Best Tennis Ball Machines Under $1000 (Updated in 2021!)

Best Overall
Tennis Tutor Prolite – Tennis Tutor is The #1 Selling Tennis Machine Brand Worldwide.

Tennis Tutor Prolite - Tennis Tutor is The #1 Selling Tennis Machine Brand Worldwide.

Editor’s Choice
Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine Basic Model (Best Model for Junior Player)

Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine Basic Model (Best Model for Junior Player)

Best Value
Sports Tutor Tennis Twist – Ball Tosser for Kids – Battery Powered

Sports Tutor Tennis Twist - Ball Tosser for Kids - Battery Powered


In this review, we’re going to go over the best tennis ball machines under $1000. With these ball machines, you won’t be breaking the bank for a high-quality, durable ball machine. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a hardened professional, choosing the best tennis ball machine that suits your needs is crucial. However, some people find it challenging to find the right fit for them, given all the options out there. Which is why we’re here, of course.

#1. Tennis Tutor Prolite – Best-Selling Machine Worldwide


Tennis Tutor Prolite - Best-Selling Machine Worldwide

Random oscillatorAdditional payment for the remote control
Three-year warrantyNo ball spin options
Smart battery charger
High-grade construction



  • Ball speed: 10-50 mph
  • Ball spin: none
  • Ball capacity: 125 balls
  • Court time: 2-3 hours
  • Weight: 29 pounds
  • Elevation: 0-50 degrees

Tennis Tutor Prolite is an excellent tennis ball machine for under $1000. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the best-sellers out there in today’s market. This well-designed product can help players in a wide variety of ways and has a long battery life that can keep up with the training for up to three hours.  

One of the best things about Tennis Tutor Prolite is its ball feed rate that can be adjusted from one to ten seconds. Besides that, it can shoot groundstrokes to lobs. Most customers loved Prolite’s random oscillator since it delivers shots randomly across the court. In short, Prolite is a ball machine that can do several things from doing a full-court oscillation or shooting balls at top speed, at varying cadences. 

Upon reviewing Sports Tutor Prolite, we found out that it is one of the market’s best-selling ball machines. It may look a bit bulky, but in reality, it is super portable. This product has a capacity of 125 balls and comes with some exciting features that can help any player’s regular training.

Although there are no touch screen controls, Prolite is beginner-friendly and easy to operate. It is one of the reasons why tons of users love this product.

With its ample storage, players don’t have to refill it every time, making it very convenient to use. Some users also claimed that its functionalities are ideal for both novice and veteran tennis players. It means that children, teenagers, and adults can find a setting at Prolite that is convenient for their skills.

Regarding its power, Prolite comes with a built-in battery that can withstand up to three hours of playing time per full charge. This product comes with a fast and smart battery charger that can fully charge the machine overnight. What makes it more interesting is it automatically shuts off to prevent overcharging. Prolite’s three-year warranty ensures that players can get the best assistance from Sports Tutor whenever they encountered some issues with the product.

Sports Tutor is one of the premier tennis ball machine companies out there today. Several tennis players claimed that they have been using the company’s machines for over a decade and their machines still work without problems. 


#2. Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine Basic Model – Best for Intermediate Players

Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine Basic Model - Best for Intermediate Players

Lightweight and portableRelatively low ball capacity
Easy battery installation
Consistent feed
Fast charging



  • Ball speed: 60 mph
  • Ball spin: top and back
  • Ball capacity: 50 
  • Court time: 2-3 hours
  • Weight: 29.3 pounds
  • Elevation: 0-50 degrees

Spinshot designed the Lite Tennis Ball Machine version for junior and intermediate players. It has easy-to-control knobs, 50-ball capacity, and embedded topspin features, which has become famous among junior players. We highly recommend this sports equipment among people who prefer affordable and portable tennis ball machine. 

According to its manual, it only weighs 29.3 pounds, which is significantly lighter than other machines. On top of that, its extendable handle and square share make the unit easy to store and transfer. To be exact, it only measures 12″x12″x18″. Players can easily store it in their car’s trunk.

Spinshot Lite’s battery sits inside a secure metal cage so users can safely recharge anytime. Its connection lies externally, so users do not have to open the metal cage to swap batteries. Experts suggest having multiple ones to enjoy long hours of continuous training. 

