The Stan Wawrinka Racquet – Yonex VCORE 97

The Wawrinka Racquet: The Yonex VCore 97

The Wawrinka Racquet: The Yonex VCore 97

The astounding shock absorption increases a player's control and decreases tendencies of injuries.Adapting to the significantly light weight might take some time, especially for beginners and novice players.
Sweet spot becomes an advantage, especially in crucial points.The lack of power becomes a problem, especially in services.
 Exceptional durability assures its player the ability to withstand copious amounts of work.


The Stan Wawrinka racquet, the Yonex VCORE 97, works best for intermediate to professional players, since the racquet is significantly lighter than others in the market. While the Yonex VCORE 97 is the Stan Wawrinka endorsed racquet, it’s believed that he uses a slight variation of this model. 

The Yonex VCore 97 boasts of its ability to move mid-air quickly; you would see that as you attempt to knife out slices with this racquet. It is a racquet built for modern, fast-paced games, and Stan’s game performance is clear proof of the racquet’s effectiveness.

Stanislas “Stan” Wawrinka is a Swiss national who captured the world number three singles spot in January 2014. He is a three-time grand slam champion, who was able to win in the Australian, French, and US Open during 2014, 2015, and 2016 respectively. In addition, in the 2008 Beijing Olympics doubles competition, Wawrinka paired up with fellow Swiss national Roger Federer to bring Switzerland an Olympic Gold.

Playing Style

While Wawrinka may not play on the same level of popularity as his fellow Swiss national Federer, he is nonetheless one of the greats in the modern era. He may have started getting traction in his career later than most, but his game ended up aging like fine wine. With his powerful serves and one-handed backhand, he’s had Grand Slam victories against the likes of Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer.

Stan Wawrinka is well-known for his intense single-hand backhand swings, but his strengths aren’t limited to that one shot. As an offensive baseline player, he can change up the pace of the game quite well. In addition, his ability to excel on both clay and hard courts makes him a significant threat in a wide variety of tournaments.

It’s also worth noting that he does not limit himself to playing from the baseline, since he will also serve and volley every now and then. Given that his serves have reached a speed of 232 km/h, the serve and volley tactic is surely an effective one. He’s certainly one of the fastest servers in the ATP.

Although Stan can sometimes be inconsistent, he makes sure to bring his A-game for the big matches, hence the nickname “Stan the Man.” 

Wawrinka’s Actual Racquet Specifications:

 Paint Job: Yonex Vcore Tour Duel G (330)

 Head size: 97 sq. inches

 Length: 27 inches

 Weight: 12.3 ounces

 Balance: 7 points head-light

 Swing weight: 332 g

 Stiffness: 65

 String Pattern: 16×19

Playing Experience

The “sweet spot” in the Yonex VCore 97 is increased significantly thanks to its isometric head shape, which comes to an advantage for beginners. This element assures you that even if the ball does not hit the racquet center, the shot will still come off the strings with power. 

This racquet’s flexibility is something worth noting as well, since it increases the efficiency in spins and shaft torques. Even with powerful swings, the ball’s trajectory would be just as accurate as highly calculated shots.

The racquet’s shock absorption turns out to be astounding as well, for even with receiving powerful shots, the racquet’s vibration seems to be minimal. This feature is important because, over time, racquet vibrations can have an adverse impact on your wrist and elbow. 

The racquet lacked overall power when it came to serving, however, and while some may find that problematic, you might find the increased level of control in the racquet makes the lack of power worthwhile. 

Playing with the VCore 97 could pose a challenge for beginner and novice players, as it leans toward the lighter spectrum of tennis racquets. Later on, players would reap its benefits, though, as it gives comfort and stability and a durability level that not all brands can achieve.

Pros and Cons

While there is no denying that the Yonex VCore 97 is an exceptional racquet, tweaks must be made for this racquet to be more useful to players of all levels. The pros and cons are listed below. 

Final Thoughts

Despite the inconsistency, Stan tends to step up his game at crucial moments, which not everyone can do when placed under pressure. While he may not be a household name like his contemporaries Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, Stan has stood up to the likes of these players and won, even in the grandest of stages. One just needs to look at his Grand Slam runs from 2014-2016 to see how he stacked up to the best of the competition. 

While there are many positives about the racquet, there is no denying that it can be limiting for players who want more power in their racquets. This racquet is certainly for players who want to emphasize control rather than ball-speed on their groundstrokes. In addition, this racquet is also a great fit for those players who want to minimize the negative effects of racquet vibrations on their wrists and elbows. 

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