Top 7 Best Tennis Socks | 2022 Reviews

Best Overall
Prince Men’s Athletic Quarter Socks (6 Pair Pack)

Prince Men's Athletic Quarter Socks (6 Pair Pack)

Editor’s Choice
Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks Multipack

Dickies Men's Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks Multipack

Best Value
Under Armour Essential No Show Socks

Under Armour Essential No Show Socks


To be the best, you need to be armed with the best from head to toe. In tennis, even the socks you wear must be chosen with care. The last thing you want is uncomfortable socks distracting you from competing at the highest level. 

To help you in your buying decision, we chose seven (7) of the best tennis socks for your consideration. Choosing one of these tennis socks will surely provide you the necessary comfort to dominate the court. 

Top 7 Best Tennis Socks Reviewed

  1. Prince Men’s Athletic Quarter Socks
  2. Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks Multipack
  3. Under Armour Essential No Show Socks
  4. Adidas Men’s Athletic Cushioned Crew Socks
  5. U&I Men’s Performance Cushion Cotton Low Cut Ankle Athletic Socks
  6. CelerSport Cushion No Show Tab Athletic Running Socks
  7. Thorlos TX Max Cushion Tennis Crew Socks

#1. Prince Men’s Athletic Quarter Socks

Prince Men’s Athletic Quarter Socks (6 Pair Pack)

  • The right height
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect for tennis and running
  • Durable
  • The heel color
  • Quicker wear
  • Sweat accumulates easier



  • Color: white 
  • Made of acrylic, nylon, and spandex
  • Fits shoe sizes 6-12 (US) 
  • Spandex for superior fit and shape retention 
  • Premium Comfort Fit 
  • Moisture-wicking capabilities
  • Smooth toe seam 

Many people find this pair of socks almost too advanced for its time. Its popularity stems from its complete comfortability on and off the court. 

This pair of socks is primarily composed of acrylic, nylon, and spandex. These three components were designed to provide you maximum comfort in all aspects. Its profile seam removes the irritation from the humidity during your competition. 

These carefully designed fibers will allow you to experience extreme comfort throughout your game. Its moisture-wicking capabilities remove the possible irritation from the accumulated sweat in your feet. This pair of socks also has also been designed to absorb shock from jumping during your game. You will also experience added protection across your toes while you maneuver around the court. 

Conversely, one of the complaints we saw was the unattractive heel color. However, since this factor is hidden inside your shoe, it shouldn’t give you that much of a problem. The remaining complaints only stem from purchasing products from uncredited sources. 

Overall, this company designed the product to remove any potential problems you might experience with your feet. This pair of socks will embrace your feet to provide you maximum comfort throughout the game. 

#2. Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks Multipack

  • Well made
  • Good value
  • Good moisture control and wicking
  • Does not fade
  • Does not lose elasticity over time
  • Might not be consistent in sizes
  • Continues shedding
  • Leaves bits of fluff



  • Shoe sizes: 5-9, 6-12, 12-15, 15-17
  • Color: Black, white, gray, brown 
  • Soft and breathable 
  • Moisture control fibers 
  • Arch compression support and stability 
  • Enhanced airflow 
  • Durable 

This pair of socks is another excellent option to consider when finding your next pair. Its beautiful black, elegant design allows you to walk across the court in style with confidence. Its components and features are too good to resist. You will surely gain good value for the investment you place on this pair of socks. 

This pair of socks is mostly praised for its consistent durability and comfort. The socks are cleverly designed to be extremely breathable, especially in very humid atmospheres. Its arch compression provides you comfort while jumping, pivoting, and maneuvering through the court. 

Its breathable and comfortable characteristics also absorb sweat you let out during the game. These socks do not fade and lose elasticity over time. These features make these socks also accessible to players who hate wearing socks in general. 

It was extremely difficult to find a negative review of these socks. We recommend buying this product in accredited online or physical stores to ensure its authenticity and originality. These stores will preserve the quality of the socks you plan to purchase. 

On the other hand, customers usually complain about the significant amount of fluff it lets out after use. Many customers complain about this fluff persisting even after many months of usage and cleaning. This amount of fluff probably stems from the accumulated sweat and movement throughout your competition. Nevertheless, this factor should not hinder it from providing you comfort and stability it promises. 