Regarding its AC Main Power Module, this will help you practice all day without worrying about how much battery is left. This feature can draw power from the main AC socket and reserve the power source’s remaining energy.  

Any player will surely look forward to more practice sessions with this machine. With the help of some YouTube instructional videos, you can surely improve your skillset with Spinshot Lite. 

Spinshot Lite is an excellent tool to gain shot-making consistency. At 10 miles per hour, players can enjoy up to 3 hours of constant play from one full battery charge. Its high-quality power storage has satisfied thousands of tennis players worldwide. Due to its slightly small range, you’ve got to be a bit patient in moving it to different places aroun the court to get your preferred shot.

Over the years, Spinshot has provided some of the best tennis ball machines under $1000. They continuously improve their sports equipment to compliment with both beginner and professional players. Spinshot allows players to practice tennis in the comfort of their homes.  

The company’s products are perfect for small outdoor or indoor spaces. On top of that, its auto ball return and compact design work correctly for continuous play. Currently, users can control most Spinshot products using a Remote Watch. It features a one-button design than can start or stop the machine.

#3. Tennis Twist Sports Tutor Tennis Ball Machine –  Best Beginner Tennis Ball Machine

Tennis Twist Sports Tutor Tennis Ball Machine -  Best Beginner Tennis Ball Machine

Long battery lifeNo remote
Durable constructionNo oscillator
Lightweight and portableNo programmable drills



  • Ball speed: 1-20 feet, toss
  • Ball spin: none
  • Ball capacity: 28 balls
  • Court time: 5-10 hours, typical
  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • Elevation: 0-45 degrees

Sports Tutor produced Tennis Twist to serve more amateur tennis players. Its smooth operation and compact size make it perfect for anyone who wants to learn the said sport’s basics. Tennis Twist is simple to use. The players must only turn it on, and it will automatically shoot a ball every five seconds.

What makes this product interesting is that users can adjust the arc between 12 to 20 feet. It is available in battery-operated and AC models to use it in different places, such as their driveways, basements, and backyards. Since it only weighs 11 pounds, anyone can easily transport it to any tennis court or park. If you prioritize portability over ball capacity, this is the tennis ball machine for you. 

Over the years, Sports Tutor has created tons of portable machines that came from high-grade and durable materials. This company has been improving their products since 1988. Therefore, any player can guarantee that this brand is suitable for players with different abilities. For over 30 years, several tennis players worldwide have considered Tennis Twist. It is very portable and easy to use. The settings are adjustable, so beginners can quickly learn and build their strokes.

In terms of dimensions, the Tennis Twist is smaller than other Sports Tutor products. However, its battery life is enough to enjoy several hours of uninterrupted practice sessions. This product will surely fulfill a player’s needs if they do not expect some advanced features. Being a beginner’s machine, Tennis Twist does not offer remote controls, oscillators, and spin options.

Most people don’t know that this machine from Sports Tutor is one of the cheapest yet premium models available today. Its useful functions go well with its price below $1000. After turning on the power button, the user has five seconds to walk to the court’s opposite sides and start practicing. The only downside is it does not have any programmable drills. Players can use this machine to practice repetitive shots in the same direction.

Similar to Tennis Cube which is also featured in this article, Tennis Twist came from the creative company, Sports Tutor. Most people don’t know that this manufacturer has its tennis court in its factory. This way, the Sports Tutor can test the quality of their machines. In addition, given that many of its employees are tennis players, I’m sure they might have some longer lunch breaks over in the factory.

#4. Lobster Sports – Elite Liberty Battery Operated Tennis Ball Machine – Best Overall Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Sports – Elite Liberty Battery Operated Tennis Ball Machine – Best Overall Tennis Ball Machine

Affordable priceLow battery life
Lightweight and durableNo range of oscillation
Easy to transport
Spin-control feature included




  • Ball speed: 10-70 mph
  • Ball spin: top and back
  • Ball capacity: 150
  • Court time: 2-4 hours
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Elevation: 0-50 degrees

Lobster Sports Elite Liberty is ready to take your tennis game to higher levels. It’s two to four hours of court time is ergonomically designed to handle extended practices. If you run out of battery, you can simply plug in the Elite Liberty’s fast charger to enjoy another two to four hours of battery life. Thanks to its lightweight and all-terrain wheels, you’ll be able to quickly push and pull this product over any surface.

