Top 10 Best Synthetic Gut String | 2022 Reviews

Best Overall
Head Synthetic Gut Tennis Racket String

Head Synthetic Gut Tennis Racket String

Editor’s Choice
Prince Synthetic Gut Tennis String

Prince Synthetic Gut Tennis String

Best Value
Gamma Synthetic Gut Tennis String

Gamma Synthetic Gut Tennis String


One of the benefits of having the best synthetic gut string for your tennis racket is that you can buy it at an affordable price without needing to compromise your court performance. This type of string is ideal to use if you are still a beginner in playing tennis or are just playing casually. Using a quality synthetic gut string will give you ample control, power, and playability during the game. Listed down below are the top 10 best synthetic gut string product that you can use for your tennis racket:

Top 10 Best Synthetic Gut String Reviewed

  1. Head Synthetic Gut Tennis Racket String
  2. Prince Synthetic Gut Tennis String
  3. Gamma Synthetic Gut Tennis String
  4. Wilson Synthetic Gut Power
  5. Tourna Synthetic Gut Armor
  6. Dunlop Sports S Gut String
  7. Luxilon Original String
  8. Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex
  9. Babolat Synthetic Gut

Head Synthetic Gut Tennis Racket String

  • The material it was made from includes monofilament polyamide core
  • Coated with a pearl polyamide for additional resilience
  • Can provide you good elasticity
  • Sold at a reasonable price
  • It tends to soften after several uses
  • Minor durability issue



  • Sizes Available: 16 and 17 gauge
  • Size of Grip: Array
  • Material: Nylon
  • Colors Available: Black, white, and gold

The Head Synthetic Gut Tennis Racket String can provide you solid, all-around performance while playing tennis. This synthetic gut string is made from nylon material and has a monofilament polyamide for its core, added with an outer wrap coating of special pearl polyamide. This layer secures the string to lessen its burning and cut as an outcome of regular playing.

With the help of its polyphenylene sulfide strip, your racket strings have more elasticity and for a flexible performance while playing. You have three colors to choose from with this product so you can play in style and in comfort at the same time. All in all, these strings allow you to play with control, power, and speed, at a price that fits your budget.

Prince Synthetic Gut Tennis String

  • Ideal string for beginner players and recreational game
  • Can give you control and power while playing
  • You can buy it at an affordable price
  • Provides you good durability
  • Can be hard to play with
  • Quite slippery to use



  • Sizes Available: 16 gauge
  • Colors Available: Black, gold, and yellow

If you want a string to use for a recreational tennis game, you can choose the Prince Synthetic Gut Tennis String. This product is a good alternative to have if you’re looking for an affordable tennis racket string. This product is not only cheaper compared to other tennis product strings, but it is also durable, so you won’t have a problem of constantly replacing your broken racket strings after play.

Any players can use this, but it is ideal to use if you are still a beginner at tennis or if you want to play the sport just for fun.

Gamma Synthetic Gut Tennis String

  • You can choose from its wide variety of string colors
  • Can help you prevent arm associated injuries
  • Will provide you enough power and spin
  • Can be bought at a reasonable price
  • The color of the string can leave a mark on the tennis ball
  • Minor durability issue



  • Sizes Available: 16, 17, and 18 gauge
  • Colors Available: White, black, gold, and four others

You can have a top-quality performance in court yet have it bought at an affordable price with Gamma’s Synthetic Gut Tennis String product. This product can give you a crisp feeling while using it while also giving you ample power inside the court. It is a multifilament type of string that will let you feel the ball without injuring your arms during the game.

This synthetic gut string product will provide you with power and solid spin while playing tennis. You can choose this product for a fun, efficient tennis game while you’re in court.

Wilson Synthetic Gut Power

  • Nylon material of the string is wrapped with tensilast feature for added durability
  • Provides you good durability performance
  • Can offer you power while playing
  • Has a budget-friendly price
  • Tends to stress out your arms
  • Lacks in spin performance



  • Sizes Available: 16 gauge
  • Material: Nylon
  • Colors Available: Pink and lime

Wilson can provide you with a soft and comfortable playing experience with its Synthetic Gut Power product. The core of this string product is made from nylon, wrapped with a Wilson specialized feature from the outside, which provides additional durability and tension management for the string. If you’re the type of player who experiences broken strings due to heavy impact, this product is ideal for you.

