The Alexander Zverev Racquet: HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro

The Zverev Racquet: HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro

HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro

Reliable racquet for power, stability, control, and spin
Slightly more expensive than other Head racquets
Excellent playability on groundstrokes, volleys, and returns
Arm-friendly and responsive


The Zverev racquet is the HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro. It offers an impressive balance of feel, stability, and control, making it very appealing to professional players like Alexander Zverev. According to the manufacturer, this racquet features the world’s lightest high-performance fiber in today’s industry. They designed this product for shock absorption and improved stability, as well. 

One of the reasons why the HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro stands out from the crowd is its D30 technology which adapts to a vast variety of shots while offering a softer touch. Besides that. It has a well-balanced construction that makes the racquet more maneuverable than the YouTek IG Speed Elite and YouTek IG Speed MP. Several tested that the all-court YouTek IG Speed MP is as smoothly satisfying as other high-end racquets. You can whip this equipment through the contact zone quickly and conveniently. 

Head endorses Alexander Zverev for the HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro. He is a German professional tennis layer and is the second-youngest athlete at the Association of Tennis Professional Top 5. Zverev became famous after winning the championship at the 2018 ATP Finals. He is the only active tennis players with three ATP Masters 1000 titles.

Over the years, Zverev has been praised for his impressive dedication towards tennis. Novak Djokovic said that Zverev could surpass him, while Rafael Nadal said that Zverev is a “clear possible future No. 1”.

Alexander Zverev started his professional career last 2011. At the age of 14, his skills helped Zverev enter the qualifying round at the 2011 Moselle Open on the ATP Tour. Initially, he struggled with his professional career and failed several times. 

In 2016, Alexander Zverev participated at the Australian Open, where he competed with the World. No. 2, Andy Murray. Unfortunately, he only won six games in his opening match. Thus, after a few months, he bounced back and participated at the Open Sud de France, where he defeated No. 13 Marin Čilić, one of the highest-ranked tennis athletes during that time. More recently, Alexander Zverev competed against Dominic Thiem in the 2020 US Open Championship and lost a competitive five-set match. The future is surely bright for this up-and-coming star. 


  • Head Size: 100 sq. in MP
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Weight: Strung — 11.7 ounces / 331 g Unstrung — 11.1 ounces / 315 grams
  • Tension: 48-57 pounds
  • Balance: 6 Pts Head Light
  • Grip Type: HEAD Hydrosorb Pro
  • String Pattern: 18 Mains / 20 Crosses
  • Mains Skip: 8T, 8H, 10T, 10H
  • Swing Speed: Fast, Long Swing
  • Swing Weight: 330

Racquet Review

This model became famous for its powerful strokes with a combination of rock-solid stability and flexible SpiralFibers.

According to its description, the HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro features a thin 20 millimeters beam and buttery smooth 62RA flex, giving users outstanding feedback during impact. With this racquet, you will experience the most optimized feel and responsiveness. Thanks to its rounder frame shape, intermediate and advanced players can enjoy a spin-friendly contact zone. 

The HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro produces enough mass to drive the ball while maintaining an excellent groundstrokes pace. Since the racquet became known for its powerful feedback upon impact, the HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro delivers control that will inspire you to boost your confidence even when the score tightens.

This tennis racquet can help you redirect pace and produce enough touch to direct the ball into the corners on volleys.

From the baseline, the HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro feels crisp, accurate, and fast. If you have been watching Alexander Zverev’s playstyle, you will notice that the racquet performs very well when he is scrambling on defense or executing shots on the run. Aside from that, the racquet’s grippy 16 x 19 string pattern supplies him the needed bite in bringing the ball down with spin.

Intermediate and advanced players looking for an outstanding feel and easy targeting should give the HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro a serious look. Just like Alexander Zverev’s performance, this tennis racquet moves fast and feels solid at impact. Aside from that, you’ll appreciate its low 62RA stiffness rating, making it more controllable and arm-friendly. Since this equipment comes with Graphene 360+, it will produce the perfect blend of stability and power for a cleaner feel at impact. 

Furthermore, the HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro creates a more comfortable and hitting experience. Thanks to its bigger spin window, advanced players can easily attack the ball at extreme upward angles. 

On groundstrokes, this racquet combines accuracy and spin-friendly response. Thus, users will have enough mass for higher levels of pace and easier access to depth. Unlike other Head racquets, the HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro is faster and packs a slightly more open string pattern. It is also mobile enough for cranking winners on the run and hitting droppers and angles.

According to the manufacturer, the HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro works very well with patient, defensive players like Alexander Zverev. With this product, users will find enough precision and spin to return balls with enough pace. Although it does not have the best pop or maneuverability, this racquet’s user-friendly playability makes it a reliable and impressive modern racquet for professional athletes.

The HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro can also be an excellent option for athletes who love controllable power. With its 100-square-inch head size, this equipment is more forgiving than other midplus racquets in today’s market.

Aside from that, the HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro combines power with SpiralFibers in the lower head for an impressive touch and feel. According to some athletes, this racquet provides a generous sweet spot that is very comfortable to ride. Rising intermediates will appreciate its swing weight since it delivers explosive acceleration, resulting in juicier spin and power levels.

Thanks to its 11.7-ounce weight, the HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro is a reliable racquet for executing shots on the run or running down balls. This plays well into Zverev’s defensive playing style. At the net, the racquet’s light weight and maneuverability helps greatly with one’s reaction time. 

Thus, if you’re one of those players who love whipping through contact, considering the HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro is a smart move. This racquet can surely give you a solid feel and easy targeting on service returns.

Overall, the HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro is a lively racquet that delivers easy access to power, spin, and control. With a weight of under 12 ounces strung, this equipment can perfectly work for rising advanced players who need a reliable racquet that will reward continued improvement.

Aside from its powerful and spin-friendly frame, the HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro’s elastic materials provide a more damped and comfortable feel at impact. Regardless, if you love aggressive groundstrokes, volleys, and returns, the racquet’s string bed is friendly and responsive enough to give a solid and powerful feel on impact. During full swings, the HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro delivers an impressive pace, and the string pattern hugely helps with spin.

Players who want to emphasize maneuverability will surely find the HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro useful. It delivers enough precision, power, and spin to force mistakes from opposing players. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro complements Alexander Zverev’s play style. Its responsive string bed performs very well with his shot-making. In addition to its responsiveness, the racquet’s speedy frame design and elastic material keep Zverev confident and comfortable even after long competition hours. With its thin box beam and low stiffness rating, the Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro has a wonderfully controlled feel that gives Zverev an impressive spin on full cuts.

Aside from that, the Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro puts extra power under the hood, making it easier for Zverev to dictate action with higher pace levels. Plus, this racquet has an excellent pocketing and dwell time. With the Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro, Zverev generates quick acceleration for a spin, and its string pattern supplies the best bite for gripping the ball.

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