For passionate tennis players or students seeking an affordable yet high-quality tennis ball machine, the Lobster Sports Elite Liberty makes an excellent option. This product can hold up to 150 balls and a ball speed of 110 to 70 miles per hour. Besides that, it features spin control where players can adjust it for topspin and backspin at different levels. 

Plus, Elite Liberty supports Apple product integration to conveniently control the product straight from their iOS devices, such as iPhone and even Apple Watch!

By providing outstanding customer satisfaction, Lobster Sports has transformed into one of the most trustworthy and innovative manufacturers in today’s sports industry. Given the stellar reputation of the manufacturer, this tennis ball machine can live up to any player’s durability expectation.



#5. Tennis Cube Sports Tutor Tennis Ball Machine- Best Portable Machine


Tennis Cube Sports Tutor Tennis Ball Machine- Best Portable Machine

Random oscillatorNo remote
Easy-to-use knob controlsNo oscillator
Adjustable feed rateNo customizable drills
Three-year warranty
Rechargeable battery




  • Ball speed: 10-50 mph
  • Ball spin: None
  • Ball capacity: 28 balls
  • Court time: 2-2.5 hours
  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • Elevation: 0-45 degrees

This ball machine is one of the lightest tennis ball machines in the market, which is ideal for both amateur and advanced players. Its price, meanwhile, is reasonable since it offers quite a variety of features. 

Tennis players who always practice alone will surely love this product due to its start-up time delay. This feature gives the user enough time to move from one place to another after turning on the machine. Its 11-pound weight is beyond lighter than its competitors, making it the best portable device that anyone could buy. The shape is very easy-to-fold, which is ideal for convenient transportation and storage.

Based on research, this product does not offer programmability features or custom drills. Therefore, it will run with random horizontal oscillation. Nonetheless, the Tennis Cube’s ball machine still offers excellent value for money. It may not have a large ball capacity, but it feeds balls faster than most tools. Meanwhile, If you prefer to practice at a slow pace, you’ll be able to decrease the feed and depth rate. 

Beginners who need tennis ball machines under $1000 should choose this product. It’s very versatile and its battery can last for two to two and a half hours of continuous practice. While it cannot produce any drill, this ball machine does have an impressive oscillation feature that will help you work with several strokes. With this affordable equipment, any player can enhance his skill level and hit plenty of balls as he improves.

For intermediate players who only wish to practice more but do not necessarily need an advanced drill experience, this ball machine is also an excellent choice. With its compact size, multiple speed, and good battery life, an intermediate player can still work on different shots.



#6. Match Mate Rookie by Match Mate Tennis Ball Machine – Best for Students


Lobster Sports – Elite Liberty Battery Operated Tennis Ball Machine – Best Overall Tennis Ball Machine

High-grade componentsNot for intermediate or advanced players
Built-in transport handleNo advanced features
User-friendly controls
Players wear out faster than the machine's battery
Safe for small children




  • Ball speed: 15-30 mph
  • Ball spin: top only
  • Ball capacity: 70 
  • Court time: 5-7 hours
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Elevation: manual with inserting elevation spacers

Currently, Match Mate Rookie is the best tennis ball machine for amateurs who care more about battery life than high-speed drills. It has a 70-ball capacity that can feed around 15 to 30 miles per hour. Users can easily program the drill regardless if they want fast or slow-paced volleys.

The best part of this Rookie Machine, though, is the rechargeable battery. This unit features robust power storage that can withstand five to seven hours of continuous playtime, which is by far the best power storage of any of the products in this review. With urethane pitching wheels and aluminum shells, Match Mate’s Rookie Machine is ready for several years. All external and internal components came from high-grade and durable steel to ensure its maximum strength at any surface.

Several athletes said that using this machine is like having a coach beside you, but better. Everyone knows that no professional coach can feed 30 MPH topspin with accuracy.

