The John Isner Racquet: Prince Textreme Warrior 100

The John Isner Racquet : Dunlop Srixon CX 200 Tour

Dunlop Srixon CX 200 Tour


Easy to manage and maneuver
Needs minor customizations for professional use
Excellent touch, feel, and control,
Responsive, consistent, accurate, and stable


The John Isner racquet is the Prince Textreme Warrior 100. Like other professional racquets, this equipment excels in power, maneuverability, and control. Besides that, its construction delivers a crisper and more accurate response. With the Prince Textreme Warrior 100, you can guarantee increased stability without increasing the frame’s stiffness. Most people don’t know that this racquet also performs well in groundstrokes and returns.

John Isner is an American professional tennis player that has been active in sports since 2007. He started becoming popular after winning his first summer tournament called USA F14 Features. Afterward, he also beat five top 300 players and three seeds, making Isner the Lexington Challenger champion.

After a few years, Isner started his career at ATP final and won the victory title in Auckland, where he donated $5,000 of his winnings to the disastrous Haiti earthquake victims. In 2011, the professional player won as the Hopman Cup champion in the United States. Following this achievement, Isner returned to Auckland and defended his ATP title at Heineken Open.

Over the years, Isner has become an extremely powerful and talented athlete. He became known due to his composure and consistent serves. Because of his unique playstyle and powerful serve, Isner ends up winning tons of his service games.


  • Head Size: 100 square inches
  • Strung Weight: 11.14 ounces
  • Length: 27 inches

Racquet Review

The Prince Textreme Warrior is one of the most famous tennis racquets for advanced players, especially those who prefer more power, feel, and spin. However, it received a massive sales boost when many professionals, including John Isner, used it on tour. Thanks to the racquet’s 100 square inches head size, the Prince Textreme Warrior can deliver a better feel. Plus, its string pattern helps users hit controlled groundstrokes without sacrificing their mobility. 

The Prince Textreme Warrior may not be popular for amateurs, but it is a tad more arm-friendly than most of its competitors. According to its product description, this tennis racquet comes with a unique Texteme composition, making it uniquely flexible and stable. Once you use this product on groundstrokes, the Prince Textreme Warrior delivers an easy depth and the needed bite in bringing the ball down hard.

Tennis players looking for a racquet with an outstanding reaction to groundstrokes and volleys should go for this Prince Textreme Warrior. Its speedy response comes in handy on returrning serves. Frankly, we consider the Prince Textreme Warrior as one of the most reliable tennis racquets with the best performance. With this equipment, athletes don’t have to sacrifice their mobility when playing in doubles.

The Prince Textreme Warrior compliments very well with John Isner’s playstyle. Its increased overall stability is exceptionally suitable for Isner’s big serves. Since he is a very tall server, this tennis racquet helps him earn points from defensive service returns and winners, putting him on the advantage of holding serves.

Furthermore, the Prince Textreme Warrior comes with a larger hitting area, allowing Isner and other aggressive players to cut through the air and generate more racquet head speed. In short, the racquet helps users in hitting the sweet spot consistently.

Several professional playtesters like Tennis Warehouse are very impressed with the Prince Textreme Warrior’s quality and performance. With this equipment, tennis players can generate a controllable power while maintaining a fast reaction to volleys. Aside from that, its handle is very comfortable to the hand. The manufacturer designed this product with playability, comfort, and durability in mind, making it suitable for advanced players.

For over a decade, John Isner has been a consistent tennis player on tour. With his impressive and powerful serves regarded as the world’s best, the Prince Textreme Warrior has helped him a lot. This talented athlete has won tons of tournaments using this reliable racquet. 

To deliver more power, Isner strings his Prince Textreme Warrior with Tecnifibre Pro Red 16 in the mains and crosses. This way, he can adjust and enhance some minor customizations. However, no reliable source explained how John Isner customizes his Prince Textreme Warrior.

Undoubtedly, John Isner added more weight with his Prince Textreme Warrior Tennis Racquet. According to some rumors, Isner extended his frame to 27.5. Nevertheless, no reliable source confirmed that this amount is true.

Prince upgraded the Textreme Warrior Tennis Racquet so professional athletes can deliver a much crisper and nicer groundstroke. It offers plenty of power, and you would notice it at John Isner’s effortless shots that land very deep in the court. 

Besides that, the baseline response is very impressive. As we can see from John Isner’s playstyle, the racquet hits the ball very smoothly while giving Isner enough stability. Indeed, this product is an extremely smooth and comfortable racquet from the baseline.

Final Thoughts

John Isner has been using the Prince Textreme Warrior 100 for many years. This is likely because the racquet delivers excellent power and a very speedy reaction on serves. We highly suggest this product for athletes with a similar playing style to John Isner. However, you have to add some minor customizations, such as restringing, to guarantee the product’s optimal performance.

Like other power-oriented tennis racquets, the Prince Textreme Warrior Tennis Racquet allows for very speedy services. If you compare its weight and power to other racquets, none of them can compete with the Prince Textreme Warrior Tennis Racquet.


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