Top 7 Best Tennis Balls for Clay Courts | 2022 Reviews

Best Overall
DUNLOP ATP Super Premium Regular Duty Tennis Balls

DUNLOP ATP Super Premium Regular Duty Tennis Balls

Editor’s Choice
Penn Tour Regular-Duty Felt Clay Court Tennis Ball Cans in Multi-Packs

Penn Tour Regular-Duty Felt Clay Court Tennis Ball Cans in Multi-Packs

Best Value
Penn Championship Tennis Balls – Regular Duty Felt Pressurized Tennis Balls

Penn Championship Tennis Balls - Regular Duty Felt Pressurized Tennis Balls


Having the complete and proper equipment can improve your gameplay in any sport. For tennis, you will need the right tennis ball for clay courts, if that is the kind of court you plan on playing on frequently.

Read on to learn more about the best tennis balls for clay courts on the market.

Top 7 Best Tennis Balls for Clay Courts Reviewed

  1. Penn Tour Regular-Duty Felt Clay Court Tennis Ball Cans in Multi-Packs (2-24 Cans Available)
  2. Penn Championship Tennis Balls - Regular Duty Felt Pressurized Tennis Balls
  3. Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty Tennis Balls (1-Case)
  4. DUNLOP Australian Open Tennis Balls (Can)
  5. Wilson WRT1073CS US Open Regular Duty Ball Case
  6. Babolat Gold Championship (All Court) Tennis Balls (Case)

DUNLOP ATP Super Premium Regular Duty Tennis Balls – Best for Clay and Indoor Courts – 3 Ball Can in Multi-Packs (2-24 Cans Available)

  • Carries the ATP label; used a league-level gameplay
  • Takes spin very well
  • Good ball control
  • Relatively slower and softer than other balls
  • Wears quicker



  • Up to 24 cans available; 3 balls per can
  • ITF approved

The official ball of the ATP World Tour, Dunlop’s Super Premium Regular Duty Tennis Balls is targeted more at club players and recreational players.

The mid-range tennis ball features the brand’s HD Pro Core which is covered with Fluoro Cloth construction, thus making it ideal for clay and indoor courts.

Quality is not sacrificed as the tennis balls are ITF approved. This certification should assure  you that these tennis balls will provide consistent performance and durable properties.

Penn Tour Regular-Duty Felt Clay Court Tennis Ball Cans in Multi-Packs (2-24 Cans Available)

  • More lightweight than standard tennis balls
  • Added visibility on the felt
  • Good bounce
  • Slightly bigger than standard tennis balls



  • Up to 18 cans available; 3 balls per can
  • ITF and USTA approved

In four out of five of the biggest tournaments in North America, the Penn Tour Regular Duty Tennis Balls are used. ITF and USTA approved, this high-quality ball can be used for both aggressive, league-level play or just casual recreational gameplay.

The premium quality balls use Penn’s tournament-grade LongPlay felt for extra durability, plus the Smart Optik high visibility felt treatment bumps up the ball’s visibility to 19% better than other tennis balls.

Its core is made of technical-grade rubber that gives a good bounce rate. Combined with all its durable materials and technologies, the Penn Tour tennis balls maintain their quality for weeks.

Some may find the Penn Tour balls to be bigger than standard clay court tennis balls and lighter in comparison.

Penn Championship Tennis Balls – Regular Duty Felt Pressurized Tennis Balls

  • ITF and USTA approved; league-quality
  • Good bounce and feel
  • Long-lasting
  • High price point



  • 4 cans; 3 balls per can
  • ITF and USTA approved

Penn has been known in the sports industry for more than 100 years. With its long-standing expertise in the market, beginners and pro players alike trust the brand’s products and equipment for any of their sporting needs.

With the Championship Regular Duty Felt, the tennis balls are perfect for clay and indoor courts. Its construction includes a natural rubber composition for reduced shock and a consistent feel. 

ITF and USTA approved, this set of tennis balls can be used in competitive gameplay, assuring you of its high-quality performance on any clay court.

Many users are impressed with the product. The ball offers a good bounce on the court and lasts a good number of matches, allowing you to practice your gameplay thoroughly.

Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty Tennis Balls (1-Case)

  • Consistent bounce and feel
  • Affordable price
  • Added visibility
  • Trusted brand
  • Becomes heavy in humid conditions
  • Felt fluffs after extended play



  • Available from 1 can to 1 case (24 cans per case)

As the third Penn product in the list, it’s clear that this brand’s high-quality tennis balls appeal to all sorts of tennis players, ranging from casual to professional players.

Known as the number one choice of the USPTA Teaching Pros, the Pro Penn Marathon guarantees longevity, durability, and visibility on their tennis balls. It is also the brand’s longest lasting tennis ball with its Encore Technology, providing a 22% longer lasting core, coupled with its LongPlay felt exterior for superior play.

Its regular duty version is perfect for clay courts and provides added visibility with the brand’s Optik Felt technology. The long-lasting felt technology also claims to be as bright as it was fresh out of the box after being played for an hour or two. This helps prevent recreational players from constantly cleaning and buying new tennis balls every game.

Growing in popularity in the tennis scene, it is one of the most available and affordable tennis balls in the market.

DUNLOP Australian Open Tennis Balls (Can)

  • Consistent performance on the court; long-lasting
  • Official ball of the Australian Open
  • High durability
  • High price point



  • One can available per purchase
  • ITF and USTA approved

As the Australian Open’s official ball, these Dunlop tennis balls are more heavy-duty than your average tennis ball.

Made for the serious players and tennis pros in mind, getting ahold of this product will assure you the highest quality possible. This ball guarantees to last longer, be more durable, and you can get more out of it than any other regular tennis ball in the market.

Made with an HD core and an upgraded HD Pro Cloth felt, it is developed to withstand all demands of competitive playing. For recreational players, the ball can last even longer.

Bounce is mostly consistent, along with its durability. With all these features and being the Australian Open’s official ball, however, this ball may be on the higher side of the price range.

Also, tennis enthusiasts may get a kick out of the product as each ball is printed with the Australian Open logo.

Wilson WRT1073CS US Open Regular Duty Ball Case

  • Maximum performance out of the can
  • Official ball of the US Open
  • Affordable price
  • Trusted brand
  • Lessened visibility after extended use
  • Easily loses bounce and speed



  • Up to 24 cans available
  • ITF and USTA approved

Wilson has been serving the sports market since 1989, with its variety of products for every sport and has become one of the most trusted brands globally.

The US Open’s official ball, the regular duty ball, offers optimal performance, consistency, and durability perfect for an aggressive championship-level play or even for just a casual, fun game with your friends and family.

While the US Open is played on hard courts, they still offer regular duty tennis balls optimal for clay and indoor courts. The Wilson tennis balls feature a Tex tech felt, adding more durability and flexibility on the ball’s exterior. Some may argue that the felt technology works better on a hard court, but it claims to be tailored for clay courts.

The name around the ball may sound prestigious to many, but some users find it frustrating as it tends to lose bounce quickly on clay courts. As dirt, moisture, and other elements build up around the ball, it reduces its speed. Speaking of dirt, visibility is also a concern for this product as it turns darker faster than other tennis balls in the market.

Many prefer the balls to be used on hard courts more, but some still enjoy using it on clay courts.

Babolat Gold Championship (All Court) Tennis Balls (Case)

  • Bright felt, giving increased visibility
  • High quality; very durable
  • Affordable
  • Heavier weight



  • 12 packs available
  • ITF approved

Out of all the tennis balls on the list, the Babolat Championship tennis balls are the simplest, straight-forward tennis balls you will find. Perfect for those who want a starter ball to play with without the complicated and fancy names labeled onto it.

ITF-approved, Babolat’s tennis ball is reliable for its durability and visibility. It features a bright yellow felt that gives better visibility and does not fade easily. While it is proven to be very durable, they are heavier compared to other brands.

These balls are more affordable than most brands, making them more suitable for training purposes if you plan on playing serious tennis matches. For recreational players, these can be your go-to affordable, durable tennis ball to use on clay and indoor courts.

While it may be affordable, they are surprisingly long-lasting and have a high-quality feel. Even if it might be on the heavier side, it is one of the most durable tennis balls on the market.