Tourna Synthetic Gut Armor

  • Can provide you power and comfort at the same time
  • Gives you enough control while playing tennis
  • Can be bought at an affordable price
  • Offers you good resistance
  • Minor durability issue



  • Sizes Available: 16 and 17 gauge
  • Material: Polyester
  • Colors Available: Reel White & Black, Set black & white
  • Length: 40 ft.

If you want your strings to bring you both power and comfort, Tourna Synthetic Gut Armor is a good option to use. This product is made with a monofilament for its core wrapped with polyester ribbons for a crisper feel while playing. It also has sharp edges feature so that the ball will bite into it during impact. That way, you’ll be able to make an excellent spin while playing on the court.

This synthetic gut string is a performance-friendly product that you can use if you want an efficient yet comfortable tennis game.

Dunlop Sports S Gut String

  • Has several color varieties that you can choose from
  • Provides you protection from arm injuries
  • Can absorb vibration
  • Comfortable to use
  • Ideal for beginners only
  • Strings lack in texture



  • Sizes Available: 16 and 17 gauge
  • Material: Monofilament core
  • Colors Available: Black, white, yellow, red, and pink
  • Length: 40 ft.

Dunlop Sports S Gut String is a good product to choose if you want court performance with excellent tension maintenance and solid feeling during the match. This product has a core made from large monofilament material for its strings, and it also has an outer wrap responsible for softening the racket’s bed string. This feature will help you avoid tension in your arms that can further lead to injuries.

There are different varieties of synthetic gut string colors that this brand offers so that you can design your tennis racket according to your preference. You can buy this product at an affordable price so you can enjoy your day playing tennis on the court.

Babolat Spiraltek Synthetic Gut

  • Gives you consistent response performance while playing
  • Can provide you power while playing
  • Good color varieties to choose from
  • Has an improved tension
  • Limited feedback from previous customers



  • Sizes Available: 16 gauge
  • Material: Monofilament polyamide core
  • Colors Available: Black and white
  • Available Pack: 2, 4, 6, and 8 pack

Babolat Spiraltek Synthetic Gut can give you a good amount of power and responsiveness. This string’s core is wrapped with a single polyamide together with a spiraltek technology feature for additional comfort, durability, and tension maintenance while playing. If you want your racket to have good responsiveness while during your tennis match, this is a good synthetic gut string product to choose from.

Luxilon Original String

  • Can give you a good spin performance in court
  • Provides you excellent control while playing
  • Comfortable to use for your tennis racket
  • Provides you good durability
  • Lacks texture
  • Low power



  • Sizes Available: 16 gauge
  • Material: polyester
  • Colors Available: amber

If you are a heavy-hitting tennis player and an individual who usually breaks the string of your racket after a match, the Luxilon Original String is the right product for you. This string can give you a good amount of control during your game, especially with movements like drop shots and top shots. Most importantly, the durability of this synthetic gut string will help you save more money instead of frequently buying new strings for replacement.

This product will provide you not only excellent performance in court but also good string durability.

Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex

  • Can allow the strings to set more into the ball
  • Can be bought at an inexpensive price
  • Provides you good control and power
  • Ideal for intermediate tennis players
  • Does not have a specialization rather as an all-around performance
  • You can experience arm strain



  • Sizes Available: 17 gauge
  • Colors Available: Gold and white

Another strong product from a durability perspective is the Prince Synthetic Gut. This string is constructed with duraflex and other softening agents to promote comfort while using your racket and predictable response performance. This product can provide you good playability in which it quickly snaps backs against the ball’s impact.

The thin characteristic of its string will allow you more spin and will let the strings sink more into the ball. If you are an intermediate or advanced skill in tennis, you can consider having this product.

Babolat Synthetic Gut

  • Can be considered as a soft string that you can use based on your preference
  • Prevent tension on your arms after playing
  • Can absorb the impact while playing
  • Provides you excellent durability
  • Can give you a slippery feel against the ball
  • Ideal for beginners use only



  • Sizes Available: 16 gauge
  • Colors Available: natural
  • Length: 660 ft.

The last product on this review is the Babolat Synthetic Gut that you can use if you prefer a string that offers good playability and is also durable at the same time. This product is coated with silicon that will allow your racket’s strings to react by returning to its initial position while playing quickly. It has an enhanced feature of reducing vibration that will help prolong your string’s life for a solid and crisp feeling while you are playing.

