Best Tennis Strings For Power | 2021 Reviews

Take advantage of your opponent and read this complete guide to know the most trusted tennis strings for power. If you want to smash aces and elevate your performance, you must consider these top seven products. Keep reading to learn more.

  1. Wilson NXT Power 40-Feet String [Our Top Pick]
  2. Wilson Duo Power Alu P 125
  3. Luxilon Alu Power 16L (125) Tennis Racquet String
  4. Wilson Sporting Goods Synthetic Gut Power 16 
  5. Kirschbaum Reel Max Power Tennis String
  6. Babolat Touch VS Natural Gut 6M Tennis String Half Set
  7. Babolat RPM Power Tennis String

#1. Wilson NXT Power 40-Feet String – Best Overall

Wilson NXT Power 40-Feet String

Shock-absorbing fibers a flexible polyurethaneNot the best for control
Excellent power and spin
Predictable flight off
Easy on the arm
Best for shorter strokes


  • Construction: PU Impregnated, Xycro Micro Fibers, High Crystallinity
  • Length:  40 feet
  • Color: White

The Wilson NXT Power provides remarkable power and control for novices to advanced players. It is vital in all aspects, especially in durability and flexibility. While other PU-impregnated strings are stiffer, the Wilson NXT Power exhibits an extraordinary performance and elasticity that makes it easier on the arm.

If you are a competitive player struggling with power, spin, or control, do not hesitate to purchase the Wilson NXT Power. With this product, you can enhance your shots without sacrificing the quality of your performance. 

Most people don’t know that this tennis string provides the most comfortable access to power. Whether you are hitting groundstrokes or flat shots, you will surely stay ahead of the opponent with this product.


#2. Wilson Duo Power Alu P 125 – Best Hybrid

Wilson Duo Power Alu P 125

Outstanding performance, control, spin, and durabilityNot the best for a spin
Soft and responsive multifilament
Suitable for all tennis players
Comfortable and soft on the arm


  • Construction: ALU Power, NXT Power, Hybrid String
  • Length: 40 feet
  • Color: Black

A great alternative to the NXT Power is the Wilson Duo Power Alu P 125. This hybrid product maintains tension longer than others. The manufacturer also packed this tennis string with more shock-absorbing fibers so players can experience the best pop and feel on serves. 

When it comes to power and control, the Wilson Duo Power Alu P 125 provides both impressive bite and precision. Plus, you can guarantee that its durable construction can give the best tension maintenance.

While some reviews claim that the Wilson Duo Power Alu P 125 is only suitable for advanced players, its power, comfort, and control work very well for novices. Since energy is the best attribute of this tennis string, you will experience plenty of pop and responsive multifilament. To guarantee its durability, feel, and power, Wilson used both ALY and NXT Power strings.


#3. Luxilon Alu Power 16L (125) Tennis Racquet String – Best Power & Spin

Luxilon Alu Power 16L (125) Tennis Racquet String - Best Power & Spin

Softer responseStiffer than others
Excellent pop, speed, and response
Controlled explosiveness and livelier feel
A lot of spins


  • Construction: Extruded Polyester Monofilament 
  • Length: 330 feet 
  • Color: Silver

Another reliable tennis string for power is the Luxilon Alu Power. The manufacturer claims that it primarily focuses on pop and precision, making it suitable for beginners to advanced players. The product also comes with controlled explosiveness to avoid over-hitting.

Most athletes find the Luxilon Alu Power a little livelier than the two products above. With this tennis string, you can generate more pop on groundstrokes and force your opponents into eerrors.

While the Luxilon Alu Power was explicitly designed for pop and passion, it is also built for a more massive spin, controlled response, and faster strokes. Its power is more spin-friendly, and it feels a little softer and comfortable on the arm.


