Best Tennis Overgrip | 2022 Reviews

Getting the best tennis overgrip is something you need in order to maximize your success on the court. This accessory can help you develop and progress your game. Here are the top six tennis overgrips in today’s market.

  1. Gamma Supreme Overgrip
  2. Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip 
  3. HEAD SuperComp Overgrip
  4. Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet Overgrip
  5. ADV Tennis Dry Overgrip
  6. YONEX Super GRAP Tennis Overgrip

#1. Gamma Supreme Overgrip – Best Overall

Gamma Supreme Overgrip - Best Overall

Excellent durability, security, and performance
It flakes after many uses.
Suitable for cooler and warmer temperatures
Impressive moist absorption
Less expensive than other overgrips
Enough tackiness



  • Construction: High-Traction Polymer Coating, Non-Woven Base
  • Color: White, Blue, Black, Grey, Orange, Pink
  • Designed for: Tennis Racquets, Squash Racquets, Badminton Racquets

Several amateurs, professionals, and university players use the Gamma Supreme Overgrip to increase tackiness, comfort, and durability. Its high-traction polymer coating also offers an exceptional sweat absorption and stretches very well on the racquet’s handle. 

According to its description, the Gamma Supreme Overgrip delivers the best performance in humid and less humid temperatures. Besides that, its durability could take you 15 to 20 hours of use before the product feels dirty and loses its tackiness.

When it comes to stability, the Gamma Supreme Overgrip can keep your racquet steady on your hand throughout the game. Most people don’t know that this product does not lose its tackiness quickly. Plus, it has a cheaper price tag than other competitors, making the overgrip ideal for beginners and other athletes with tight budgets.

Overall, we guarantee that this Gamma Supreme Overgrip will give you the best handle comfort and durability. It quickly absorbs moisture to prevent sweat from affecting your shots. Besides that, its durability is more than enough for cooler and warmer temperatures.

Over the years, Gamma has become one of the most trusted and recommended brands for tennis. This manufacturer produces premium-quality and reliable products that do the job very well, regardless of the user’s skills. With the Gamma Supreme Overgrip, you will surely feel more comfortable and confident with every shot. This overgrip is easy to put. Therefore, you will not waste several minutes applying them.


#2. Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip – Most Versatile

Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip

Great for sweaty hands
Can wear off after 15 to 20 uses
Won’t affect your control and power
Easy to apply
Comfortable to use
Long-lasting and reliable



  • Construction: Dry Feel Technology, Moisture-Wicking
  • Color: Blue
  • Designed for: Tennis Racquets, Baseball Bats, Pickleball Paddles, Squash Racquet, Ping Pong Paddles

Tourna makes the most versatile tennis overgrip. Although it is not the most popular brand, this company came up with a completely comfortable all-rounder overgrip. With the Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip, your racquets will stay more secure on your hands since it provides a unique Dry Feel Technology that quickly absorbs moisture. Besides that, it delivers a tacky and comfortable feel for many hours. 

According to its product description, the Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip is suitable for different sports, including tennis, baseball, ping pong, and squash. Therefore, almost any athlete will surely enjoy this product. Nevertheless, Tourna claimed that most people who use this product are professionals. Thanks to its moisture-wicking technology, the Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip provides a better grip and tackier, which is very impressive among the pros.

Undoubtedly, the Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip assures that you can maintain a firm hold on your racquet even in the most aggressive shots. You don’t have to worry about slipping that might give a negative impact on your gameplay. Overall, you will surely be amazed by Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip’s versatility, reliability, and comfort.


#3. HEAD SuperComp Overgrip

HEAD SuperComp Overgrip

Super absorbent
Not the most durable
Excellent traction and tackiness
Soft and comfortable
Keep hands dry enough



  • Construction: Elastomer Material, Synthetic
  • Color: Blue
  • Designed for: Tennis and Badminton Racquets

Head did a really great job when they developed the HEAD SuperComp Overgrip. This product is spongy yet provides excellent traction on the racquet’s handle. According to its description, this premium overgrip comes with synthetic elastomer material that provides a tacky surface and ensures that the user’s hand will remain steady on the racquet.

We considered the HEAD SuperComp Overgrip as the product with the best traction since it is very well-designed and tacky. If you don’t like large and bulky cushioned grip, this product can surely be an excellent option. According to the manufacturer, they designed this product with components that add moisture-wicking abilities. This way, users will not come short while using this HEAD SuperComp Overgrip.

Furthermore, we were also surprised by how long the overgrip’s traction remained without needing a replacement. On average, the HEAD SuperComp Overgrip can maintain its quality for 12 to 17 uses. Thus, you can assure that this overgrip can be your companion for several weeks. Another characteristic that we loved is its elastomer material that offers a better feel than other overgrips. With this product, you can expect more comfortable and confident shots.


#4. Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet Overgrip

Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet Overgrip

Excellent tack and breathability
Increased grip size
Best comfort and feel
Outstanding moisture absorption
Suitable for professionals
Available in multiple colors



  • Construction: Super Thin, High-Stretch Felt, Microfiber Substrate Polyurethane Material, 
  • Color: White, Brown Camo, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Silver
  • Designed for: Tennis

The Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet Overgrip can give you the best feel suitable for aggressive tennis players. Thanks to its microfiber substrate polyurethane material, the grip can quickly absorb shock from the impact and lessen vibration.

Besides that, the Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet Overgrip comes with a light beveling so users can grab their racquets more securely. Although it is not suitable for other sports, several top players use it for tennis matches.

