Best Tennis Sensors (Updated in 2020!)

Tennis players in the 21st century need the best tennis sensors in order to optimize their performance. A tennis sensor is a device that uses a tracking technology to help tennis players analyze the quality of their tennis strokes in a more detailed, objective fashion. Over the years, thousands of professional tennis players use this device to see each of their strokes in slow motion.

Thanks to technological improvements over the years, these tennis sensors use Bluetooth and mobile apps, making these tennis sensors convenient and easy to use. This innovation uses a perfect combination of technology and physics to help passionate athletes learn more and control their game.  

Nowadays, several tennis sensor models are available online. Most tennis players don’t know that these outstanding devices can reduce their chances of injury and improve their game.

According to several experts, tennis sensor technology will continue to change the conventional ways of playing competitive and recreational tennis. Here are some of the most recommended tennis sensors online.

  1. Zepp Tennis 2
  2. Coolang Tennis Swing Analyzer
  3. Head Tennis Sensor
  4. Qlipp Tennis Sensor
  5. Babolat and PIQ Wearable Tennis Swing Analyzer
  6. Babolat Pop Tennis Sensor

#1. Head Tennis Sensor – Best Overall Tennis Sensor

Head Tennis Sensor - Best for Beginners

Reports accurate amount of sweet spotsNo download option
Works perfectly with Head racketsDoes not show trends
Affordable price


  • Weight: 0.25 ounces
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion battery required (included)
  • Compatible with: Smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS)

Here is the best and most recommended tennis sensor for beginners. The water-resistant Head Tennis Sensor lets newer tennis players learn more about their skills and guide them on how to improve their game. This product uses Zepp technology and is compatible with Graphene Touch and Graphene XT rackets.  

Unlike other models, the Head Tennis Sensor primarily focuses on the basics. It does not offer any advanced statistics and reports that most professional athletes need. During the practice or game, this premium Head Tennis Sensor can only track the player’s performance on the court, analyzes their shots, and presents a three-dimensional serve movement on a smartphone.

Plus, it works in real-time with a mobile phone using the latest Bluetooth technology. Several athletes choose the Head Tennis Sensor since the tennis sensor can keep track of several matches while also letting them keep the records of their best shots.

According to its product description, the device’s Zepp Tennis Sensor will help athletes see the number of sweet spots. However, there is no way to show trends or download statistics, which is pretty disappointing. 

These tennis sensors are an excellent example of a beginner’s reliable companion in the court. Once placed, it can record information, such as accelerations, angles, and velocities. These details are essential and needed by amateur players. 

Over the years, the Head Tennis Sensor has received mixed reactions to how the sensor needs to be attached to the bottom of a racket’s stick. While some players may be ok with this, a few customers felt concerned that while they were playing they might push the tennis sensor, causing it to fall off. 

#2. Babolat Pop Tennis Sensor – Best Easy-To-Use Tennis Sensor

Babolat Pop Tennis Sensor - Best Easy-To-Use Tennis Sensor

Real-time dataPoor-quality wristband material
Easy connection
Suitable for beginners to advanced players


  • Weight: Not stated
  • Batteries: 1 Product Specific batteries required (included)
  • Compatible with: Smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS)

Babolat Pop Tennis Sensor is a wireless and user-friendly tennis sensor that provides real-time data regarding the athlete’s speed and swing.  This tennis sensor is mostly ideal for beginners since it is the easiest-to-use model that can help you improve your strokes. 

Everyone wants to become a champion of tennis, but the secret is known to a few. Over the years, the reliable Babolat Pop Tennis Sensor has helped thousands of athletes generate better shots. This device records each session so the user can quickly evaluate their shot-making right after the match.  

Furthermore, this fantastic tennis sensor uses a multi-sensor, analysis system, and high-speed motion capture to analyze and improve the user’s performance. Unlike other similar products, this tennis device is a wearable sensor that an athlete can attach to his wrist in order to receive instant biomechanical feedback.

This easy-to-use Babolat product is an excellent addition to any tennis player. Regardless of an athlete’s skills, this tennis sensor will surely help any player in improving their tennis game. 

#3. Zepp Tennis 2 – Best Tennis Sensor Technology

Zepp Tennis 2 - Best Overall Tennis Sensor

Fits perfectly to the racket's bottomDifficult to set-up
Tracks different performance metrics
Automatically rank on the leaderboard


  • Weight: 0.16 ounces
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer battery required (included)
  • Compatible with: Smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS)

The Zepp Tennis Sensor is one of the most suggested devices for both beginner and advanced players. This product has been available in the market since 2014 and is the gadget of choice for many tennis athletes. The sensor piece itself boasts a bright yellow that users can attach at the bottom of their rackets. 

