allows you to adjust the shoe’s snugness. 


#6. Adidas Stabil Bounce: For the Versatile Athletes

Adidas Stabil Bounce

Breathable mesh quality with TPU overlays optimize lateral movementsRelatively expensive
Bounce technology improves the shoe’s reaction to impact and flexibilityNot suitable for players with narrow feet
Sock-like construction assures stability.




  • Breathable Mesh with TPU Overlays
  • Two-row Lacing
  • Bounce cushioning
  • Tech grid structure with a Non-marking Outsole
  • Sock-like construction 


Adidas comes in with their version of a Squash shoe through the Adidas Stabil Bounce, which is amongst the best squash shoes for versatile athletes. This shoe’s capacity to fit for both volleyball and squash makes it a practical choice for people who enjoy both sports. 

The use of a breathable mesh with TPU overlays assures you of safe yet quick lateral movements. Together with the two-row lacing and sock-like construction, this shoe provides the foot security and stability worthy of its price point.

Bounce cushioning is a technology developed by Adidas that maximizes its capacity by improving on the midsole. The same technology also enhances the shoe’s reaction to torsion, making the Stabil Bounce relatively flexible compared to other brands.

The non-marking outsole, with its tech grid structure, separates this shoe from the usual quality of rubber that other brands use. This material ensures that you’ll have sufficient grip on all of your indoor courts. 


#7. Prince NFS II: For Players with Wide Feet

Prince NFS II

Excellent durability Not suitable for players with narrow feet
NFS Technology significantly increases your overall comfortToe support needs improvement
Offers stability and flexibility despite its construction 




  • NFS Technology
  • Lightweight Synthetic Nubuck Upper
  • Speed Lace Design
  • Breathable Mesh on the Tongue
  • Ultra-light, Full Length, EVA Midsole
  • Removable EVA Sockliner
  • Non-marking Gum Rubber on the Outsole


As the heading suggests, the Prince NFS II is amongst the best squash shoes for players with wide feet, because despite its massive construction, the shoe offers enough stability and flexibility.

NFS stands for Natural Foot Technology, which is a system that makes the shoe follow the foot’s shape. This feature increases the player’s comfort and assures stability. The speed lace design allows you to customize the tightness of the shoe, adding another layer to its already confirmed balance.

In addition, the use of synthetic Nubuck on the upper portion of the shoe assures you of durability without the extra weight. Along with mesh used on the tongue, these features increase the player’s comfort during game time. 

Its non-marking gum rubber is also something worth noting, for along with the EVA midsole, it optimizes your movements while decreasing the risk of injury. 


#8. Hi-Tec Squash Classic: Basic Big Man Shoe 

Hi-Tec Squash Classic

Classic design Sizes only go from 9 and up
Provides a superior level of comfort to the playerEfficiently covers only the necessities
Very affordable 




  • EVA Midsole
  • Gum Rubber Outersole
  • Lace-up design with Punch Eyelets
  • Nubuck and Suede Outer


The classic design of the Hi-Tec Squash Classic gives a nostalgic feel, but the sizes available in the market limits this to men with bigger shoe sizes. 

With its affordable price comes a better-than-average shoe, which makes this shoe a solid starter pair for a squash beginner. 

This shoe’s Nubuck and Suede outer material have a mesh component on the inside, improving its breathability. Users consistently affirm the overall comfort this shoe gives them, with some even choosing to repurchase the shoe because of its affordability.

The shoes’ Gum rubber assures the player of sufficient grip to the floor, but this shoe falls short on the flexibility aspect. Users, however, appreciate the support the Hi-Tec Squash Classic gives on quick chase downs.


#9. Head Sonic 2000: For Optimal Heel and Ankle Support

Head Sonic 2000

Excellent breathability The rubber needs to be more durable
Energy Bridge System assures equal distribution of shock and optimized energy levelLeather material is prone to early onset of wear and tear
Mid-profile construction assures stability 




  • A mix of Synthetic Leather and Mesh
  • Energy Frame Support
  • Non-marking HyBrasion Gum Rubber
  • EVA Midsole


The Head Sonic 2000 has an Energy Bridge System that quickly transfers and transforms the impact absorbed by the heel to become usable energy for the front of your foot. This feature assures an equal distribution of energy and optimizes the power exerted in every move. The impact absorption feature of this shoe makes it amongst the best squash shoes for heel and ankle support. 