Therefore, instead of paying for expensive private training, students and other amateur players should consider Match Mate Rookie. The feed frequency, elevation, and oscillation of this product are beyond impressive. It means that players can work on their deep groundstrokes on court’s both sides.

Match Mate’s Rookie Machine comes is covered by a one-year replacement warranty. It includes the shipping costs to provide a convenient and hassle-free return process for the customers. To get the maximum power out of the battery, Match Mate suggests users charge their machines frequently, specifically after every use. The company also reminded its customers to avoid leaving the tennis ball machine’s battery in a discharged state since it can decrease the power storage.

The Rookie Machine will surely fulfill any beginner’s tennis needs. This unit can help passionate students to practice a wide variety of strokes. Regarding its price, it is about equal to four individual private training with a professional coach.

Passionate students who wish to enhance their tennis skills should consider this fantastic product. This manufacturer has been providing the most effective and fastest ways to boost a rookie’s tennis performance. According to the company, their mission is to help students play and practice whenever and wherever they want, without a hitting partner or coach.


#7. SAM iSAM Value Tennis Ball Machine – Best for Your Budget

SAM iSAM Value Tennis Ball Machine - Best for Your Budget

Large storageNo remote control
Durable materialsNo wheels
Easy-to-use features
Long-lasting battery life
Random oscillation



  • Ball speed: 10-70 mph
  • Ball spin: top and back
  • Ball capacity: 300 balls
  • Court time: 2-3 hours
  • Weight: 46.6 pounds
  • Elevation: 0 to 45 degrees

Players who have tight budgets should consider the iSAM Value Tennis Ball Machine. This sports equipment comes with the best oscillation modes with adjustable speed, spin, height, and feed rate. It offers an affordable price without compromising quality and is super easy to use. Based on research, iSAM Value is best for beginners and professionals. It is the best model to practice some necessary shots repeatedly.

With this tennis ball machine, players can program everything before the practice session starts. It is battery-operated, making the product very convenient to use iSAM Value to be ideal for advanced players or professionals who want the best solution for their practice sessions. 

According to its manual, its shot selection is available from groundstrokes to high lobs. Its multi-function speed control produces up to 70 mph constant ball speed with adjustable top and backspin. With this helpful feature, the machine can increase the pace of delivery drill returns.

Players do not have to worry about sockets since its long-lasting battery life can withstand two to three hours of uninterrupted practice. They will inevitably focus on the core elements of their games with iSAM Value. 

The user simply has to charge the battery after each use, and it is ready to go. The power cage’s smart design makes it extremely easy to install, remove, or upgrade the battery.

Over the years, iSAM has become one of the most reputable companies that provide top-performing machines at reasonable prices. This brand offers the perfect tennis ball machine that suits everyone’s needs from its plug-and-play to battery-enabled equipment. All iSAM units are battery and AC power operated. Some of them also come with fast chargers.

This manufacturer is a worldwide business that brings high-quality tennis ball machines to a growing number of people. The company’s goal is to develop the best tool to help players boost their abilities and improve their game without expensive coaches or training partners.   


Top Pick: Tennis Tutor Prolite

Tennis Tutor Prolite - Best-Selling Machine Worldwide

Tennis Tutor Prolite is the best tennis ball machine under $1000. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the best-sellers out there in today’s market. This well-designed product can help players in a wide variety of ways and has a long battery life that can keep up with the training for up to three hours.  

Sports Tutor, the manufacturer behind this ball machine, is one of the premier tennis ball machine companies out there today. Several tennis players claimed that they have been using the company’s machines for over a decade and their machines still work without problems. 

Features to Look for When Purchasing a Tennis Ball Machine

Coaches of any sport always say that a player can only excel if one has quick reflex and endurance skills. Tennis is no different. Nowadays, most athletes use a ball machine to practice their shots and strokes without a shooting partner. This sports equipment delivers tennis balls consistently and precisely.

Besides that, some are programmable to deliver customized or randomized patterns, speeds, and spins. Every tennis player should have a valuable tool like this since it serves as a reliable training aid with unlimited endurance and stamina.

Once the product has a full-charge battery, it is ready to play for several hours. According to several buyers, this product has helped them improve their core competency and muscle memory. It is also a constructive way to develop new techniques without paying for expensive tennis coaches.