#4. Wilson Sporting Goods Synthetic Gut Power 16 – Best Energy Return

Wilson Sporting Goods Synthetic Gut Power 16 - Best Energy Return

Notable power, control, and energy returnUnpopular among professionals
Great comfort
Less expensive than other Wilson strings
Popular among amateurs
Maintains tension well


  • Construction: Synthetic Gut Construction, Bi-Directional Nomex X-Bands 
  • Length: 40 feet
  • Color: Blue

The Wilson Sporting Goods Synthetic Gut Power 16 provides the best energy return with an impressive combination of control and power. With this tennis string, athletes can enjoy crisper and more arm-friendly swings. Despite having the best energy return, the Wilson Sporting Goods Synthetic Gut Power 16 offers more than that.

According to the product description, the Wilson Sporting Goods Synthetic Gut Power 16 comes with a smooth and flexible construction with bi-directional Nomex X-bands, one of the most famous strings for advanced athletes.

As a synthetic gut tennis string, the Wilson Sporting Goods Synthetic Gut Power 16 offers an excellent combination of power and precision. It provides a softer feel, making it suitable for novice players and other athletes looking for extra comfort. Besides that, Wilson ensured that this product is durable enough for players who frequently break their strings.


#5. Kirschbaum Reel Max Power Tennis String – Best Budget

Kirschbaum Reel Max Power Tennis String - Best Budget

Comfortable and smooth-feelingStrings move often
Great power and feel
Affordable price tag
Improved durability


  • Construction: Co-Polyester Monofilament
  • Length: 660 feet
  • Color: Silver

Next on the list is the Kirschbaum Reel MAX Power, the most affordable 660-feet tennis string that can give you outstanding power and control. This product comes with a co-polyester monofilament that will surely put some extra oomph into every player’s swing. It also bites deep enough to shoot the ball anywhere more easily.

Despite having a cheaper price tag, the Kirschbaum Reel Max Power Tennis String can still give beginners and intermediate players excellent power and sublime feel.

Since the Kirschbaum Reel Max Power Tennis String comes with a co-polyester monofilament, it will remain playable several times, providing the best value for money. Besides that, it offers a stretchy membrane that enhances comfort, power, and arm-protection.


#6. Babolat Touch VS Natural Gut 6M Tennis String Half Set – Best for High Tension

Babolat Touch VS Natural Gut 6M Tennis String Half Set

Suitable for beginners to advanced playersSlightly more expensive
Provides all-around excellent
Best string for high tension
Smooth and fuller feeling
Responsive and powerful


  • Construction: Hybrid String Setup, Natural Fiber
  • Length: 20 feet
  • Color: Black

The Babolat Touch VS Natural Gut 6M has been marketed as the best product for high tension. It indeed ranks well in all aspects, such as durability, power, and control, leading several professional players to purchase this product. If you are seriously considering investingg in a high-quality tennis string, the Babolat Touch VS Natural Gut 6M can be an excellent choice.

Furthermore, you don’t have to frequently adjust yourself to get the best feel on your racquet. Thanks to its natural gut string, the Babolat Touch VS Natural Gut 6M can hold tension very well regardless of the circumstances. Plus, it can give the explosive power you need to get a livelier feel on impact. However, keep in mind that this product can break after several uses.

Babolat claims that this Touch VS Natural Gut 6M gives an excellent spin. The elastic feel and response are impressive, which is fantastic news for both beginners and advanced players. You can expect that it will not snap back quickly with this product, even if you are a hard hitter. Thanks to its excellent power and spin, your users can enjoy a stiffer and fuller response.


#7. Babolat RPM Power Tennis String – Best Power & Crisp

Babolat RPM Power Tennis String

Excellent power, crisp, and controlSlightly stiffer than others
Suitable for hard hitters
Spin-friendly precision
Excellent touch and feel
Lower price point


  • Construction: Co-Polyester Monofilament  
  • Length: 40 feet
  • Color: Electric Brown

The Babolat RPM Power offers the perfect combination of power and crispiness suitable for all tennis players. It uses ultra-flexible fibers bathed in co-polyester monofilament. With the Babolat RPM Power, athletes can more conveniently finish points with a bang or hit with more depth. You will also notice that volleys and groundstrokes feel spring-loaded.