As for breathability, Head’s use of mesh on the upper portion of the shoe and its use of ventilated synthetic leather below makes the shoe exceptionally breathable. This will allow you to have a more comfortable experience.

Finally, its non-marking HyBrasion Gum Rubber offers enough traction and grip to help reduce the risk of injury. However, it’s worth noting that some users complained about durability issues for this pair of shoes. 


#10. Adidas Barricade Club: Suitable for Both Indoor and Outdoor Courts

Adidas Barricade Club

Outstanding breathability Outsole durability needs improvement
AdiTUFF wraps with EVA midsole ensures toe support and equal energy distributionRelatively expensive
Adiprene + cushion optimize a player’s bounce.




  • AdiTUFF Abrasion-Resistant Wraps
  • EVA Midsole 
  • 3D Torsion system 
  • Adiprene + Cushion
  • Adiwear Outsole


Although squash is usually in indoor sport, the Adidas Barricade Club’s capacity to perform in an outdoor setting justifies its relatively high price point. The shoe is jampacked with technologies that deliver peak performance, though, so it is no surprise that this shoe’s a fan favorite based on user reviews.

The shoes’ AdiTUFF wraps protect the toe from possible injuries caused by extreme lateral movements. Meanwhile, the Barricade’s Adiprene cushion also contributes to the shoe’s added bounce. Combined with the 3D torsion system, the shoe gives you an improved support level with enough flexibility for sudden changes in direction. 

As for breathability, the use of lightweight mesh on the upper part of the Barricade Club ensures that you’ll have sufficient breathability. 


#11. Yonex SHB 65Z: For Ultimate Comfort (At An Ultimate Price)

Yonex SHB 65Z

Outstanding breathability and durabilityQuite expensive
Power Cushion + allows for superior comfort and support Added stability might compromise on your speed
Reliable floor grip




  • ToughBrid Light Midsole
  • Power Graphite
  • Power Cushion +


The Yonex SHB 65Z’s Power Cushion technology makes this shoe the best choice for comfort, but it also comes with a steep price tag. While it offers sufficient floor grip with the rubber outsole, the shoes’ high price tag likely prices out most recreational squash players. It’s worth noting, however, that the shoes’ premium features do compensate for the higher price point. 

Power Cushion Technology is Yonex’s advanced cushion engineering that ensures ultimate comfort and stability. In order to test this technology, Yonex wrapped an egg in its specialized cushion and dropped the wrapped egg from a height of 7 meters. The wrapped egg bounced back without breaking, confirming the quality of the Yonex technology. Don’t believe us? Check this video out. 

Finally, the shoes’ use of PU leather for the shoe’s outer material extends its lifespan, and the shoes’ mesh lining maximizes its breathability. Combined with the comfort and stability of the shoe, these premium features do justify the shoes’ relatively high price tag.


#12. Asics Gel Domain 2: Ultimate Stability For the Versatile Athlete

Asics Gel Domain 2

RhynoSkin Abrasion assures outstanding durability The leather might compromise on this shoe’s breathability
Power Heel Fit Technology makes a more secure fit Needs more flexibility
Added gel cushioning lessens a player's risk for injuries.



  • RhynoSkin Abrasion
  • Personalized Heel Fit Technology
  • Trusstic System
  • Fore and Rearfoot Gel Cushioning

Like the Gel Rocket 9 and Stabil Bounce, the Asics Gel Domain 2 is fit for athletes who play volleyball and Squash. What sets this shoe apart, though, is the superior level of stability it will provide you.  

For one, the shoes’ Trusstic system increases the stability of this shoe as it makes the foot more secure in the mold. Moreover, Asics’ Fore and Rearfoot Gel technology reduces the impact of constant running and allows for a more guided transition between movements.

As for the shoes’ materials, the RhynoSkin abrasion is a type of leather that boasts of its resistance to tearing, which increases this shoe’s durability. Meanwhile, the Gel Domain’s outsole comprises NC rubber, which assures you of a better grip towards the floor than solid rubber.

Lastly, this shoe’s Personalized Heel Fit Technology lines the Gel Domain’s collar with two layers of memory foam, allowing a more personalized fit. 