Overall, this is an amazing pair of socks that will surely provide you comfort throughout your match. You will not experience the discomfort and irritation you experience from lower-quality products. For the price it offers, you will receive a pair of socks that will last you a lifetime. 

#3. Under Armour Essential No Show Socks

  • Very comfortable
  • Great for running and other sports
  • Good fit for larger feet size
  • Too thin for some customers
  • Little padding
  • Smell might accumulate over time



  • Shoe size: 6-9 
  • Colors: Varied 
  • Updated welt design for a more flattering fit 
  • Sweat-wicking material 
  • Anti-odor technology 
  • Flat-knit construction 
  • Embedded arch support 

This pair of socks is offered to women tennis players looking for a pair of socks comfortable and durable enough to last them a lifetime. Under Armour is already one of the most popular sports brands in the industry. Purchasing a product from them will surely provide you the high-quality performance you will not see from others. 

Every person looks for comfort when wearing something; this product hears your demands. The best feature to look out for is its sweat-wicking material. The product effectively provides you comfort, especially in humid atmospheres. Its anti-odor technology removes the annoying smell after your game. 

This pair of socks also come in different sizes and colors to ensure it completely matches your overall outfit. Its updated welt design provides you with a more flattering fit. This sock provides you with the confidence to walk across the court with style. 

Overall, this pair of socks is most suitable for tennis players who love to maneuver around the court excessively. That’s because with this pair of socks, you will receive the necessary comfort to focus solely on your game. 

#4. Adidas Men’s Athletic Cushioned Crew Socks

  • Good quality
  • Better than other products
  • Durable
  • Significantly thinner
  • Foot section is too long



  • Size: 6-12
  • Color: Black, grey, and white 
  • 97% Polyester, 3% spandex 
  • Cushion in the foot for comfort and durability 
  • Arch compression 

Adidas continues to satisfy its customer through the years of expertise under its belt. If you purchase these socks, you will be purchasing a product that has been engineered to provide you maximum comfort and durability over time. 

This product is mostly comprised of Polyester. Polyester is a synthetic fabric designed to lessen wrinkles from socks. More importantly, Polyester compounds provide more durability than cotton. Thus, you are sure to receive a more durable pair of socks than other brands. 

Its arch compression features will cushion your feet whenever you land from a high jump.  This will help you avoid any unfortunate injuries, irritations, and discomfort whenever you compete. 

Overall, you will receive a high-quality product you will not see elsewhere. We suggest purchasing this product on the official website of Adidas or from any credible online seller. Purchasing this product in a physical store is also optimal to ensure the quality of your purchase. 

#5. U&I Men’s Performance Cushion Cotton Low Cut Ankle Athletic Socks

  • Comfortable
  • Fits well
  • Great quality
  • Breathable
  • Nice padding
  • Too big for some people.
  • Significantly tighter
  • Not as durable



  • Shoe size: 7-12 
  • 82% Cotton, 14% Nylon, 2.4% Polyester, 1.6% Spandex 
  • Lace-up closure 
  • Ultra-premium cotton and reinforced arch support 
  • Well-engineered Y Heel 

This pair of socks provides the same quality you will experience from any popular brand. U&I is a cheaper alternative than most of the expensive brands we stated. 

The biggest feature to expect is its reinforced arch support. This feature provides added protection around your feet to avoid any unnecessary irritation you will get after using it for long periods of time. You will experience added comfort from the product’s cotton features. These features are also relatively more durable than its other competitors. Its padding will also provide necessary support in a highly competitive environment. 

On the other hand, many consumers also complain about it wearing relatively faster if they purchase it from a reseller. We recommend purchasing this product from their official store or a credible reseller with many testimonies from their consumers. We also recommend that you take extra care when washing these socks. Laundry care will preserve its quality for longer periods of time. 

Overall, this product is a cheaper alternative compared to the ones stated before. In addition, this product will provide you the necessary comfort you look for in a good pair of socks. And don’t forget that this sock is breathable enough to prevent any discomfort even in more humid atmospheres. 