Everything about this Babolat RPM Power belongs in the dictionary of power and crisp. Unsurprisingly, it delivers surgical control on upward cuts and offers ultra-grippy edges.

According to some reviews, this tennis string is one of the most user-friendly and accessible co-polyester products. If you want to add the perfect combination of power and crispiness to your game, choosing this Babolat RPM Power can be a smart decision.


Top Pick: Wilson NXT Power 40-Feet String – Best Overall

Wilson NXT Power 40-Feet String



Overall, the Wilson NXT Power 40-Feet String stands out from the crowd. Do yourself a favor and purchase this product since it can make a massive improvement to your game, especially if you have useful techniques.

Unlike other Wilson tennis strings, this model is more durable and robust. It also received an excellent reputation as the king of power, spin, and control.

Thanks to its Xycro microfibers and PU materials, this tennis string can supercharge your shots while maintaining an impressive touch and feel. Granted, it does not have the best comfort, but it comes pretty close to others.

Furthermore, the Wilson NXT Power 40-Feet String offers a high-tensile strength that avoids frictional wear, especially on notching and sawing. Its excellent durability can also handle your aggressive shots very well. Overall, the Wilson NXT Power 40-Feet String is a perfect choice for athletes looking for available power, control, and spin. It has 80% less vibration, which is very impressive.

Features to Look for When Buying Tennis Strings for Power

Every tennis player has unique needs and game styles. Therefore, it’s crucial to know the essential features that can help boost your performance. Since tennis can sometimes be intense and exhausting, you have to choose the right string to withstand all of them. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, a high-quality tennis string for power is essential.

Below are the top three features you need to look for when buying one. 

Durability and Control

For beginners, comfort, feel, and durability are the most crucial parts. If you want to swing freely and prevent painful shocks, you have to choose a multifilament string. This material is more sturdy and controllable than others. It is also suitable for players with arm injuries since it comes with maximum comfort.

If you are an advanced player, you need durability, control, and power, especially if you break strings frequently. The best option would be co-poly, or polyester string since these materials are sturdier than others. It can generate excellent spin and control, as well.


Always remember that high tension delivers more control while lower gives you more power. While some tennis strings naturally emphasize power, you can still customize and adjust its strengths by how firmly you thread it. 

For instance, if you have a poly series and want to have more control than power, threading it loose is an effective technique. On the other hand, if you prefer higher tension, tighten the strings instead. 


Generally, the most playable construction is multifilament and natural guts. They snap back upon ball impact quicker than other materials. Besides that, its thickness is more durable. Before purchasing a tennis string, do not forget to research about its playability so you would know what to expect from its performance.


If you invest in a reliable and reputable product, you can guarantee the best performance. However, with hundreds of choices in today’s marketplace, it can be overwhelming to find the right one for your needs. 

Fortunately, we have gathered the top seven most trusted tennis strings for power above. Each product discussed offers different levels of power and control to ensure compatibility with all skills. They also come with unique comfort, feel, and affordability to accommodate all budgets.

The most trusted universal tennis string is the Wilson NXT Power 40-Feet String. This product delivers everything you need from a tennis string. Several amateurs and professional tennis players have purchased this string over the past years due to its performance, comfort, touch, and feel. Undoubtedly, it excels in all aspects you could ever think of.

If you prefer an all-around performance with excellent tension and playability, you may choose a synthetic gut. Suppose you need more excellent durability but less feel, go for monofilament strings. Nevertheless, if you want a balanced combination of the two, the hybrid is the best option. If you’re interested in stringing your own racquets, look no further! Check out our article on the best tennis stringing machines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best tennis string for tennis elbow? 

A: The natural gut is the best option for tennis elbow since it offers maximum absorption. It is also more flexible than others, allowing hard impacts to dissipate. While this material is expensive, its shock absorption and power will indeed keep you safe and comfortable.

Q: Can I string my tennis racket?

A: Yes, you can. However, you have to prepare some tools, such as pliers, awl, clamps, and a yardstick. Before proceeding, you have to check if your strings are straight and have no kinks. 

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