With this fantastic device, a tennis player can collect over 1,000 data points and send it to a smartphone. This way, the athlete can quickly review all the information gathered throughout the game.

According to its product description, the Zepp Tennis 2 can track key performance metrics for each swing, including the smash volley, topspin, drive, sweet spot, ball speed, etc. On top of that, it can act as an activity tracker that provides the user with other details, such as the calories burned and activity time. 

This sensor’s fantastic feature is its capability to review strokes after the game through the player’s smartphone or tablet. You can replay it multiple times and even share it with the Zepp Tennis Player Community. 

#4. Qlipp Tennis Sensor – Best for Advanced Players

Qlipp Tennis Sensor - Best for Advanced Players

Fits any racketDisconnects during the game
Analyzes every strokeHard to take off
Has competitive leaderboard


  • Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer battery required (included)
  • Compatible with: Smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS)

Compared to Head Tennis Sensor, which is the best one for beginners, the Qlipp Tennis Sensor offers advanced features and statistics, such as video stroke, spin analysis, and sweet spot detection, that most professionals need. Once used correctly, advanced athletes can make their practice and performance more convenient.

We see the Qlipp Tennis Sensor as a sophisticated tennis sensor designed for intermediate and professional players. It tabulates statistics and other data during a tennis game and can be an athlete’s virtual scorekeeper in order to provide access to full match history.

Besides that, the player can also find opponents through the application’s online competition boards. In this section, a user can rank himself against his opponents and other players from different countries.

This 0.8-ounce Qlipp Tennis Sensor is a lightweight device that uses a premium-quality sensor and a mobile application. This way, Qlipp can allow several athletes across the globe to access personalized recommendations and technique analysis. 

Since the tennis sensor is connected directly to the racket, you will only have to pair it with a smartphone to stay connected and receive real-time analysis during your performance on the court. Its product description reported a video stroke analysis that can collect spin, sweet spot, and other stroke data.

Overall, the best feature that buyers love about this device is the leaderboard. Through this section, each game feels more challenging and interactive with their friends and other players.

#5. Babolat and PIQ Wearable Tennis Swing Analyzer – Best Tennis Sensor With Swing Type Tracking

Babolat and PIQ Wearable Tennis Swing Analyzer - Best Tennis Sensor With Swing Type Tracking

PIQ RobotNot user-friendly
Complete shot analysisHard to sync
Real-time game data
Honest critic


  • Weight: 0.64 ounces
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer battery required (included)
  • Compatible with: Smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS)

Advanced players know that each smash and swing during the tennis game should be aimed with precision. Regardless if it is a practice or not, there is no room for error and sub-par performance.

The Babolat and PIQ Wearable Tennis Swing Analyzer features a complete shot analysis with swing type tracking ideal for intermediate to advanced players. Its small sensor is attached to the featherweight wristband, allowing the user to receive a shot-by-shot report without feeling uncomfortable. In detail, this device can record speed, spin, rates of strokes, and more. If the athlete needs to see the last serve’s speed, he just has to push the main button.   

Thanks to the product’s PIQ Robot, athletes can track the real-time number of their serves, shots, forehands, backhands, and overheads, On top of that, it can log their average speed, best rally, and fastest swing. After the match, the Winning Factor can show where you performed well and where you need to focus your training.

For intermediate to advanced players, each stroke must be carried out with the proper intention and execution. Fortunately, Babolat has developed the Wearable Tennis Swing Analyzer, which allows players to improve on their execution by providing a broad amount of shot-making information.

#6. Coolang Tennis Swing Analyzer – Best Tennis Sensor for Training

Coolang Tennis Swing Analyzer - Best Tennis Sensor for Training

Easy connectionDifficult to attach
Tracks all the important detailsDoes not pick up some strokes
Community features
Different fitting types


  • Weight: 6.6 ounces
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required (included)
  • Compatible with: Smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS)

Players who want to experience a different level during training must choose the top-quality Coolang Tennis Swing Analyzer. This product comes in different colors, including black and yellow, and can provide real-time monitoring of the hitting action, ball rotation, velocity, and strength, without affecting the racket’s stability.  

Players can analyze their shots in a 3D view through the Coolang mobile application. This way, you can quickly evaluate their metrics for every game in one roof. According to its product description, the tennis sensor works in real-time with the mobile app.  

Thus, it can act as a mentor that can provide progress reports for the player. What makes it more interesting is that the application allows users to share data with others. 

The Coolang Tennis Swing Analyzer comes with one free Lithium Polymer battery to immediately use it upon receiving the product. Thanks to its 3D features, users can analyze their previous serves and measure their match play’s consistency, intensity, and power. Several buyers claimed that this amazing sensor offers a secure connection via Bluetooth 4.0 that guarantees stable data transmission. 

