The Dominic Thiem Racquet: Babolat Pure Strike

The Thiem Racquet: Babolat Pure Strike

The Thiem Racquet: Babolat Pure Strike

Outstanding mixture of power, control, and feelNeeds more pop in heavy topspin
Easy to swing and maneuver
Suitable for a wide range of play styles


The Dominic Thiem racquet is the Babolat Pure Strike. It is very appealing to many professional tennis athletes due to its speed, precision, spin, and pop. Besides that, it possesses excellent playability and easy acceleration. 

With this tennis racquet, any player can deliver the most explosive shots without sacrificing the classic virtues of feel and control. Ultimately, Babolat has produced yet another universally appealing racquet since Pure Strike offers a surprisingly stable response to its light and speedy frame. We can assure you that this racquet can give you a fantastic command over the ball. Thus, suppose you want faster and livelier equipment, the Babolat Pure Strike is an excellent choice.

Dominic Thiem is an Austrian professional tennis player that started his career in 2011. He began playing tennis when he was only six years old. During his junior career, Thiem reached the ITF Junior ranking of World No.2. He was also included in the 2011 French Open Boys’ final event and defeated Kyle Edmund, Filip Horansky, Muchell Kruger, Mate Delic, and Oriol Roc Batalla. Aside from these competitions, Dominic Thiem won three singles tournaments at the Dunlop Orange Brown tournament in Florida.  

After a few years, Dominic Thiem began to deliver an impressive reputation in the ATP. Last 2015, he participated in Open 13 at Marseille and defeated David Goffin and Joao Sousa. He would then win his first career ATP at Nice, France, after winning over big names such as John Isner, Nick Kyrgios, and Ernest Gulbis.

Currently, Thiem has been known as the highest-ranked Austria player in the world’s history. He achieved his career-high ATP Ranking at World No. 3. He also has one Grand Slam title after defeating German Alexander Zverev at the 2020 US Open, making Thiem the first player born in the 1990s to claim a Grand Slam singles title.


  • Strung weight: 11.3oz / 320.35g
  • Balance: 5 pts. Head Light
  • Head size: 98 sq. in. / 632.26 sq. cm.
  • Stiffness: Average – 57% (66 RA)
  • String pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses
  • Length: 27in / 68.58cm
  • Beam width: 21mm / 23mm / 21mm /
  • Colors: Black with Coral and White
  • Grip type: Babolat Syntec Feel

Racquet Review

The Babolat Pure Strike, also known as the Dominic Thiem racquet, is a racquet that delivers fast, spin-friendly, precise, lively, and controllable shots with an excellent measure. Other racquet brands have implemented similar features with this product since it is very appealing to advanced players.

However, the experience you’ll get from this tennis racquet is more than its technologies and specifications. With the Babolat Pure Strike, you can achieve the highest possible level of control and pin from the baseline. 

The Babolat Pure Strike’s defining features indeed set it apart from other racquets. With its 11.4 ounces strung weight and 98 square inches head size, this equipment is very friendly with intermediate and advanced players. We feel that a vast majority of athletes will have a blast with this racquet. However, most users who enjoyed Babolat Pure Strike are usually all-court players who enjoy attacking the net with a wide range of strokes.

Regarding the construction, the Babolat Pure Strike’s woofer design allows the strings to move freely. This helps in generating additional power with minimal shock vibration. When it comes to the frame construction, this racquet uses elliptical and square shapes to deliver the perfect and balanced blend of control and power, making the frame more responsive with excellent feel and precision. 

Babolat Pure Strike uses the latest PSI Power that delivers more spacing between cross strings regarding its unique technology. This way, the racquet can give more spin, comfort, and power when striking the ball. Babolat also claimed that they included the C2 Pure Feel in this version, where they applied a thin rubber material to give a softer and more dampened feel.

Thanks to its 11.4 ounces swing weight, the Babolat Pure Strike is delightfully easy to maneuver, helping athletes hit groundstrokes with more ease and less effort. Off the ground, the racquet’s 98 square-inch head delivers plenty of power, and the 16 x 19 string pattern produces more spin. In between, everything feels flexible and under control.

With these fantastic capabilities, it is no surprise that this highly maneuverable racquet performs very well when hitting returns. According to Babolat, they designed Pure Strike to produce quick reactions to help players pull back the racquet faster. Of course, the Babolat Pure Strike maintains an excellent reputation at the net with volleys. We found a unique and fantastic performance with the Babolat Pure Strike through the perfect blend of power and control. It feels comfortable and easy to swing even on heavier balls.

True to its name, the Babolat Pure Strike can generate the most impressive and powerful shots. Like other modern players’ racquets, this version delivers quick handling, easy offense, and outstanding stability. While the Babolat Pure Strike’s 16 x 19 string pattern is lighter than others, it feels pretty stable at the net. Plus, the beam helps players easily block balls back with some heat, allowing them to become more aggressive.

For advanced players like Dominic Thiem, the Babolat Pure Strike is an invitation to achieve great success and feel at the baseline. Users will also feel confident in achieving depth or hitting targets in high-pressure situations. With the Babolat Pure Strike, moving forward is undeniably easy, and the pop you will receive is delightful.

The Babolat Pure Strike suits Dominic Thiem very well since it offers enough stability and speed, especially in his aggressive shots. If we come up with one word for this racquet, we will choose “easy.” Easy acceleration. Easy maneuverability. Easy power. Easy control.

Like the rest of the Pure Strike line, the Babolat Pure Strike is crisp and lively. It also offers a better dampening feel than its previous generation. When it comes to the sweet spot, it has a larger area which helps generate more powerful shots. Meanwhile, from the baseline, you don’t have to remain aggressive to capitalize on its feel and control.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Babolat Pure Strike leaves advanced players pleased and satisfied. This racquet is the right fit for athletes with the same playstyle as Dominic Thiem. Even aggressive players will rejoice with the Babolat Pure Strike since it brings the best performance on returns. Thanks to its stable feel, controllable power, and fast-swinging capability, athletes can swing bigger and more consistently.

Of all the racquet’s characteristics, the Babolat Pure Strike scored the highest on power. Overall, the Babolat Pure Strike packs a serious punch and delivers powerful shots in groundstrokes, volleys, returns, and topspins. Besides that, its hybrid frame construction delivers increased speed, so users don’t have to work so much to produce quick responses. At the same time, it does not put too much drag on the ball during a topspin.


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