#13. Mizuno Wave Bolt 7: For All Indoor Sports

Mizuno Wave Bolt 7

Dynamotion Groove allows for maximized stability and flexibility Its versatility might compromise its durability
Parallel Wave Plate improves the shoe’s shock absorptionThe difference in sole material might take some adjustment
Sufficiently breathableRelatively pricey



  • Parallel Wave Plate
  • Dynamotion Groove
  • VS-1 Midsole

What makes the Mizuno Wave Bolt 7 stand out is its Dynamotion Groove Pattern, which ensures stability and solid traction. Compared to the usual type of rubber, the use of this technology increases the bounce the shoe provides without compromising on the shoes’ firm hold to the floor.

The Dynamotion Groove at the outsole of this shoe is Mizuno’s innovation to maximize both grip and flexibility. Lateral movements become significantly more natural because of this feature.

Meanwhile, Parallel Wave Plate is a technology engineered by Mizuno that equally distributes the effects of impact through the wave plates cushioning the sole. This feature prevents the shock from traveling up to your and joints, adding stability while decreasing injury risks.

Finally, mesh on the upper portion of the shoe assures breathability, giving you a more comfortable experience. Its removable insole also allows for a more customized fit for players who have orthotic requirements.


#14. Wilson Rush Pro 2.5: For the Intermediate Player 

Wilson Rush Pro 2.5

Sensifeel technology combined with Endofit allows for a superior level of comfort and foot securitySomewhat expensive which limits this shoe to the more dedicated players
Pro Torque Chassis allows sufficient for better torsion control and stabilityUsers report of its narrow toe allowance
Duralast makes this shoe usable for all indoor court surfacesLacks breathability




  • Sensifeel Technology
  • Duralast Rubber
  • Pro Torque Chassis
  • Endofit


Given its premium features and affordable price point, the Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 is amongst the best squash shoes for the intermediate player who’s highly committed to the game.

Wilson’s Sensifeel technology is an innovation that minimizes the upper portion of the shoe to increase comfort without sacrificing stability. Endofit creates a more natural mold of the feet towards the shoe, which allows for better security and stability. This feature is possible through the use of a fuller sock construction on the inside.

Meanwhile, the Pro Torque Chassis technology, which is an improved arch technology, allows this shoe to respond better to torque. Improved torque leads to this shoe’s capacity for higher acceleration.

As for the shoe materials, the Duralast is a high-density compound rubber in the Rush Pro 2.5 that allows optimal grip on all surfaces. While it is a deviation from the usual gum rubber, users report excellent stability at game time. 


#15. Babolat Propulse Fury: For Exceptional Durability and Comfort

Babolat Propulse Fury

Assured of excellent durability through CellShield Technology and the PowerBelt Strap Users reports of its massive weight compared to other Squash shoes
Active Flexxion and KPRS-X midsole provide ample cushioning for maximum comfortAdjusting to the unusual collar takes time
Michelin rubber assures player of a firm grip on any type of courtFlexibility needs to improve



  • Cell Shield Technology
  • PowerBelt Strap
  • Ortholite Insole
  • Michelin Performance Outsole
  • KPRS-X Midsole 
  • Active Flexxion Technology

The attention to making the Babolat Propulse Fury makes it fit for the player who prioritizes comfort and durability more than anything. It’s amongst the best squash shoes out there in terms of comfort and durability. 

For one, the Cell Shield Technology is a reinforced fabric on the shoe’s exterior that assures its resistance to abrasion on the forefoot area. This feature makes the Propulse Fury more durable, and along with the PowerBelt Strap, adds stability to its user. The strap ensures optimal support on the arch and heel and with a higher collar assures you that your feet will stay locked in.

With the Active Flexxion Technolog, Babolat addresses the pressure that running puts on nine key points in the feet. This cushioning system provides added support on all those points, increasing comfort and stability at the same time. 

As for its other materials, the DIN 20 comprises of the Michelin rubber outersole in this shoe; this also wraps the forefoot to protect it from the effects of toe dragging. The superior grip this rubber makes it possible for you to maximize your game in all types of courts. 


Top Pick: The Salming Viper 3.0

Salming Viper 3.0


Despite its price point, the outstanding performance of all the technologies inserted in the Salming Viper 3.0 is what makes it a worthy top pick. While other shoes like the Head Sonic 2000 or the Adidas Barricade Club could also be good choices, the lackluster overall performance makes them fall short.