Here are some of the necessary factors that players must consider before buying a tennis ball machine.


Usually, tennis ball machines support two power options: battery power and AC power. Most athletes prefer to use these products through the batteries since it is very convenient and portable. However, players who have extended hours of practice and hate recharging, the AC option is a better option.


Real-play shooting primarily relies on oscillation features. The most common type is horizontal oscillation, which randomly delivers the balls from side to side. However, some units also feature vertical oscillation where players can practice closer to the baseline or net. Usually, the best tennis ball machines under $1000 will support random oscillation patterns, but the higher-end models offer more customizable oscillation settings.


Most portable tennis ball machines can store between 60 to 200 balls. Regardless if you’re just an amateur or if you’re a professional player, it is crucial to know the machine’s capacity. That dictates how often you’ll have to stop practicing in order to pick up balls. Also, don’t forget that the storage needs some regular cleaning to maintain its best performance.

Feed rate

Feed rate affects the player’s performance during the practice. Users who want to improve their skills should go for machines at a quicker speed. Higher feed rates are beneficial if you want a bit of a cardio challenge during practice. It is an excellent way to mimic game-like scenarios, too.


The elevation shows how high or low the balls can be shoot. Manufacturers usually represent it through degree measurement.


When choosing the best tennis ball machine, it is crucial to select products from well-known and reputable manufacturers. Regardless of your skill level, a tennis ball machine is one of the best partners during the practice arsenal. For players looking for some of the best tennis ball machines below $1000, the products above are the best options. However, it is essential to assess and identify the features before settling with a particular product. All brands listed above are designed for different levels of skills. 

Furthermore, most tennis ball machines listed above come with one to three years of warranty. This way, you can rest assured that the manufacturer has got you covered for a long time. 

If you’re serious about improving your tennis skills without blowing the bank on private lessons, purchasing a ball machine is a no brainer. With these portable tennis ball machines, you can play whenever you want. No need to schedule a private lesson or coordinate with a friend. If you’re looking for other, automated ways to improve your game without the price tag of a private lesson, check out our article on the best tennis GoPros in the market today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are tennis ball machines worth it?

Answer: Tennis ball machines are worth it. If you seek ways to practice and develop repetitive shots and improve your consistency, the best solution is to buy yourself a high-quality ball machine. This product is designed to feed you specific shots without paying for expensive private training. If you want to practice during the evening, you know you can conveniently do it with this product’s help. Players with no hitting partners at home love using ball machines to practice whenever they want.  

Question: What is the best manufacturer of ball machines?

Answer: Tons of reputable and high-grade sports equipment manufacturers are available in the market. However, the most prominent ones are Sports Tutor, Lobster, and Spinshot. These companies may have some differences, but their products are world-class. Spinshot and Sports Tutor are two of the most recommended brands. If you need a machine with the best battery, go for Spinshot. But if you preferred an AC-powered one, go for Sports Tutor.

Question: What is random oscillation?

Answer: Random oscillation is where the machine shoots the balls randomly around the court. Instead of having a particular shot, this feature helps players improve their footwork, fitness, and practice shots in a realistic game environment. Most machines below $1000 have a random oscillation system. Some users don’t know that there are different oscillation patterns – the Single Oscillation, Triple Oscillation, and Vertical Oscillation With Two Line Drill.

Question: Can I use any tennis ball in a ball machine?

Answer: No, you should not put any oversized tennis balls on your machine. Make sure to use the specific size to avoid causing your equipment to jam. Also, experts recommend replacing your tennis balls regularly, especially when they have lost too much felt. If you wish to enjoy the most out of your ball machine, use pressure-less balls instead. This type is designed to work smoothly with any ball machine without using pressurized air. It means that they will have the same shape and bounce for a long time, saving more money.  

Question: What kind of batteries do ball machines have?

Answer: The batteries of tennis ball machines are different than a motorcycle or car cell. This sports equipment uses power storages called sealed lead-acid batteries that rate its reserve charge through Amp/hour. Unlike other battery types, a ball machine’s battery does not need to be wholly discharged before users can recharge it. Lead-acid cells don’t have memories and can regenerate energy anytime.

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