Top Pick

If you are looking for a good string to try on for your tennis racket, you can choose the Head Synthetic Gut Tennis Racket String. This product is affordable and will surely pass your budget without compromising its quality. It can provide you good elasticity during the game, and it provides you different string colors so you can give your racket a fun design. Another option that you can have is the Prince Synthetic Gut Tennis String.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Synthetic Gut String – Buyer’s Guide

Here are some important factors to consider that will help you purchase the best synthetic gut string product that will allow you to have the best performance inside the court.


The strings of your tennis racket must have good playability, meaning it must quickly snap back in its original state after the ball’s impact. The racket strings playability depends on the construction of the strings and the material it was made from. The thickness of it is also a variable for the string’s good playability. 

Tension Range

Your tennis rackets strings tend to loosen after every match because of the ball’s impact during the game. Most tennis plays set the strings of their racket in a mid-tension range. It is recommended to set the string’s tension in the range of 1 up to 2 lbs, exceeding the mid-tension since it will most likely quickly lose its tension after playing. 

A high tension will result in gaining more control while playing. However, the higher your control means you can have lower power with your movements. Higher tension could also create more impact with your arm, resulting in strain feeling or arm injuries.  On the other hand, lower tension will give you less control, but you will gain more power with your attacks. 


Having excellent durable strings for your racket results in lesser playability. There should be a balance between the two factors to have good performance inside the court. If your racket string has a thicker quality, it will provide you enough resistance during the ball’s impact. However, it would not be as elastic as the thinner type of strings. 

Thinner types of strings will give you more power with your attacks, and there is a high possibility that you can move with greater spin. The downfall of having thinner strings are its durability since it can easily break and will require you to regularly replace its strings that will cost you money and effort. Find a balance between the two factors to have a good performance during the match and durable enough to withstand your moves. 


Most synthetic gut strings are made from the following materials:


If you want to have durable strings that can withstand your powerful smashes, you can opt for polyester material. These strings are exceptionally stiff and will give you good playability during the game.  


Nylon material is the most common string used in a tennis racket to go for a synthetic gut type. Nylon can provide you durability and can manage the tension during the ball’s impact. If you want to achieve control and power, you can go for a nylon string material, and it is also affordable compared to others.  

Types of Tennis Strings

Natural Gut

Natural gut material tends to be more expensive compared to other strings. This string is gentle to use and will lessen the possibility of arm strain or injury during your match. It will also provide you a good amount of power, control, and it could also manage the tension during your attacks.   


Monofilament type of string is more durable than multifilament and synthetic gut, although this string provides lesser power performance. A common monofilament string is the co-polyesters. Polyester strings tend to lose their tension quickly, and it has a low elasticity feature; that is why you need to move in fast swings to maximize your performance. This type of string is ideal for players that have intermediate and advanced tennis skills.   


Multifilament strings are made from several individual strings wrapped together to form a single strand of a string with a polyurethane binding agent. This string can provide you power and comfort at the same time. If you have a tender type of arms and elbow, this string is ideal for you. Multifilament has its similarities with the natural gut. Although these strings are sold at a lower price, they can quickly lose their tension compared with the natural gut. 

Synthetic Gut

The synthetic gut is the most affordable type of string, usually made from nylon with a core made with solid monofilament joined with other layers or filaments. This string can provide you an all-around type of performance, giving you good response, playability, and tension maintenance. 


A hybrid string is using different types of strings in one racket. Usually, polyester strings are mixed with the natural or synthetic gut to make the strings more playable and for a comfortable string bed. Mixing these strings will still allow you to retain the polyester’s spin performance and durability. 


You don’t need to spend a lot of money on replacing the strings of your tennis racket. Many synthetic gut strings are sold at an affordable price, and one of them is the Head Synthetic Gut Tennis Racket String. This product is ideal to use for recreational tennis games or during fun matches with your friends. With this product, you can have an excellent performance during your match so you can enjoy your time being active inside the court.  

Frequently Asked Question – FAQs

What are the materials of a synthetic gut string?

Most synthetic gut strings are made from nylon material, and some are also made from polyester. 

When should you restring your tennis racket if you haven’t broken it?

It is ideal for restringing your tennis racket several times a year. A good rule of thumb is that you restring your racket as frequently as the number of times you play in a week. For example, you tend to play twice a week, you must restring your racket twice a year if you want to maintain its quality in terms of tension, power, control, and comfort.

What is the ideal tension should you string your tennis racket?

It is recommended to string your racket in the middle according to your string’s product manufacturer’s said advice. 


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