#6. CelerSport Cushion No Show Tab Athletic Running Socks

  • Good quality
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Additional “tab”
  • Uniform aesthetic color
  • No significant negative remarks



  • Size: Small-X-Large 
  • Color: White, black, and gray 
  • 88.3% Combed cotton, 10.7% Polyester, 1% Spandex 
  • Cushioned athletic socks 
  • Arch support 

CelerSport dedicates itself to creating comfortable socks for athletes to enjoy. They continue to design their products based on the needs of their athletes. 

This product is another suitable alternative for tennis players and runners. This pair of socks is accessible for both men and women athletes. Its size chart may vary based on your gender. However, once you select the size right for you, you will experience the comfort every athlete talks about. You will most likely see this pair of socks on running shoes, sneakers, and other athletic apparel. 

This pair of socks is made up of mostly cotton. Its polyester component increases the sock’s durability, especially after long durations of usage. More importantly, these features were cleverly designed to maintain the temperature of your feet even in more humid weather conditions. Their socks keep your feet dry through their moisture-wicking and absorbent material. 

Also, this pair of socks prevent you from attaining blisters on your feet as you walk or compete. You will experience extreme comfort from its reinforced material in the sole and toe. Its arch support will provide added protection when you run or compete. 

Overall, this company prides itself on providing socks to 100% satisfied customers. You will surely experience better quality at a more affordable price. 

#7. Thorlos Unisex TX Max Cushion Tennis Crew Socks

  • Reinforced padding
  • Affordable
  • Well-constructed
  • Durable
  • Mid-foot pain
  • Significant wearing over time


  • Size: Small-Large 
  • Colors: White and black 
  • 85% Acrylic, 12% Nylon, 3% Elastic 
  • Maximum comfort and protection 
  • High durability fibers 
  • Sufficient padding 
  • Primarily for performance and durability 

The Thorlos TX Max is specifically designed for tennis players. You can expect that all its features were designed to provide you quality on the court. Thorlos is another popular company dedicated to producing high-quality products for tennis players. 

This specific product is mostly known for providing maximum comfort and protection for its athletes. Its numerous features allow you to perform excellently on the court. That way, you can focus more on your game without worrying about the state of your feet.  In addition, its padding will absorb the shock from your jump without your feet sustaining significant damage. 

Many tennis players praise this sock for being extremely durable for many years. On top of the durability, this pair of socks is more affordable than other more expensive brands. Thus, you are sure to receive premium quality at the cheapest price. 

This product comes in many sizes to fit you perfectly. Its white or black minimalistic look will ensure you keep your style when you enter the court. 

Our Top Pick

Prince Men’s Athletic Quarter Socks

We believe that the Prince Men’s Athletic Quarter Socks are the best products you can purchase for added comfort on the tennis court. With this product, Prince has created a sock that surpasses the consumer’s expectations. If you are a tennis player, allow us to tell you why these are excellent options for you. 

The Prince Men’s Athletic Quarter Socks are revered by many athletes who used them already. This pair of socks ensure that you perform excellently in your competition without your feet bothering you. One of the biggest factors that will convince you to purchase this product is its extreme comfortability. Many protective measures were installed into the sock to protect your feet from almost anything. 

This pair of socks also were designed to absorb shocks from jumping or running. This feature prevents any blisters from hurting your feet. These socks take care of your feet to ensure it is not battered enough for your training day tomorrow. 

Although these socks are relatively more expensive than the other products we mentioned in this review, you are investing in socks that will last you a lifetime. These socks are durable enough to survive many years-worth of training without the need to replace it. You are going to want to purchase more pairs to use it everyday if you train daily. 

On the other hand, the Dickies Men’s Dri-Tech Moisture Control Crew Socks are also a viable option to purchase. Dickies is another company most popular for the high-quality socks they produce for all aspects of life. This athletic sock will give you comfort during training and high-intensity competitions. 

This pair of socks was primarily designed for tennis players. You are purchasing a pair of socks designed to adapt to your playstyle and the competition. The biggest feature you will notice is its durability that stands out from the others. You will want to purchase more socks like this to wear it everyday while you wash the others. 

This product will protect your feet from any unwanted blisters and damages you might incur while training. Your feet will feel more breathable, especially in a more humid atmosphere. 

These socks are also relatively cheaper than other high-end products. Thus, it will be more viable for budget-minded tennis players.  

Why Should You Invest in a Good Pair of Tennis Socks? 