Dunlop ATP Super Premium Regular Duty Tennis Balls

With an impressive label as the official ball for the ATP World Tour, the Dunlop ATP Super Premium Regular Duty Tennis Balls are the top pick for clay courts’ best tennis ball.

While it bears a pro-level status, the regular duty balls are specifically made for casual recreational players and beginners. The balls also feature the highest quality of materials and construction, providing users great quality gameplay at an affordable price.

The Penn Tour Regular Duty Tennis Balls came close and is crowned the Editor’s Choice. It has the same high-quality performance and construction as the Dunlop ATP Super Premium, but what made it to Editor’s Choice is its impressive Smart Optik technology that gives the tennis balls more visibility on the court.

Paired with its LongPlay technology felt, its lightweight nature and added visibility makes it a good choice aside from the Dunlop ATP Super Premium Tennis Balls.


Some may think that all tennis balls are the same. They are yellow, small, and made for tennis. How different can they all be from each other?

Turns out, there are stark differences in tennis balls that are specifically made for a certain court. Knowing these differences can help you perform much better on the tennis court and improve your gameplay.

The main thing to look for is the exterior, or the ball’s felt.

Clay Court Tennis Balls

The softer tennis court, clay courts are usually made from crushed brick, shale, and natural clay from the ground. This makes the court softer and easier to slide on. 

Due to its soft nature, it generally absorbs the impact of the ball more. This results in balls traveling more slowly on clay courts.  A “regular-duty” tennis ball is mainly used for clay courts (and indoor courts).

Regular-duty tennis balls are usually made with thinner, less-fuzzy felt exterior, and these balls usually have higher wool content with a tighter weave. This prevents the ball from picking up much of the clay or other elements in the court. 

Since it has less fuzz, elements do not stick as much, so the ball does not become much heavier during a match.

Tennis balls designed for clay courts usually print the logos on the ball in red ink, like the look of a classic red clay court.

Hard Court Tennis Balls

“Extra-duty” tennis balls are more recommended for hard courts. The felt usually has high nylon content combined with wool, and it has more fuzz.

Hard courts tend to be unforgiving due to their rigid nature. The extra-duty tennis balls’ thicker covering and extra fuzz make it last longer on this type of court. Plus, the fuzz adds on the extra spin when you hit the ball.

The thick extra-duty tennis balls tend to resist the impact it creates with hard courts. While the clay court balls have their logos printed in red, hard court tennis balls are usually printed in black.

There are instances where people use tennis balls interchangeably between courts. But to garner maximum performance and extend the life of your tennis balls, it is best to carefully choose balls that are meant to be played in the courts they are made for.


Tennis balls look relatively the same once out of the can. It may seem that you can buy any tennis ball on the shelf, but a closer look and more knowledge of the sport can greatly affect the way you play.

On clay courts, Dunlop’s ATP Super Premium performs the best. Thanks to this product, you can choose the tennis balls that will give you your best gameplay without worrying too much about your budget.

Frequently Asked Question – FAQs

What size is a standard tennis ball?

As defined by the International Tennis Federation, the official diameter of a tennis ball is at least 2.575 inches and 2.700 inches at most.

How do I know if my tennis ball is flat?

Three main things to check if your ball is “dead;” squeeze, bounce, and the sound. If the ball is easily squeezed, does not bounce as high, and makes a deflated “thud” sound, then your ball needs replacing.

Squeezing and bouncing are the easiest ones to check if your ball needs replacing or not. Sometimes it is hard to determine if the ball sounds deflated or not. Dead tennis balls are usually smooth at the surface, most of the fuzziness gone.

How long do tennis balls usually last?

It depends on how you play. If you play more competitively—as in training for professional tennis matches—your tennis balls will not last very long, most especially for pressurized tennis balls. On average, a standard tennis ball will last 1-3 hours of constant hitting.

If you enjoy a more casual, recreational game, your tennis balls will generally last longer. A pressurized tennis ball can last up to 1-4 weeks of moderate gameplay. Pressureless balls last for 1-3 years since they are stiffer and have a rubber core than a hollow pressurized ball.

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