The Viper 3.0’s capacity to effectively support both heel and toe with equal distribution of impact makes up for the low ankle support it supposedly provides. Its Torsion Guide System also makes the shoe more flexible, a problem in some of the other variants in this review. 

Overall, the Salming Viper 3.0 fits the player with enough experience to optimize his every move. The excellent performance and significant boost it provides to your game justifies the relatively high price point of this shoe.

Things to Consider Before Buying Squash Shoes

The first thing to look at in choosing the right pair of shoes is the sizing. Different brands offer different sizing options, and knowing which ones provide more customizable options would ultimately allow for a better fit.

Cushioning is the next thing on the list. Knowing the right amount of bounce to maintain your stability would allow for better effectivity.  Having an ample amount of cushioning optimizes your lunging capabilities, significantly improving your game. The same amount of cushioning would also allow for equal distribution of impact, increasing the comfort a shoe provides.

Determining your preference for the shoe’s weight is a personal choice. The effectivity of such a decision relies on experience; it is best to try walking around with the shoe first before deciding. Choosing a lightweight shoe might compromise its durability, so double-checking on the shoe’s material assures the player to get his money’s worth. 

Squash etiquette dictates that the rubber of the shoe must not leave a mark on the court, which adds to the list of things a player must consider before purchasing. Aside from adhering to the norm, choosing the appropriate outsole aids a player’s agility and the shoe’s weight distribution.

While the soles of Squash shoes are usually made with rubber material, manufacturers have engineered advanced technology in making their rubber better than others. Researching on the difference of every material is the best way to know which shoe type caters to the level of grip and stability the player prefers.

Final Thoughts

The intensity of playing Squash carries over to finding the right equipment for it. Like in choosing the right racquet, determining the pair of shoes that would best suit the player requires trial and error, but its benefit would lead to optimal player performance.

Working hard does not provide the same results as working smart. A long list of factors determines the effect of every shoe’s feature, but knowing how it would personally affect the player makes for more intelligent decision making.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if the shoes are fit for Squash?

A: Generally, all shoes fit for indoor courts could be suitable for Squash, but not all would protect the player from injuries. If you want to commit more to the game, the shoes need enough cushioning and support to lessen the impact on your feet. These features would allow you to have a more comfortable experience, therefore allowing more playing time.

Q: How long do squash shoes last? How often and when do I know if I should replace them?

A: For recreational players, squash shoes could last up from half a year to an entire twelve months, depending on how often you play. Having another pair as an alternate lengthens the playability of each set. As a general rule, users advise that the number of uses per week should be the number of times you replace your pair in a year. Since the rubber is the first to show signs of wear and tear, it is best to keep a close eye on whether a replacement is in order.  

Q: How do I know if I want more speed or stability?

A:  Prioritizing stability would allow for powerful shots. Mid-profile shoes are better suited for players who prefer stability because they provide better support and usually better shock absorption. Preferring speed would make low-profile shoes a better choice, for it allows the player to quickly and comfortably move throughout the game. A snugger fit would be required to assure you of the shoes’ security.

Basic Squash Rules

Knowing the game’s entire rule book or Code of Conduct might take some time, which might seem unnecessary for the recreational player. While this might be the case, basic knowledge of the rules is necessary for those who want to play more competitively.  

A Squash match is usually the best of five games; it is a race to whoever gets eleven points first. However, if it is a tie at ten, the first to get a lead of two points wins.

Standard games start with a separate warm-up session for each team. Use the time wisely by getting familiar with the entire court – try swinging from both sides. As soon as your time is up, give the opponent their chance to prepare themselves as well appropriately. 

Service could take place in either service box with at least one foot inside. The ball’s aim must be toward the front wall, between the out and service line. The play still counts even if the ball immediately rebounds to another wall.

A point is awarded to you every time you win a rally. In one rally, the ball must be served towards the front wall first; but could bounce from other sides in the succeeding swings.

You allowed to hit the ball before it hits the floor; this is considered a volley. You must catch it before the second bounce. Otherwise, a point is given to the opponent.

If any of the following were to happen, the ball would be counted out:

  • When it hits the floor more than once
  • It hits a different wall or area during service (this is considered a fault)
  • When it hits the out or tin line
  • It hits the over the court line during a rally or service.

The more competitive tournaments would have a more elaborate set of rules and code of conduct, but being familiar with the basics would give you a better picture of how the game is supposed to run.

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