Investing in a good pair of tennis socks should be one of your most prioritized accessories to purchase. A good pair of socks will provide you more benefits than playing without. Many companies solely specialize in creating comfortable socks for athletes. Companies would not be putting in this effort if socks were not an important factor of your game. 

One of the most important benefits of investing in socks is the comfort you will receive while playing. Socks usually have sufficient padding at the sole to ensure that you have an easier time playing your sport. This padding also prevents your feet from constantly rubbing your shoe material. Tennis socks contain a special kind of padding that will support your feet whenever you jump or run. 

Good pairs of socks also maintain the temperature inside your feet. These features will allow you to compete excellently in different weather conditions. 

More importantly, investing in a pair of good tennis socks will prevent you from receiving Athlete’s foot in the long run. You may also get blisters on your feet after walking around sockless for a long time. Practically, the odor will accumulate in your feet from the sweat you release. 

Overall, purchasing tennis socks will ensure you experience enough comfortability for long competitions. These socks will keep the feet temperature to keep your feet breathable. You will prevent any blisters from occurring around your feet that might hinder your performance as a tennis player. 

How to Pick Your Next Good Pair of Tennis Socks – A Buyer’s Guide 

You must never underestimate the damages that might happen to your feet if you purchase the wrong type of socks. A normal pair of socks simply will not do, especially if you are competing in professional tennis. You must carefully discern which socks you want to purchase just as how you would discern on your other apparels. 

However, we also understand the difficulty of finding the right pair of socks, given the numerous choices presented to you. Thus, we provided you with a few factors to consider before purchasing your next pair. 

Pick a Pair Socks Made Precisely for Tennis 

Not all socks were made the same way. It is better to purchase a pair of socks specifically made for tennis. These products were designed to match the demands of any tennis player specifically. You can be assured that socks made for tennis will provide you the necessary comfort and breathability for the game. 

However, if you are an athlete who practices different sports, you may also purchase socks accessible for all kinds of sports. These pairs of socks will usually contain more features to adhere to the different demands of all kinds of sports. However, you must also expect that these kinds of socks are relatively more expensive than others. 

On the other hand, if you are solely a tennis player, purchase socks specifically made for tennis. These socks will ensure that all aspects of the sport were calculated to make your game easier and more comfortable. 

Find the Best Sock Material for Tennis

Many different socks were created with different materials. Some socks were created with a balanced ratio of cotton, polyester, and spandex. However, some socks consist of purely one material. 

Synthetic fabric like polyester is used to promote wick moisture and regulate the temperature of your feet. Thus, these kinds of fabric are best suited for tennis players who compete in more humid areas. Polyester is used to increase the durability of the sock. It is better to find a pair of socks containing Polyester to ensure you experience more comfort and durability during the game. 


You must also consider how much you are willing to spend on a pair of socks. Truly, investing in more expensive socks means more features to ensure better quality. However, there are also more affordable products in the market that provide almost identical features. 

In the end, it comes down to truly discerning how much you are willing to invest in a pair of socks. If you are truly passionate about your sport, you will want to purchase high-quality materials. However, if you are a casual player during the weekends, then investing in cheaper products will still provide you sufficient performance to dominate the court. 

If you are still in doubt about the kind of socks you need to purchase, you may also consult your professional trainer for his consultation. He will provide you different recommendations to ensure you select the right pair of socks for you. If you are an amateur player, you may also consult your friends who are already professional athletes. They should provide you the necessary recommendations to make a good decision. 


We showed you seven (7) of the best socks for tennis. We showed you their advantages and disadvantages to ensure you select the product best suited for your interest. You also saw the two products we believe stands out from the rest of the amazing products. However, the decision must still come down to personal preference. Choose the pair of socks that you can wear comfortably on the court. Good luck! 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is cotton a good material for socks?

Cotton is an excellent material if you are looking for comfort. However, cotton is not recommended for athletic socks. Polyester is the most common product for athletic socks. Polyester socks will increase durability and comfortability over time. 

Is it possible to wear any kind of socks for tennis?

We recommend you purchase socks specifically designed for tennis. Purchasing a pair of socks made for different purposes might cause unfortunate blisters in your feet after training. 

Is 100% Polyester breathable?

A company that creates 100% polyester socks ensures that these socks remain breathable during your competition. Purchase products from popular companies to ensure that your socks are breathable enough for you. 

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