Undoubtedly, this Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet Overgrip works very well with sweaty and dry hands. The manufacturer designed this accessory with high-quality tape to  maximize tackiness. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any slippage. 

As an overgrip, the Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet Overgrip is affordable and easy to apply. The product’s design will not compromise its moisture-absorbing benefits. Instead, it will keep you more comfortable.


#5. ADV Tennis Dry Overgrip

ADV Tennis Dry Overgrip

Long-lasting and durable construction
Slightly thicker than others
Ultra-absorbent PU material
Suitable for sweaty and non-sweaty hands
Nice tackiness
Less expensive



  • Construction: FeltTac Grip Tape, Unique Feathered PU Material, Soft Cushion, Ultra-Absorbent
  • Color: Black
  • Designed for: Tennis and Badminton Racquets

The ADV Tennis Dry Overgrip looks fun and durable at the same time. It is refreshing to see an overgrip that features excellent cushioning and vibration dampening.

According to its description, the ADV Tennis Dry Overgrip came from a unique feathered PU material with soft cushioning. This way, the product can provide a more relaxed and comfortable grip, allowing users to confidently swing and stroke. Plus, you don’t have to worry about blisters. Thanks to its reinforced soft PU compounds, this product delivers a long-lasting grip that can still perform very well after 18 to 20 uses.

This ADV Tennis Dry Overgrip. Most daily players can go for two weeks, and the quality remains the same. Therefore, if you are a competitive athlete who plays extensively, don’t hesitate to purchase this product. This overgrip has everything you would need from a high-end grip.

As for cushioning, the ADV Tennis Dry Overgrip offers plenty of it. It has a moderate level of tackiness, making it suitable for players who do not need too much tack. However, its quality does not get slippery even if you have sweaty hands. If you play every day, you should not overlook this product.


#6. YONEX Super GRAP Tennis Overgrip

YONEX Super GRAP Tennis Overgrip

Excellent shock absorption
Not the best tackiness
Reliable and comfortable to use
Great for advanced players
Blister-preventing materials



  • Construction: Tacky Grip, Sweat Absorbent, Shock Absorption
  • Color: Black
  • Designed for: Tennis

Next on the list is the YONEX Super GRAP Tennis Overgrip, one of the most recommended products with the best shock absorption. Yonex made this version with a unique cushioning to lessen the painful vibrations due to aggressive shots. It is also budget-friendly, making it suitable for tennis players who do not prefer high-end overgrips. 

Regarding the performance, this YONEX Super GRAP Tennis Overgrip is good. It is absorbent, soft, and tacky enough to keep your hand comfortable and relaxed. The only trade-off is that it tends to flake off after 12 to 15 uses. Nevertheless, with this product, you will experience the best moisture and shock absorption. Its superior quality is more than enough to keep your hand steady for aggressive shotmaking.

Furthermore, this YONEX Super GRAP Tennis Overgrip comes with a moderate tack. Aside from having an excellent shock absorption, this overgrip can remain adherent to the racquet’s handle regardless of the weather condition. It seems to respond very well to the sweatier you get.


Top Pick: Gamma Supreme Overgrip

Gamma Supreme Overgrip



This particular product was designed to give athletes unrivaled performance, durability, and absorbency, ensuring that your racquet will remain secure and stable throughout your performance. Certainly, this overgrip exceeded our expectations. We were impressed by its quality, letting us feel the best grip and comfort possible.

Besides that, Gamma designed this tennis overgrip with professionals in mind. They guarantee that its premium materials can provide enough support to give an exceptional feel even in longer hours of play. Another benefit is the extra tack that provides more traction as you sweat. Thus, if you worry about your sweaty palms, this overgrip is the best product that you should consider.

Whenever you are looking for the best tennis grip, you will certainly come across the Gamma Supreme Overgrip. Its world-class performance and quality can give everything you need from an overgrip. Aside from its exceptional absorbency, it is suitable for all racquet sizes.

Features to Look for When Buying a Tennis Overgrip

Sweat Absorption

If you want the best tennis overgrip, make sure that it can absorb your sweat and keep your palm comfortable. For years, several manufacturers have designed tons of grips that come with moisture-wicking fabrics. 


If you want your overgrip to last for many uses, do not forget to check its construction and durability. Most aggressive players choose tennis grips with a high-traction polymer coating. This way, they can guarantee that the product will last for more than 15 uses.


If you prefer a tennis overgrip that sticks well, go for products with high tackiness. All products that we included on the list can give you enough traction without making you feel too sticky.


Whether you suffer from blisters, too much sweat, or are not a big fan of your racquet’s handle, you should consider some of our best-quality tennis overgrips above. We have meticulously researched and inspected each product to assure the performance and comfort that it can deliver. 

Whether you are looking for a grip that is soft or something that is not too thick, our list has got you covered. With trusted manufacturers like Wilson and Gamma, we can assure that all tennis players will have the best tennis overgrip that suits their needs.

As simple as it sounds, the best way to keep your racquet stable throughout the game is to deal with your sweaty or sensitive hands. Without a premium and reliable tennis overgrip, you might lose traction and not deliver an aggressive shot. For those situations, using an overgrip is the only solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use a tennis overgrip as a replacement?

A: Yes, many players use an overgrip as a replacement. These products have similarities to the original ones, and they can absorb sweat and oil from our hands better. Besides that, some of them have soft cushioning that will keep your palms comfortable and relaxed. 

Q: How much will an overgrip add to my grip size?

A: Usually, a typical tennis overgrip can increase your grip size by 1/16 inch. However, it mainly depends on your overgrip’s thickness.


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