With Coolang Tennis Swing Analyzer, you can improve their skills by reviewing their progress reports, which the application generates automatically. Afterwards, they can compare it with other athletes who use the same app.

It’s important to remember to connect the device and sync it to the sensor. If you don’t, the first game will appear on the previous match statistics. Some of the things that Coolang Tennis Swing Analyzer can track are total swings per day, average and maximum forehand swing speed, and serve swing speed.

Top Pick: Head Tennis Sensor – Best Overall Tennis Sensor

Head Tennis Sensor - Best for Beginners


Over the years, this famous and smart Head Tennis Sensor has acted as a personal coach and generated progress reports for thousands of players. Athletes can guarantee a flexible device that fits at the end of their rackets.

Currently, this Head Tennis Sensor is the world’s best device with the latest technologies. Along with its smart and talented technicians, Head will continue to be a pioneer in the world’s highest quality tennis sensors. 

Features to Look For When Purchasing a Tennis Sensor

Becoming a better tennis player requires mastery, practice, strategy, and ongoing dedication. While private and group lessons are a privilege for amateurs and advanced players alike, the cost of private lessons can be prohibitive for those of us on tight budgets. 

But in the age of digital innovation and smart sports, plenty of tennis sensors are design specifically to help athletes improve their performance without having to break the bank on private lessons. 

From easy-to-use and lightweight wearables to sensors embedded directly into a racket’s bottom, the world of e-commerce offers an extensive selection of amazing digital coaches. Here are the features that a buyer needs to consider before purchasing a tennis sensor:


Heavy accessories kill mobility. In 2015, several manufacturers began pushing a tennis sensor category that focuses on lightweight products, usually weighing 0.5 ounces or less. This way, athletes can focus on their performance instead of moving uncomfortably to protect the device.

Luckily, there are plenty of lightweight tennis sensors around to avoid this issue. Tennis players who prefer lighter sensors can shop for a brand like Babolat, Head, Coolang, Zepp, or Wilson, which makes weight a top priority.

Energy efficiency

When purchasing a tennis sensor, make sure it is energy-efficient. Most products with this capability last significantly longer on the court. Also, it eliminates energy waste and maintains a comfortable temperature while in-use. Nowadays, most tennis sensors online have energy-saving features. For that reason, athletes can quickly find the best one that does not promote high energy consumption.


It is crucial to check if a product released is compatible with both your racket and your smartphone  This way, you can avoid the hassle of having to return a tennis sensor that doesn’t work for you. 

Before purchasing a tennis sensor, make sure to check that your smartphone is compatible with a tennis sensor’s requirements. If you purchase a tennis sensor that’s incompatible, it will not work seamlessly during the game and will not provide accurate statistics.

Always remember that tennis sensors come with mobile applications. This software has different versions, resolutions, configurations, and more. That’s why it’s essential to check if the smartphone can handle those specifications. 


Using tennis sensors can indeed improve an athlete’s game and performance. The devices’ ability to show the best and worst swing helps enhance a player’s skills. This innovation is amazing at catching every shot, stroke, and nuance of the game.  

If you wish to take your game to the next level, you must consider tennis sensors from Babolat, Qlipp, Head, Coolang, and Zepp. These products can help thousands of players better understand their games and quickly identify the areas that need improvements. Using Bluetooth to connect the device to the mobile phones makes everything convenient.

These sensors keep score and act as a digital announcement. With only a few clicks, athletes can sync their performance to the application and compare them with their opponents’ data. Most of these products work for singles and double matches. Besides that, they weight a feather-light weight and fits perfectly on any racket or wrist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where can I buy the best smart tennis sensor?

Answer: Most recommended tennis sensor models are available at Amazon. This site also features the lowest prices possible, making it ideal for those of you with tight budgets. Some of the best-selling tennis sensors at Amazon came from Babolat, Coolang, Head, Zepp, and Wilson.

Question: How can I register a tennis sensor on my smartphone?

Answer: Usually, a tennis sensor works using Bluetooth technology. Users have to turn on their phone’s Bluetooth and connect it with the tennis sensor. However, Bluetooth activation varies depending on the mobile device. The most crucial part is to pair the sensor successfully to the smartphone. Once finished, the tennis accessory will deliver a successful notification. 

Question: How does a tennis sensor work?

Answer: Generally, all tennis sensors are either attached to the handle’s bottom or at the player’s wrist. These products collect data about how the racket moves during a game. After the collection, it will transfer the data to the application installed on a smartphone. Usually, sensors run with Bluetooth to guarantee real-time data transmission.

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